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Heretics & Heroes: Part X Of XII - October 2012

by Cathy Combs


I'm so excited and grateful. Here we are approaching the close of Mother Nature's agricultural harvest season: Another one of my favorite times of the year. We're stepping into a New Year overflowing with Possibility. Last month I experienced a new high in hits on my website. I also sent out a Facebook post saying my highest holiest dream is taking flight. I invited people to contact me for speaking engagements. I'm getting the word out more and more for the kind of world I want to see and share. I'm so excited and grateful. I see and feel the Possibilities and I'm overjoyed as I watch this all unfold.

I keep thinking of the Abraham messages about creating parallel Universes. Don't fight what you don't want. Create, embody and share what you do want!!! That's the most powerful way to spend our time and energy. Whatever we're doing never comes back empty. We always get a clear as a bell, "Yes, that's it" or "No, not here ever." Sometimes I don't understand that immediately but when I do like today it's laughingly simple and it's done. One call… No problem. It's done. How simple can it get? I'm grateful!!! Yes!!!

We're also heading into election time. Could it be any clearer how Integrity and Generosity will benefit the highest good of all? If anyone is left out we missed the boat. Caring and "Response-ability" will bring forth Peace, Health, Prosperity for all!!! Yes!!!

Eleanor Roosevelt comes to mind as someone I wish I had met. I see her as a feisty, dignified woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She spoke up when it mattered most. This quote is from the flyer for the National Women's History Museum: "When Marian Anderson, an African American contralto, was denied the right to appear in concert at Washington's Constitution Hall in 1939 First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt personally rescheduled her concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, an unforgettable breakthrough for civil rights." I love her quote: "All the water in the world can't drown you unless it gets inside you." I hear these words as such a clear optimistic call to be your own person. Think for yourself. Know that circumstances don't define us unless we let them. Stay calm and uplifted. Do what is ours to do. Keep on keeping on. It surely matters that we have a dream and then live it to the fullest!!! It surely does matter that "well behaved women rarely make history." So many heretics!!! So many heroes!!!!!

I sure didn't know that Hedy Lamarr "was also a brilliant scientist who developed and patented a variable-frequency transmitting device that helped prevent the jamming of Navy communications during World War II. Her invention provided the foundation for the cellular communications of today." That quote was on the same flyer for the museum.

I'm putting "feet on my prayers." I'm keeping my eye on the prize as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said. I'm marching straight on into my dream as I bring it into full blown Reality. I'm in the process of getting my house painted on the outside so I can put it on the market and sell it so I can travel doing my writing, speaking and teaching. I'm getting ready in every area of my Life so when the time is ready I'm ready to walk right into every next step. It's all unfolding. I call it all Good even when I don't understand it at all and I give thanks in all circumstances. I asked for help when I needed it in every one of these circumstances and it's all unfolding in amazing and amusing and extraordinarily generous ways. I was listening to one of my favorite artists today and nearly flying through the roof in Joy even though I've been sick for a week with allergies and a mild respiratory infection. I was so fully feeling how very blessed my Life is and I know it's all unfolding in hugely bigger ways. I keep making more and more connections and I'm so very grateful. Gratitude and Faith are such significant spiritual Gifts!!!

My message is very different than the status quo and what many consider traditional and Truth and yet I know my message is so very needed and appreciated. People are so deeply touched by what I'm saying and doing they're often instantly in tears. I'm so very grateful for their Love, Trust and Understanding. As I've said before I want everyone everywhere to know and understand what I know. There would be so much more Joy in our world if they did. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing and saying what I'm saying. It's worth it to me and it's the absolute unfettered Joy of my Life.

It is so very often the artists, writers, musicians who are the sages and prophets on the leading edge of spiritual psychosocial change. I can't help but think of the Russian dissidents back in the Cold War days who so bravely spoke their Truth. I think of the women all over the world today in the developing countries who bravely live their lives amidst horrendous persecution and oppression. I am reminded yet again of the Power of radical acts of kindness. I just read a report about the science of observing a radical act of kindness. Any kindness not only raises the endorphin levels of the giver and receiver but also the observer. That's a powerful Truth. It reminds me of the times I've given money to a homeless person and I look in the rearview mirror and see that the person behind me gave them money too. One day I was having a particularly bad day and witnessing that act of kindness being passed on brought me to tears.

I am also reminded of the Microlending process. The repayment rate of these small business loans in the developing countries is 97%. That's an astronomically high rate of repayment on a loan. It's a statement about the initiative, integrity and honor of the women receiving these loans. They want to be independent and successful. It reminds me of a Truth that the spiritual progressives are speaking that is so very needed today!! It is so very possible to be wealthy and to be adding to the spiritual highest good of the world today by living our dreams and being the change we wish to see in the world. It's the Unitive Principle yet again. It's so markedly different than the Puritan work ethic that so many people are still bullied and buried by that Life is supposed to be hard and it's a sin to be rich. Quite to the contrary we cannot be the best we're meant to be when we're living at a bare subsistence level with our head barely above water. Jesus said, "I came that they might have Life and have It abundantly." I know that's the Truth and it's the radical kindness we're meant to experience and express from each day!!! It's a radical Truth that when we're living our highest holiest dream we cannot help but be prosperous! Joy brings Prosperity!!! I experienced that Truth yesterday in the sweetest most comical unexpected ways. On a day when I didn't have much money and yet I was in a state of such Joy I was gifted three different times in the space of five minutes. Let's live that Truth!!! Be Love. Be Joy. Be Peace. Live our dream now and always. Blessed Be to all the radical dissidents, heretics and heroes on the leading edge of Life!!! Namaste to you!!