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Heretics & Heroes: Part IX Of XII - September 2012

by Cathy Combs


Mother Nature is doing Her all out Autumn dance of Beauty and Vitality and Change. I am always overawed by Her Beauty, Resilience and Strength. How fitting that this very day yet another fascinating irony blew through my mind: 2012 is the Year of the Woman and it is also said to be the year the world will end. How fittingly comical as I observe this phenomenon from a passionately optimistic bemused lens. In this same Light it is yet again so very clear why Choice is so important!!! Choice means Independence. Choice means Responsibility. Choice means Response-ability!!! In the same Light I understand why challenging authority leads to Understanding. It's a reminder that Authority is within us…. Nowhere else!!! You are your own Authority!!! That is the key to an impassioned Powerful Peaceful Life. Never ever give your Authority away to anyone else.

As we move toward the Fall Equinox, my favorite day of the year, I want to share a mindboggling fact with you. I recently found out that not one penny of the money sent to the Susan G. Komen Foundation goes to research!!! It goes to the pharmaceutical companies. They don't want a cure for cancer to be found. Cancer is big business. If you have been following my website newsletters recently about Royal Rife you know how important this issue is to me. The Komen Foundation's recent snafu with Planned Parenthood and the many women who have said “I will never again trust Komen” is such a heartbreaking example of how a trusted and needed organization can lose sight of its focus and its Integrity.

September is also the month I celebrate the day I threw away my braces, now 38 years ago. I celebrate this day and this decision with great Joy. It is certainly a decision of celebrating my own Authority. I will always celebrate that decision.

Another thing I'm celebrating is a HUGELY expanded understanding of Forgiveness. I understand like never before that my focus needs to be on the millions and billions of good people even though any particular organization is dysfunctional. I am forgiving the dysfunctional organizations and focusing on the Good that is always present no matter what else is happening. I am taking a class on Prosperity for the third time. A comment was made about how Peace, Prosperity and Forgiveness are related. I understand that like never before. I was so excited I couldn't wait to get home and share my Awareness.

There's certainly no shortage of lessons to be learned on this beloved Earth plane. I'm taking a class on Spiral Dynamics. Last night in our class it was said that the new information quantum physics is shedding on the reality of how the Universe functions is straining the scientists who are still so embedded in a Newtonian reality instead of the obvious quantum reality that is so clear now. The old guard continues to call the new information heresy. They refuse to see the obvious. This refusal has spiritual implications for all of us. This kind of refusal is evident in every arena in Life. Just look around you. Even look within you. That's why I'm so focused on the benefits and necessity of Forgiveness. Only as I release all the old that no longer serves me, and I release all judgments, resentments will I be free. I shared with my facilitator last night that every time I leave these classes I'm sick to my stomach I'm releasing so much old stuck stuff. He smiled in understanding and complimented me on my Awareness.

Today I was crying on my way home as I passed the homeless people on the streets. I was pondering the very recent article in the newspaper highlighting the story of one fake homeless person who's making a boatload of money pretending to be homeless. I'm very aware that for one fake lying homeless person there are millions and millions being impacted by the perception of whether this one is real or not. To say the least, that bothers me. When we sell out our Integrity we have just flushed our lives down the toilet. I will continue to give to the homeless when I have the money to do it. I've had some unforgettable heart to heart eye to eye connections with people I knew were really homeless in the moment of our interaction. I will never allow myself to become jaded by all the lies and greed. That's never what I'm here to do.

Another realization I had is another word we use for heretic is dissident. Where would we be without the many dissidents in the world who put their lives on the line for the causes they believe in with all their hearts? I've mentioned Nelson Mandela before. What a brilliant, compassionate man. I can hardly imagine being in South Africa during the decades long changes that resulted in him being imprisoned for 26 years to being president of that very same country for an almost equal amount of time.

How about Lec Walesa: Nobel Prize winning trade union organizer, human rights activist and former president of Poland. Quite the list of accomplishments. Bless you, sir, for your ongoing efforts for your country and the world.

In honor of the countless heroes I admire I want to especially mention two of my favorite as we celebrate 2012 as the Year of the Woman. I want to celebrate Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou. These two great ladies are wildly successful and greatly admired and honored. I commend them both. I greatly love them both.

Mentioning these two great ladies reminds me of the Wild Woman archetype, the strong independent woman, and one of the saddest issues still wildly flaming in our society, and that is sexism. Goddess knows you have to be a strong, independent woman not to be blown over by the hateful, idiotic messages spoken by Akin and others who want to be leaders. My idea of leadership is go first where you want others to go. Live a Life based in Integrity, Compassion, Generosity, Intelligence, and Courage.

I want to close by centering again on what this time of year symbolizes in Mother Nature's cycle of Life. This time of year we celebrate the Fall Equinox, a time of Balance where we celebrate equal night and equal day. It occurs to me that an absolute necessity in maintaining a gentle Balance in our spiritual lives is the Balance between Love and Forgiveness. In order to feel the truly magnanimous, expansive Love we are as Spirit in Expression we must focus on Love and find the Good in all that hurts us. I love the wording: that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Some of the lessons seem unfathomable. By Faith and Confidence we move forward. We celebrate. We give thanks in all circumstances. We do what is ours to do: Celebrate Life. Help others. Namaste.