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Heretics & Heroes: Part XII Of XII - December 2012

by Cathy Combs


As we move toward the Winter Solstice, a time of contemplation and renewal, and Christmas, a time of celebration and commemoration, it is a time of Gratitude for me on every level. The hits on my website are exploding. I have such a profound sense of Peace, Gratitude, and Joy for the infinite blessings that abound around and within me. It's so profound to truly understand the meaning of "I am totally response-able for my Life." So many progressive spiritualities say this and it is so misunderstood. It is a Joy, not a burden!!! It means we have everything within us that we need because we are Spirit Incarnate. We are Spirit in Expression. There is no holier awareness to hold than that amazing Truth. I am so very aware that so many people don't see that Truth for themselves and their lives show clearly that they don't get that Truth. That is particularly why I am so happy and grateful that I do get that message. It makes all the difference in the world. Recently I was so happy and Joy-filled and Confident I gave away all the money I had to my church. The very next day I received a check much earlier than I anticipated. I just smiled in Awareness and Gratitude knowing that's how the Law works every time. I understand, "I am both the giver and receiver in my Life. It's a closed feedback loop." What I give I receive! There is no one outside of me giving me anything. They are simply the vehicle for delivering what I am giving out. If I give out separation vibes I get back lack. If I give out Oneness vibes, Spirit Incarnate vibes, I get back amazing Abundance. Everything that's happening is an opportunity for clearing, for Expressing Oneness as the Divine, as Peace, Love and Abundance of every kind. 2013 is going to be quite the year!!! This month I've been invited to showcase my book at Vala Gallery on each Saturday before Christmas. I'm very honored to be showcased with other local visual, audio and literary artists. I really get it that Gratitude changes us all at a cellular level. Even more amazing that it changes not only the giver and receiver but everyone around us. Every day and every thing is holy. Living from that Unitive Principle changes everything. Fear takes a distant back seat when we truly realize who we are. Good flows from the inside out, not the outside in!!! Do you get the difference that makes? That's what this New Age understanding is all about.

Our socialized conditioning has been so fear-based we think we have to earn worthiness. We think it's about doing instead of knowing it's about being. Worthiness is inherent. It's a given. It's not something unattainable or something we have to earn. It's a given!!! Something that means a great deal to me right now and it always has is a paraphrase of one of Buddha's statements: "For every mean word we don't say we save ourselves a hundred days of sorrow." That's more than a huge payoff I would say. Quite a trade!!! I'm particularly aware of this scenario because family situations are so heightened during holidays. We think we're supposed to be celebrating and yet what we're often feeling is a heightened awareness of how unhappy and angry we are. I'm not feeling that right now and I'm so very grateful. Instead I can be Peaceful, Calm, and Clear. We all have that option. We all have that Choice. It is most definitely a matter of how we are seeing ourselves. I want to bring Peace, Happiness, Understanding, Lightness wherever I am. I also want to bring Gratitude and Empowerment. These blessings are so transformative.

Here's an example of how this Truth plays out for us. In a recent Dream Builder e-mail from Rev. Mary Morrissey she quoted recent science saying, "Evolutionary biology is showing that it is always the highly cooperative species, not the highly competitive, that survive dramatic shifts. Instead of believing there's only limited good understand that there is an opulence of good. We actually contribute to the good when we are in harmony with it and demonstrate it. When we lift our consciousness, there is a raising of the consciousness of the whole world. Be in harmony with your good." I really love these messages. They are so uplifting and empowering and balancing. I'm very grateful. We're certainly experiencing a shift!!! That's the New Age awareness the Mayans were speaking of. We're moving into Oneness Consciousness, not the end times, but Oneness.

Another favorite quote is from Lao Tzu: "Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate." I hear how powerful Peace is in this statement. I remember the story of a guru who was so peaceful that even venomous snakes could walk between his legs and he didn't flinch in fear. He was so One with all of Life he had no fear. I hear that as an example of the releasing and renewing we can do to bring Peace to our lives and to each other.

I love these stories because they show how real Peace is. I also know how heretical and silly and off base they can seem to someone who does not yet understand them. They are still so glued to the "outside in" view of life they don't yet understand nor value how powerful they truly are. I understand I cannot rush their process. I also understand I am the mirror for what they are and what they can do. So are you. That's why we're all here. I know you've heard me say that before. It never gets old to me because it is so Power-full!!! Love is all there is. When I hold to that Truth I live in a radically different world than when I believe that Power is outside of me. Power is always within us. It never leaves us. It is our very Nature. The more I trust in Love and live from Love the happier I am. It's a radically empowering transformative Truth that we are 100% responsible for everything and everyone in our lives. It's not a blame statement. It simply means everything that comes into our lives is either a blessing or a lesson or both. Be Nonresistant. Be Nonresistance Itself. Be clear. Be Joyful. Maintaining Clarity means we know we have everything within us we need. Nothing is meant to hurt us. We do certainly experience some painful lessons. It isn't meant to stop us. There is a blessing in it. It takes time and Faith to experience that Truth. I truly know we're getting closer and closer every day to living from Oneness and Peace. I also know that sometimes the days seem long and bewildering. I understand those times as times for me to re-examine the assumptions I'm living from and to come to Oneness and Peace and Forgiveness and a radically new Transforming Truth. As I've said before that's why I'm saying what I'm saying and doing what I'm doing. I truly know that's why the hits on my website,, are exploding through the roof and I'm so very grateful. I know new opportunities and blessings are coming from my Faith. I rejoice in the Truth that we are one world! We truly have much to give and much to receive. We are the zero point field of Infinite Love. Blessings of this holy season to you as all the spiritual traditions of the world celebrate Love, Peace, and Joy!!!!! I truly do know we all can take a dream and make it real. I'll hold that mirror for you. I know you'll hold it for me too. Yes!! I'm so very grateful for everyone walking their Path the best they know how!!! Peace!!!!!!!!!