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Heretics & Heroes: Part VII of XII - July 2012

by Cathy Combs


I'm only two days into my New Year as I write this newsletter to you and if this Awareness is any indication of how big this year is going to be I'm ready for the fireworks we'll be celebrating in a few days. I've had this Awareness before but today it registered with a whole new clarity. I'm in the beginning stages of writing Book III on Quantum Prayer and Book II isn't even out yet. What I realized today is the absolute necessity of the heretics, mystics and avatars as the spiritual evolutionary forces that propel us forward as the survival impulse of our sleepwalking self-hatred lethargy spiral. The circle is indeed complete as all these players do their part in our ever onward upward spiral of spiritual evolutionary development. I was driving home today and it hit me full force that those caught in the rigid dogmatism of their beliefs are saying with all undue blindness, "How dare you try to wake me up to my Greatness." That's the battle I hear when others insist there is only one Great Example. They call him the Great Exception. That way they can leave "him" isolated out there and they don't have to do any work. They can label other people heretics and kill them. That way they think they're safe. I say that kind of ill focused dogmatism is the ultimate social spiritual sickness that grips so much of the world today and I want to offer a different view.

Rising up into our Greatness realizing it's already and always within us as our very Essence is the biggest wake up call of all time. As I've said countless times our Greatness is our very Nature. As I've also said countless times it takes such great Courage to live from and into this magnanimous Awareness. It runs counter to everything a fear-based self-hating world will ever tell you. I have a different message. I've always had a different message and I'm so grateful because it's made the difference in my Life. I love the Confidence and Courage and Awareness I've always had. I want to share it with all others. That's why I keep saying and doing what I'm saying and doing. I know you've heard me say that before too. It's not something to do for just a little while and then stop. It's a Life Purpose. It's a Joy-filled Expansive Givingness that constantly refuels anyone who accesses this Living Stream of Generosity, Awakeness, Aliveness. That's why I keep swimming in It even when it feels like I'm a salmon swimming upstream against the current. That misguided feeling is always my cue that somehow I've missed the boat or I'm in very new water and I don't quite have the hang of the new Guidelines.

It's a very fascinating Awareness to realize that when things seem and feel tough that we're not always doing anything wrong. We may have unconsciously graduated to a whole new level of "difficulty" and we don't yet feel at home here. I don't always feel connected to my Greatness. Sometimes I give too much attention to fear. Sometimes I'm tired. Sometimes I don't understand the water I'm in right away. That's the times I remind myself that any small move in a Wholeness direction brings huge benefits even if I don't see them right away. They are on the way. They are already here. I just don't always see them. I'm too concentrated on what I think I don't have instead of what I do have. Saying that immediately reminds me of a similar moment when I didn't feel at the top of my game and I had a 20 minute drive to make. I decided I would say gratitudes the whole 20 minutes without repeating any one of them. I was shocked at how easily I filled the entire 20 minute drive with gratitudes and of course I was also amazed at how different I felt when I changed my focus. The same can work for you.

As I share these Awarenesses with you I'm so certain that most people don't even remotely realize how deathly asleep they are and how close their unimagined Greatness is. It's closer than our fingertips. It's our very Nature. I wonder how many people wake up every time I say that. I wonder how many people turn off their hearing when I say that. The difference in outcome is so huge I'll keep doing my work. I won't give up. I won't force either. That's not my job. I just do what is mine to do. I trust in Peace.

I wonder too how many new heretics and heroes wake up each day. How many will make the effort to wake up to their unlimited Courage and Greatness? How many will choose to Light the way for others? How many will hold and encourage the grieving and the hurting? How many of us by our Compassion and Understanding will melt the icebergs of Self-hatred in ourselves and others? How many of the 7 billion+ cohabitants of this wondrous planet will live a new Life starting today because of you or me?

When will the cancer cure that has been discovered in South America be allowed into this country? When will greed and competition be replaced by Compassion, Cooperation and Understanding? When will Royal Rife's genius reappear in some other human and when will his cancer cure be rediscovered and allowed to be the blessing it was meant to be? When will his understanding of matching the resonance pattern of disease be understood again as the way to destroy the virus and cure the illness?

When will compassionate, holistic health care be the rule for everyone and not the exception? When will we understand that the body~mind~Spirit complex is an integrated mechanism, a sacred, holy feedback loop? When will government be for all the people, by all the people as it was meant to be? When will education be for everyone everywhere? When will sharing be the norm? When will the enormous wealth of the few be an accessible opportunity for all? Caring, Compassion and Cooperation will answer every one of this heretic's questions. The answer is as immediate as Now the moment any one of us cares to make it so. The moment that any one of us responds from Greatness we bring a Wholeness of Joy and Healing back into the picture. I'm certainly ready, willing and able to join anyone anywhere doing this work of Greatness. All aboard? If not, you can choose to wake up any moment. Allow room to let the encouragement all around you to seep into your very being and fuel your Impassioned Glory like never before. Every day is a brand new day. Revel in that Truth and make the most of every precious opportunity. You are so very needed, wanted and welcome. Wake up. Your world is waiting!!! I'll be there to greet you and so will millions of your newfound friends and helpers. The time is now. Be the change you wish to see!!! YES!!!! Be the Compassion, Joy, Gratitude, Excellence, Integrity, Greatness brimming over in you just waiting for the avenue to be expressed through. Wake up to who you really are!!! Listen to your Inner Greatness, that amazing Voice saying, "I love you so much." If you've never heard it from someone else it's time to tell yourself. You can do it!!!!!! Once you do it you'll pave the way like never before to your Imagined Greatness!!!!! Don't let anyone tell you you're not worthy. You are. You'll wake them up too. Yes!!!