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May 2014: Heretics & Heroes: Part V Of XII

by Cathy Combs


As I sit here in late July 2013 I can't help but notice the difference between the value judgment of a negative "you" statement and the wonderment and thankfulness of a "We sure are different" statement. The amazement and relief I feel is enormous. May is my birthday month and I just want to celebrate being alive and in love with my Life. I so love what I'm doing and the opportunities and blessings that keep coming and coming. Sometimes I'm on the edge of my seat with challenges and yet they seem to resolve quicker and quicker as I stay more and more open and more and more centered. It's fun!

I continue to be amazed at my young heretic hero Malala Yousefsai and her recent appearance at the UN. I see an amazingly bright and inspired future for this young woman of such great courage and charisma. She's an amazing model for me and for all of us. I'm so grateful to be alive with her in this world.

I continue to be amazed as my understanding of the prevalence of shame in the world expands and how this world value undermines and immobilizes the Happiness and Joy we could be experiencing. It is said that shame is an Eastern value and guilt is a Western value but I thoroughly realize how deeply embedded shame is as a Western value. Shame says the entirety of your being is negative. Not just that we made a mistake. We are a mistake. We are abominable. The Self-hatred that comes out of that internalized assessment is palpable and problematic to say the very least!!! It is such a depraved devaluing of who we really are. That's why I've spent my entire Life putting forth a different set of values: We are sacred. We are holy. Music or words that put forth this value so immediately bring tears to everyone hearing it because these assessments are so very needed. It is what we all hunger for most valiantly…. to be valued!!!!

I'm still writing from July 2013 and reveling in some of the most dramatic statements I've ever heard from our religious leaders: Desmond Tutu said, "I'd choose hell over a homophobic heaven" and Pope Francis said, "Who am I to judge them (the gay priests)?" These amazing statements echo such a dramatic, hopeful change in the world. I'm thrilled to be writing about these statements in my birth month of May. I celebrate these men for their social conscience and bravery.

I also celebrate Dr. Brene Brown. I'm reading her New York Times #1 best selling book, "Daring Greatly!" It's so fabulous. She details her 12 years of research on shame and vulnerability. She also is so comically honest about her 5th generation Texas upbringing and her statement, "We don't do vulnerability" and yet her honest knowing that vulnerability is our direct connection to Joy. Underneath it all is the undoing of the horrendous lies we've taken on about our humanity and the fear based, shame based identities we've taken on as real when they are no such thing!!! That is our work in this Lifetime. It so directly links to my Lifetime knowings about Faith and Confidence. Underneath all this is the Self Love of our true Identity as Spirit Incarnate. There is no dualism or duelism when we acknowledge the Vibrant Joy-filled Truth that we are Spirit Incarnate. As Spirit Incarnate we wholly identify as Worthy. We are Worthiness Itself!!!

I know you've heard me say these things a zillion times and you'll hear me say them a zillion times more until the whole world rests comfortably in this Vibrant Self Image. It is the healing balm for every ill. Every time anyone blesses a situation or any person the whole world receives that healing message, that healing feeling. That's Quantum Reality! It's that powerful and certainly that necessary. Do you have any doubt about that?

It's now early August 2013 and the blessings and awarenesses keep flooding into me. It's fun and enlightening. My August Women's Retreat was a blast. I'm making so many new connections. The hits on my website are going wild. A particularly sweet important blessing is how my ear infection was healed by Energy work from my friends instead of using antibiotics. By the time the ear infection was confirmed it was almost gone!!!!

The timing is fascinatingly symbolic as I ponder yet again what messages I am listening to and how I can't keep my balance if I listen to negativity and put any stock in it as though my Good can be kept from me in any way. It can't be unless I separate myself from It by believing in the negativity. That goes back to my initial statement about negative "you" statements. When I stay focused on what I want to create there is nothing in my way. That is such a Peaceful and Powerful way to live. That's an understatement!!!

The fascinating thing is this is so clear because things are going so well. I know I'm rising up into a new level of Awareness and the Energy flooding in is dizzying. It's fascinating. I know that new opportunities are on the horizon and I'll be shocked and amazed when they come into Clarity. It's going to be fascinating. I'm ready!

I wish you could see this now in early August 2013 as I continue to be so uplifted and impressed by Dr. Brene Brown's research on shame and vulnerability. Even though I've listened to one of her TED talk interviews three times I'm agog at the relationship between shame and violence. She said, "There's an epidemic right now of indebtedness, obesity and violence and it's all related to the deeply imbedded shame culture we are living in right now." We live in such a culture of self-hatred we're immobilized by it. I'm not a research scientist but I've been writing about this process for years and now here we are blessed by the research that empirically shows the validity of what I'm saying. I deeply appreciate her work. We certainly have a lot of work to do to undo the pervasive enculturated shame based hate based fear based culture of our time. All of this simply expands my Gratitude exponentially for the Self Love I have taught myself and others. Dr. Brown speaks of the Wholehearted people, those who live lives of Courage. She explained the huge difference between those who live from shame and those who live from guilt. Those who live from guilt are able to say they're sorry when they make a mistake. Those who live from shame are sociopaths who have no capacity for empathy, no capacity to feel their impact on others and no ability to apologize. I hope you will listen to her videos on youtube. They are astoundingly informative, inspiring and uplifting. Dr. Brown speaks from such Authenticity, Courage and Vulnerability. I'm so thrilled to know of her and her work. I look forward to how her work and mine and all others uplifts and changes this precious world we share together. I encourage you to love yourself to Wholeness. I know you can do it. I did and I'm thrilled and grateful!!! There's so much Beauty, Love and Joy to experience and to share!!! Peace to us all right now!!