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February 2014: Heretics & Heroes: Part II Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I wonder what this month will hold as I write this article in June 2013. I am rereading articles from the May/June 2013 issue of Pathfinder Magazine. I'm astonished by what I'm reading. Dr. Betty Martini wrote a beautiful memorial article for Dr. H. J. Roberts who recently died. Dr. Roberts dedicated more than 30 years of his life researching and telling the dangers of aspartame, a deadly cancer causing neurotoxin (in Nutrasweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Canderel). He tried valiantly to keep it off the market, and yet it was rammed through FDA approval in the 80s by none other than Donald Rumsfeld, then president of G. D. Searle, the company that held the patent for aspartame, as others in the government under Reagan and even now under Obama turn their heads. Thankfully Dr. Roberts' work is being continued by Dr. Martini at Mission Possible World Health International. Ironically most doctors aren't even aware of the many dangers of aspartame. Dr. Martini is trying to get this deadly neurotoxin off the market.

On a different front another brilliant scientist, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, has discovered the Bosnian pyramids dating back 25,000 years. "These are the first pyramids found in Europe and they are the biggest and largest on the planet. The concrete found is better than the best available concrete today. They are the oldest pyramids on the planet. Underneath the pyramids is the most extensive, prehistorical network of tunnels and chambers ever found." As so often happens his amazing discovery is being viciously attacked by other scientists because it threatens their work.

Here's some highlights of four other Pathfinder May/June 2013 articles: 1) studies in China detailing the dangers of fluoride. This information is just now coming to the awareness of Western scientists because it has been suppressed for years. It has repeatedly been shown that fluoride negatively impacts our IQ. Not exactly something you'd want to negatively impact!!!! 2) the danger of CFLs (the supposedly safe replacement for incandescent light bulbs). CFLs contain mercury, a deadly poison. 3) genetically engineered soy is destroying the Amazon rainforest. Millions of acres of trees are being illegally cut down and the indigenous people are being chased off their land by groups of thugs. A parallel article in Mother Jones magazine highlights what the Pathfinder article says too, that we are cutting down the cure for cancer because many of the medicines in the last 25 years have been found in nature. 4) a haunting story details how one scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham of Oregon State University, kept a deadly GMO, klebsiella planticola, off the market. In nature it's fine! Genetically modified it's deadly!!

I'm amazed by the amount of information in just these two magazine issues. I have said again and again that it is so imperative to be educated, informed and involved. Even though this information may seem depressing or daunting I have also said again and again that there is so much Good happening in the world. Just today I read a sweet story about two women who were reunited recently after the Boston marathon tragedy. It was a sweet story of one woman putting her own safety aside right in the midst of the bombs going off and saving the life of the other woman by applying a tourniquet to her severely wounded limb. These stories happen every day everywhere. They epitomize the very fabric of our gracious humanity. I am always inspired and uplifted by these stories. I hope you are too. I will certainly continue to tell them as long as I live!!!!! They're inspiring!!!

Also in this May/June 2013 Pathfinder issue the editor, Rose A. Jenkins, says "Nazism hasn't been defeated. It's just moved to Brazil and Argentina." Jenkins says that many of the surviving officers were given new names and filtered into the military, the police forces and into government positions. She stated, "The greatest generation is the people now who have awakened to the issues of saving the planet." She says, "Nazism has simply metastasized in America as Corporatism and the Earth-destroying doctrine of Big Capitalism." I say these mindsets are simply fear and greed gone wild!!!

As we celebrate the lengthening of the Light in the Goddess tradition that I so love I know that Consciousness continues its upward spiral of development globally. I can't help but believe that for every miserably unconscionable political and business action there are at least 100 fabulously inspiring actions happening too. That reminds me of the woman who started The Good News Network to highlight all the good that is happening in the world. It's an online network. I applaud her efforts. The lens through which we view every event makes all the difference!!!! The good news also is that we are heading into the growing season. We'll see green shoots and flowers coming soon. The roots are going deep into the soil in preparation for this new Life. What new Life do you wish to see in your precious world? What Intention are you focusing on to call more Good into your Life? I hope you know your Intentions and actions are exceedingly powerful!!!

For me, I know I will have new opportunities sprouting up as a result of the new connections I continue to make with new and old friends. It's a fascinating adventure to keep talking with people I already know and letting them know what I'm doing since I saw them last. It's an amazing reminder that things really do shift pretty quickly. I think it was Einstein who said, "Opportunity favors the prepared mind." I really love that statement. I intend to be ready for the Good coming my way. I am planting seeds of Optimism, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Understanding, and Joy along with my two favorites Faith and Confidence that always provide such a Vitality and Resilience to my Life!!!

This is also the month we celebrate Love. Every moment is a time to celebrate Love. The simple gift of a smile to someone we know or someone we don't even know can be a Life-changing transformative blessing. We may not even know it and yet it is so powerfully true and such a blessing to the giver and receiver and even the witnesses. This has been proven by research. We impact the Energy field of everyone involved in this simple experience of shared recognition. That's how irrevocably interconnected we are. This Truth of interconnectedness reminds me of the Law of Reciprocity: What I give, I receive!!! It's an irrevocable Law. What I also realize is that all the spiritual Laws are in action simultaneously so it may appear to me that I didn't get what I put out or I got what I didn't put out. That's not the point. My point now is I give thanks in all circumstances. I keep coming back to that irrevocable Truth. If I want my Life to be filled with Joy, Peace and Understanding and all other Good that is the Truth to remember and invoke. It seems like a Himalayan climb at times and yet I'm ready and willing to do it because it does work. I know that with all my heart. I'm ready and willing to receive the blessings!!!!!!!