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Heretics & Heroes: Part III of XII - March 2012

by Cathy Combs


Greetings to all. Here we are in March as we move toward that beautiful time of Mother Nature’s unfolding new beauty and the Spring Equinox, the time of equal night, equal day calling us all into Balance as we begin a new growing season inwardly and outwardly.

Even as I say that I cannot help but see the visual and metaphorical picture of the iceberg. We only see 10% in the physical. The other 90% is underwater out of our sight unless we go there to see it.

In a rather fascinating and rather frightening although enlightening analogy is the process of a bedsore. Whatever we see is only a very small indication of the massive disease process going on under the skin.

I see these very different examples as a call from Mother Nature to be awake and alert to what is going on in and around us all. She is calling us into Balance.

I call us into Balance with my continuing story of the medical geniuses I was highlighting last month in Pathfinder. I want to share a few more details about Royal Rife and the opposition he met because he was so brilliant and so far ahead of his time. Can you imagine being a scientist of your day and you have discovered "an incredibly simple electronic approach to curing literally every disease on the planet caused by viruses and bacteria. Indeed, a discovery that would end the pain and suffering of countless millions and change life on Earth forever?" Instead of thanks and praise as you might well logically imagine this brilliant man was met with the disdain and massive retribution that I detailed last month. Of course, this horrendous scene has been repeated time and again in the story of our humanity.

The Call of our lives yet again is toward Courage and Appreciation and away from fear and greed. Fear and greed are not natural expressions of our humanity. I view our humanity as sacred. Fear and greed are expressions of our unnatural belief in the myth of scarcity, separation and "not enoughness" perpetrated by the "power over" fear mongers trying to control us from the outer. Anyone in touch with their God Self Identity is not motivated by fear and greed and an unnatural unfair acquisition of money. Our God Self Identity is not something outside of us. It is not an indication of the bearded man-in- the-sky image that so many of us have grown up with much to our detriment. By God Self Identity I am referring to our innate inherent Divinity as creations of Life, the Activating Principle of the Universe inherent in everything and everyone!!!!

I recognize that this Understanding is what traditional Christianity, Judaism and Islam calls heresy and atheism. I’m fine with that!!! I’m saying what I’m saying because it is a Vitalizing Truth for me. It is a move toward trusting the Inherent Wisdom that is the true Guide for all of us. There is no outer authority greater than your own inborn inherent Wisdom. As we all understand that Vitalizing Principle we will live in a radically different world than we currently live in much to the greater Good of all!!! That day truly is here and now as we live from that Principle by Choice, by Awakeness, by Gratitude, by Peace. Our Focus on these great spiritual Principles brings them into the physical now!!

In that Spirit I want to highlight a few other people I so greatly admire who have declared that they are atheists simply because they share the views I am expressing here that are different than the status quo. I know you recognize the names: Katharine Hepburn, Helen Keller, and Butterfly McQueen.

I want to highlight Helen Keller for a moment because she introduces yet another name into the mix of the brilliant people in the world who share the view I understand and honor. Emanuel Swedenborg describes God as "Love, Wisdom and Power for use." That is a God image I am happy to know and use every moment of my Life. It speaks to our Generosity, Expansiveness and Inherent Greatness.

Saying that reminds me yet again of two other men I so greatly honor, Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox and retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong, because they so passionately speak to the issue of the need for change in the church. Matthew Fox defines our heritage as Original Blessing, not original sin. I have read many of their books. I have met them both and I am greatly inspired and uplifted by the work for change that they are pouring their lives into for the greater Good of all humanity.

I want to also share a comment from one of the men in our scenius group last night. He mentioned that Jesus focused on actions not beliefs as the measure of our spiritual stature. He stated that the focus on beliefs came into being as the early church was trying to establish itself and as a means to control people.

Yet again we see the clear differences between the uses of Power. Do we focus on the Inherent Wisdom in each individual that is truly our Nature or do we try and impose an outer "order" based on domination and fear? It is certainly very clear to me which Choice I will choose and which Choice always works together for the greater Good of all. This Knowing is more than a little ironic because those who attempt to rule by fear are impelled toward the greater Good eventually because ruling by fear simply does not work. They may be so locked in fear they don’t even realize it but they do eventually wake up. Awakeness is the natural order of our sacred humanity!!!

That statement is a fascinating way to conclude my article for this month as we move further and further into 2012. I am absolutely thrilled to be at this point in the spiritual evolutionary development of our humanity. I have been blessed in so many ways. I have so many sweet opportunities unfolding. I am so excited and so grateful. Check my website: under Speaking Engagements and Classes for upcoming events.

In that same vein of Gratitude and Thanksgiving I invite you into your own greater Good, your Aliveness, your Awakeness. You are meant for Joy. Open and receive the Gift!!! It’s right within you awaiting your Yes vote for greater Good, greater Peace. Ready???