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Heretics & Heroes: Part IV of XII - April 2012

by Cathy Combs


Well, here we are in April with Mother Nature's spectacular beauty unfolding yet again. I love this time of year. On another plane of experience Mercury retrograde is still in full swing and oh my goodness the lessons continue to unfold. I've had some 10x12s hit me right between the eyes which is right where a new level of Inspiration and Imagination and Insight all live. Quite the new look to say the very least.

In an earlier writing of this newsletter I had started out on a bit of a rant about greed and sexism. Then I realized yet again my true Knowing that everything is truly only God, and truly only Good. That Knowing embodies my true Understanding that God is simply Energy and my question as always is how do we consciously choose to use this Energy?

On one plane I do know yes there is greed and yes there is sexism. I also fully know there are Soul lessons asking me at every turn how Awake do I wish to be? How easy do I wish my Life to be? Negative judgment will make my Life a living Hell. Is that truly how I want to spend my time? I think not. Pure and simple, I think not!!!

I still do want to continue my story about Royal Rife because he so epitomizes how I want to live my Life. He didn't care about fame and fortune. He wanted to do something wonderful for humanity. He discovered the resonance frequencies that destroyed the individual viruses that cause cancer, polio, herpes, spinal meningitis, tetanus, influenza and "an immense number of other disease organisms." This happened in the 1920s and 1930s. His cure rate for cancer was 100%!!!!!! The medical and pharmaceutical establishment of the day destroyed his work and erased his work from the medical journals!!! In 1931 "forty four of the nation's most respected medical authorities honored Royal Rife with a banquet billed as The End To All Diseases at the Pasadena estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson. But by 1939, almost all of these distinguished doctors and scientists were denying that they had ever met Rife." Tune into Part III of his story in the May/June issue of Pathfinder,

The spiritual and humanitarian lessons I want to emphasize here are our body intuitively knows how to heal itself. Body~mind~Spirit is an integrated self-healing mechanism. As we honor that Truth we are capable of amazing things. Fear and greed are not our Nature. They are Energy systems that tell us we have forgotten our true Nature. We need to tune into Wholeness and Wellness. I've heard true stories about people curing themselves of cancer through the power of laughter. The endorphins released in laughter and optimism are powerful healing agents. This is where our Focus needs to be!!!!

In that vein I want to honor yet again the living legacy of Helen Keller, the first blind/deaf person to graduate from college!!! She graduated from Radcliffe cum laude!! She received eight honorary doctorates and other awards too numerous to mention. She certainly is my heretic hero. Both the atheists and the theists claim her as an ardent supporter of their point of view. Isn't that a fascinating and comical testament to the power of perspective. It reminds me of Anais Nin's famous statement, "We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are."

The spiritual lesson I see in all of this is the Power of Forgiveness and the Power of living our lives from the "inside out." We are truly so Power-full!!!! There are so many Soul lessons to learn. There is so much Joy to be experienced. So much Generosity to be shared. So much Love to be felt. So much Compassion to be extended. These are the aspects of the Divinity of our humanity that I so love!!!!!!!!

As I've said before that's why I keep saying what I'm saying and doing what I'm doing. I have received so much Love, Generosity, and Compassion in so many expected and unexpected ways and moments. I never take for granted the Life saving Gift of a smile and the seemingly smallest courtesy. I have seen too many times of the transformation of those simple, powerful Gifts of Generosity and Kindness.

That reminds me of the spiritual lesson of when we most need something for ourselves do something for others and watch the instant flow of blessings that comes back to us. It works every time. It's a spiritual Principle and Principle is Law. It works for everyone every time. It's not selective. It's universal!!! It's a wonderful healing lesson for all!!!!

So, as we go forward into this fourth month of 2012 what dreams are you dreaming? What are you willing and ready to let go of so more of the limitless Good can come forth into your Life? Are you holding onto the myth of scarcity or are you willing and ready to invoke the Unitive Principle that Spirit expressing as you is limitless? The difference in outcome is enormous!!! Helen Keller and Royal Rife are two of the greatest examples I know of exemplifying what Generosity, Tenacity, Brilliance and Compassion can do for all humanity. They are showing us the way in no uncertain terms!!! There is no limit to the Good we can do or the Good we can receive and share. It's totally our Choice. I hold to this indomitable Truth as we go forward in 2012. I have experienced so very many blessings this year and I know there are many, many more to come for you and for me!!!

I will hold the Vision with you that your dream unfolds into Reality this year. Step by step you move Confidently and Faithfully directly into your highest holiest Vision for yourself and our precious world we share. Any seeming obstacle know that it is only your precious stepping stone in disguise. The hilarity of this Truth is evident for me right now, Mercury retrograde or not!!! Give yourself a moment to revel in the Mystery and then move forward guided by your own precious unfailing Wisdom. With a smile on your face and Joy in your heart you transform your world and the Energy of everyone everywhere. That is also an unfailing Principle. Try it out and see what you think and feel. I'll be right there with you in Spirit and maybe even face to face as we meet along Life's road of unfolding blessings. Remember to breathe and relax and have fun. Those Gifts are indispensable aspects of every unfolding Journey. Bless those who bother you!!! It's our calling card to even more Love, Joy, and Understanding. Forgive as much as you can. It's your Gift of Peace to yourself and everyone around you. Together we will do as Gandhi invites and exhorts us: "Be the Change you wish to see in the world." Namaste, friends. Enjoy!!!!!! It truly is a beautiful and holy time to be alive!!!! Rejoice!!!!! Rejoice!!!!!