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2013: Heretics & Heroes: Part II Of XII - February

by Cathy Combs


The Light is getting brighter and longer as we celebrate, Imbolc, a celebration of Light as Inspiration. I'm reading a book by Alberto Villoldo, "Shaman, Healer, Sage," about the 5,000+ year healing tradition of the Incas. Only in the last forty years has the immense healing power of this oral tradition become known in our Western world. The immigrating Western Europeans tried so doggedly to erase the influence of this beautiful culture. The Incas so honor the Oneness of all Life. I'm so very grateful I've always intuitively and experientially known the Truth of Oneness. It is so needed. I am constantly reading new science, spirituality and holistic medicine. I read several hair raising articles in the January 2013 Pathfinder Magazine,, one saying that canola oil isn't an oil at all but rather a genetically modified man-made toxic ingredient that didn't even exist until a few years ago and is yet again passed off as healthy as the lies are told and retold. The other article is about a Texas doctor who spent his own money to create a fabulously effective cancer treatment and just like Royal Rife who I profiled last year how the pharmaceutical companies went after this man but their lawsuit has been dismissed! I read this magazine every month and I highly recommend it. I so look forward to the day when holistic medicine is the norm, when we rely on herbs, not synthetic medicines, to restore the balance we need in our bodies, when we all truly understand and honor the holistic body~mind~Spirit connection. I also read an article in the November 2012 issue of Pathfinder Magazine saying fluoride was used in making the atomic bomb. That gives me pause about the safety of fluoride in our drinking water or in anything. I'm so honored to know this information and to put it out there for everyone's benefit. There are other articles too in Pathfinder that are must reads. I hope you will!!!

All this highlights two spiritual qualities that are the very basis of my Life: Integrity and Intuition. I see them as mirror images. They speak of Holistic Vision. They both tell me when yes or no is the answer. My intention is always to uplift, educate and inspire. My intention has brought me many blessings. I want to pass the blessings on to everyone. One of my most consistent blessings these past five months is the hits on my website,, are exponentially exploding. I'm sharing this as an uplifting encouragement to everyone. As you keep doing what you love to do, your life continues to get better and better. Mine sure is and I'm so very grateful. I'm self-employed and I love it. I keep making more and more connections and I'm having so much fun. The spiritual Laws of Mind Action, Reciprocity, Gratitude, Grace and Circulation are in full swing now and always. These spiritual Laws work for me and they work for you too. This month as we celebrate personal love, I also want to celebrate agape love--- giving freely with no expectation of return. What a different world we create when our bottom line is service rather than profit. I absolutely know that when we give in Joy we are superabundantly prospered in every way. I wish we all understood the immutable spiritual Law: As we give so shall we receive. It's not the economy!!! It is our Consciousness. I also love the paradox of how big Love is, when Grace brings us surprises that show us how exponentially huge the Universe truly is. That's so sweet!!!

In stark contrast, greed of any kind saddens me. As a wonderful counterbalance to greed I want to highlight yet another magazine motivated by integrity and true investigative journalism. Mother Jones Magazine is an independent nonprofit multi-award winning magazine highlighting the stories you won't see in the corporation owned news media. In this season of the growing Light we can connect any time with the Light of Love, Peace, and Generosity in us all that gives us the Courage and Strength to honor Integrity rather than greed. Hafiz, a wondrous 14th century mystic, shares this thought: "We are people who need to love, because love is the soul's life, love is simply creation's greatest joy." I'm constantly amazed at the Light and Joy in people who seemingly have so little. In stark contrast people have massive material wealth and no Inner Joy at all. We all can have an Inner Joy. We simply have to say, "I want that" and by our focus on it we bring it into being in our lives. That Light is free. It's our heritage. It's our very Nature. It's called Self Love. We just need to say, "Yes!!!!!" We just need to prepare a welcoming environment in our Consciousness. Living from the inside out makes all the difference!!!

In contrast to the Love I so wish we understood and expressed, I must also speak to the seemingly endless wars. I'm listening to Edwin Starr's classic song, "War" (what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!!) Dr. King spoke to the three evils: militarism, racism, and economic injustice. He knew as I do that our social issues involve so much more than just racism. In this month where we celebrate Love a month after we celebrate Dr. King's life I celebrate the fact that there are so many millions working to bring true Peace to our world as we realize that war never brings Peace. War just brings up more of the seething rage and pain that people are feeling. We can do better than that. In Costa Rica, for example, Rev. Rita Marie Johnson has been working for years teaching a program where every child in the school system learns NVC (Dr. Marshall Rosenberg's program of Nonviolent Communication). Dr. Rosenberg has been all over the world in some of the most war torn areas on Earth bringing Peace and Reconciliation where there was only blind fury and pain. This kind of teaching and living would also solve the epidemic of bullying that is causing the suicides of so many of our children. The bullies need help too to realize that they have opportunities for Joy and Peace that is their true Power. There is no true Power in bullying. Bullying is simply a desperate raging cry for help that often doesn't come in time to help the bully or their target. What a waste! We can do better!!!! Here's a quote from my favorite poet, Anonymous, who said: "The only people to get even with are those who have helped you." I've never heard that before but I sure do love it. That's the kind of world I want to create each and every moment. How about you? What are your dreams? What are your challenges? Remember the Gift in the challenge!!! Remember the Abraham teaching that we need contrast to see where we truly are. Remember to look beyond appearances to the Truth of the Radiance you are as you celebrate this wondrous season of the lengthening of the Light. We are entering the Power of yet another agricultural and spiritual growing season. Remember how Power-full you are. You are here to shine. We all are. I'm listening to Rare Earth sing, "I Just Want To Celebrate" … another day of living… another day of Love." Yes, I do. That's exactly what I want to do each and every day. Want to join me? Yes, indeed! Peace!!!! Let's continue to set the tone for the dawning of the New Light in everyone everywhere. Let's celebrate a new day of Love and Light now and always. It's our heritage!!!! Yes!!!! The surprise is at some point we won't need contrast to see!!! Let's make it now! Yes!!!!