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Heretics & Heroes: Part V of XII - May 2012

by Cathy Combs


Here we are in May, my birthday month. My journey honoring heretics and heroes is getting more and more fascinating. Imagine my surprise when I actually looked up the definition and saw that my definition was actually an already understood definition of this fascinating word. What is shockingly surprising to me is that anything outside of the accepted status quo is defined as a heresy. Even though that is what I had said my definition is it is shocking to me that people use that excuse to kill people. That's like saying there is absolutely no room for anyone's opinion but theirs. In honor of the Season For Nonviolence (January 30- April 4) I want to take a much different look. I want to honor an African proverb: "Until the lions have their storytellers, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter." I absolutely want to hear all the voices who have been marginalized or silenced!!! We need their Wisdom and Understanding!!!

This month I also want to highlight Dr. Margaret Mead. I love this quote from Newsweek, "The most impressive thing about Mead is not that she became the world's most famous anthropologist, but rather that it never occurred to her that this wouldn't happen." Margaret Mead's autobiography, "Blackberry Winter", is a fabulously thrilling story of a brilliant, determined woman who wasn't deterred by the extreme professional prejudices of her day. I so honor her Courage and Brilliance and Vision!!!!

*Imagine what our world would be like if it never occurred to us that we would fail??? When Thomas Edison was interviewed about his attitude toward the 10,000 trials it took before he figured out how electricity worked, he smilingly said, "No, I don't view it as a failure. I just know 10,000 ways that don't work." It didn't matter to Royal Rife either that it took 20,000 trials before he figured out how the cancer virus works!!!

I smilingly remember a graduate school class I was taking years ago in Creative Problem Solving. Our assignment was to list 300 solutions to a problem. At first my response was, "Are you out of your mind?" Then I promptly ditched that attitude and was hot on the trail of my 300 solutions. I listed more than 300!!!

In that same vein of indomitable spirit I want to again highlight Royal Rife. Of the many, many fields he made lifelong contributions in he built whatever instrument he needed to accomplish whatever project he was working on in his lifetime. I so love these attitudes because they express the optimism and the courage that bring dreams and Visions into fruition. These attitudes speak to the interiority of Focus that knows there's a solution to everything; that we, indeed, are the Solution!!! I love the Grace, Peace and Strength in those attitudes. I love those attitudes of heart and mind because they speak to the very best of our humanity. It tells me we understand who we are. We know we are loved. We know we are valued and valuable.

Those words are a sweet reminder of a compliment I received on one of my papers in graduate school. I didn't have a clue how to do the assignment we were given. I asked a few classmates what they understood about what we were to do. I didn't understand what they were saying either. I knew I had to do it my own way. I got the highest grade in the room. My professor wrote on my paper, "Thank you for handling this assignment in a valued and valuable way." That was 40 years ago. I won't forget that lesson.

These examples remind me of one of my new favorite words: Patience. I love the words I saw in the dictionary: Steadfast perseverance. Definitely a new connotation. Those words remind me of two of my favorite childhood fairy tales: "The Little Engine That Could" and "The Tortoise And The Hare." Both of these tales speak of steadfast perseverance. Seeing the goal no matter what. It isn't speed that counts. It's determination.

As a child or adult these qualities of Being are invaluable. They truly are the difference between suicide and success. They also are the underpinning of my treasured steadfast Understanding that I live in a benevolent Universe and that all things do work together for my highest and holiest Good. I work together for Good. I know the Universe does too.

In that vein I have spoken time and again of one of my favorite quotes by Dr. King: "You don't need to see the whole staircase. Take the first step and each step will be revealed." That wording also reminds me of one of my favorite jokes my sister, Vicky, and I share in regard to how we are guided by Spirit "on a need to know" basis. That is, we don't know the answer until we need to know it!!! We both laugh as we contemplate that process because it speaks so passionately to the Gift of Faith and my favorite word Confidence. I know unequivocally we don't need to have everything laid out in perfect order. Each step is already perfectly present in Spirit. Step out in Faith, and Vision is clear as a bell. I love that Unfailing Truth. It speaks so powerfully to the Gifts of Confidence, Faith, Love and all of the unending, everlasting spiritual Gifts of our very Nature. We are Unstoppable!!! When it doesn't seem like it take a breath or two or three and know you do have a Community, both seen and Unseen, working with you!!!!! Never give up!!! It's not hopeless!!! You are not hopeless!!! You are Amazing!!!!!!!!!

In the Spirit of Beltane, the celebration of Love in the Goddess tradition, I got a fabulous early birthday present on my very favorite day, Friday the 13th. I heard one of my very favorite heretic heroes speak in person at Unity's annual Lyceum. Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox said, "There's no such thing as retirement. We need to speak of refirement!!! We elders need to listen to the youth. They want an experience of meditation. They want an experience of the Divine." He showed a video of how 12 troubled youth's lives were transformed by a three day weekend retreat at a Buddhist monastery where for the first time they had an experience of meditation and an experience of the Divine as they were out in Nature. I spoke briefly with Dr. Fox and gave him a copy of my book. He excitedly acknowledged me and said thank you. I'm so honored to be working with this brilliant man and so many other passionately devoted Visionaries. He also showed us his 2006 video of posting his version of the 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral. The status quo is crumbling. A New Vision is being born. He said, "We are living in exciting times. We are in a state of emergency where a new Vision is emerging." I couldn't agree more. I'm so very, very grateful for this time in my Life and all the blessings!!! Blessed Be and Happy Spring to everyone, everywhere. Enjoy Life. It's precious!!! I'm so very grateful for all the Visionaries at work in the world. Yes!!! I believe in you!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!