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March 2014: Heretics & Heroes: Part III Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I like writing into the future! It's still June 2013 but I'm imagining green shoots of the coming Spring as I sit here on a beautiful Summer day in Mother Nature's green garden. We've had so much rain it's still very green even though it's been unseasonably hot for a while. I'm reading some fascinating articles in Mother Jones magazine about how we need to change our thinking and stop rebuilding in flood plains with so-called "free money" (disaster relief money isn't counted in the federal budget) and start doing preventive planning which is ΒΌ the cost of relief spending. It's not just a logical change. It's an emotional change and that's where the rub comes in because it means leaving what we've always known and literally moving into the unknown. It said that in the 60s we only had 18 disastrous storms a year and now we're nearly at 100 disastrous storms a year! The increase is expected to be even more exponential as the climate change continues. To say the very least we're in for some interesting times.

On a different topic I read an awesome quote by Confucius: "Before you embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves." I couldn't help but laugh at the profound Truth. I couldn't help but see the profound lack of Faith in ourselves if we embark on a journey of revenge. I may not like what others do but I won't respond from revenge. That reminds me of all the road rage that's happening and how it's increasing. The effects are devastating for all concerned. The remedy is to stay embodied in the present, take a deep breath, bless the situation and smile and release it. It reminds me that even being inattentive for a moment can have drastic consequences. It doesn't mean be hypervigilant and fear-based. It means be calmly centered in the moment!! Be calm!!! Be confident!!!!

It's absolutely fascinating to me that I didn't see what I was writing into as I wrote that above paragraph. This whole dynamic of revenge fits perfectly into the gridlock in Washington and gridlock in any other organizational structure when people refuse to work together for the good of the whole. Did anyone ever notice that the whole ship goes down when we refuse to work together for the good of the whole? That's why parallel Universes are so exponentially important. Don't work against the system. Form a new one and work for the common good and let others see what we're doing and come along and get involved. This is the new paradigm I'm seeing that's so important. That's why third party movements are so important. It's the political version of more than an either/or system. It's the literal version of how about a new option??? We need one!!!

I wrote an article in the Pathfinder May/June 2013 issue titled, "A Call To Balance." I didn't cover this point in the article per se but what I know so clearly is that come to the center, come to balance, doesn't mean give up your ideals!!! It means live from such Integrity that only Love shows. Live from such Centeredness that only Peace shows!!!! Progress can't help but come from that attitude because people will see and hear that you care about them, that you see and understand and care!!! That's where we need to go. We can only get there as we care about ourselves. Love ourselves to Wholeness so we can live from the Fullness, Integrity, and Joy of who we really are!!!! So many of us are nowhere near that and that's why we are where we are!!!

Perhaps this fits in with a dream I had this morning that I didn't understand. In my dream I was in a bedroom with rosy pink walls. I was unnerved. I wondered where I was. It was like someone else had painted my walls and I didn't know where I was. Later in the day it occurred to me that my dream was my Future talking to me in the Present saying, "Keep on doin' what you're doin', girl. You're painting a rosy pink Future." Right now as I'm typing this I realize I have a rosy pink bedroom right in my current house. I love that room but hardly spend any time in it at all. Right now I realize it's time to spend time in that room stretching my back that hurts so much and just enjoying the Peacefulness and Beauty I always feel whenever I do go into that room. In another comical way my dream is also saying to me "My Future is always right where I am. See with new eyes!!!"

Fittingly, I came upon two quotes in another Mother Jones issue: 1) "67% of US companies pay no income tax at all." 2) The managers from one of the leading credit bureaus before the 2007 crash of the economy were laughing saying, "I hope we're rich and retired before this house of cards falters." My spiritual lesson here is that I am thrilled out of my wits to pay my taxes so I can help the people who have less than I do. I don't have a lot of money. I do have such a Consciousness of Gratitude and Generosity that my needs are always met. That means the world to me. If I were living from a fear-based Consciousness knowing facts stated here would likely make me intensely angry. Instead I feel enormous Gratitude that I will never live from that kind of a heartless disconnected Consciousness. I will not allow myself to be that disconnected!!! I care about myself and others!!! I care about the people who are that disconnected. I wouldn't trade places with them for anything in the world.

Sadly, the lesson that many of us still haven't learned is: "We can never be poor enough to pull up the rest of the world. The only way we can help the world is by being rich (in Consciousness)." Live by example. Show people they can thrive!!! Embody such a Generosity of Spirit that people can't miss the impact of living the Empowered Life!!! I know that's what I accomplish by the Life I live and I don't take for granted for a moment the blessings I receive from living an Empowered Life. It takes effort. It takes Vision. It takes time. I'm happy to spend all of that to be where I'm at and to get where I'm going. I hope that's an inspiring uplifting message for you too. That's certainly my Intention in saying what I'm saying and doing what I'm doing. Even as I type that I hear this message from Harvesters: "We feed 66,000 people every week who need emergency food assistance." That is a haunting number of people, such an expression of need right here in my home community. I support Harvesters as often as I can. It's mind boggling to know that for every dollar we give Harvesters can provide five healthy meals. That's an awesome return for our money. I'm happy to help them!!! We all win with that gracious attitude!!!!!!! A perfect segue to end my article: I just saw a quote from my favorite 14th century mystic, Hafiz, "What if we were playing chess with the most intelligent, wise Being that ever existed in the entire universe and that Being wanted you to become the master of the game. Where would every piece be on the chess board that would help you become the master of the game?" My answer to that is: "Right in front of us like it always is. We just have to stay in the game until we decide to be masters and win." I'm in for the game!!! How about you??? I say let's be all we are!!!!!!!!! I know that by holding this Hope-filled Grace-filled attitude we uplift everyone everywhere right now!!! I'm ready!!!