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July 2014: Heretics & Heroes: Part VII Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I love this quote by the Dalai Lama, "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." I certainly know the Truth of it. Years ago I was unjustly fired from a job because my former employer lied about me. I was so depressed I went into therapy. After just a few sessions my therapist said to me, "Cathy, I'm going to this class. You should come too." The minute I heard the class instructor open his mouth I knew "Wherever you are, I'm going." He was saying what I have intuitively understood all my Life. He was the dean of the graduate school I subsequently attended. The program there couldn't have been more tailor-made for who I was and who I still am. Without getting unjustly fired I would've never known about this beloved place.

In our typically hot Midwestern summers this lesson is a pivotal one to learn at any time. So often we make the mistake of turning a so-called negative event in on ourselves and we lead ourselves into depression. Thankfully I knew enough to get help and I was immeasurably blessed by the help I received. My constant thank you is in the form of helping others get the help they need in any way I can. That's one example of paying it forward. I received a sweet pay it forward blessing the other day. Someone bought me a gift card at a bookstore/gift shop I frequent. I have done the same thing for others there and it was a sweet blessing on a day I didn't have much money.

As I sat here for a moment it suddenly occurred to me that yet again I am living my very definition of heretic hero as I write far into the future. It is currently mid August 2013 and I am enjoying Mother Nature's gift to us of an unseasonably cool mild summer as I contemplate what July 2014 might hold for me and others. I have many irons in the fire of delightful possibilities about to become very real as I lead another Women's Retreat and teach another class based on my first self-published book released May 21, 2010. I want to add my own little play on words to the Dalai Lama's words. I say, "Remember that what you get is often a wonderful venture into Courage." My example of that happened yesterday as I was sitting across from someone I didn't yet know. After sitting there for a while I struck up a conversation with her telling her I had written a book on prayer too. I had asked her what she was reading. I asked her if she wanted to see my book. She said, "Of course." That's how we began a very sweet 90 minute conversation with both of us laughing our heads off as we realized how very similar we were. This moment is yet another powerful example of how to establish connections and to give and receive immeasurable blessings. Be seen and let come what may! We had so much fun!!!

On another front I am reading a 600+ page book titled, "The Five Gospels" co-written by the Jesus Seminar scholars. The Gospel of Thomas is included in this work. The Gospel of Thomas is one of my very favorite books. It didn't get included in the canonical gospels because it didn't fit the political agenda of the 3rd century church. It is particularly haunting to realize that this decision was passed by one vote!!! I've said this before and it's important to say it again. This vote tells me how powerful one vote is since we are still so very heavily influenced by this decision made many centuries ago, and it also says how divided and arbitrary this decision was and is!!!

Another message that is so profoundly important is the definition of ego. I constantly hear leaders in the progressive spiritual communities using this word with no explanation of what they mean as though there is only one definition and that everyone knows what it means. This is especially dangerous when they're saying "Let go of your ego" not realizing that there are at least two different definitions of ego and they are radically different in meaning. The accepted definition in the field of psychology is the integrated sense of self. Having an integrated sense of who we are is absolutely the foundation of mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It's misleading to define ego as a negative!!!!

In a world still so dominated by a fear-based dualism (separation of matter and Spirit) it is imperative that spiritual leaders make it plain that they are not equating the ego with fear and yet that is exactly what I hear them doing and it gives a very dangerous message to people who don't understand what the leaders are trying to say. It would be so much clearer if the leaders said, "Let go of your fear. Don't let fear run your Life. Fear is not the entirety of your identity." So many people today are so profoundly disengaged, lost, powerless, despondent, anxious and angry they need to be given a very clear hopeful understanding of the unrecognized Power within them. Telling them "Let go of your ego" without making it very plain what definition of ego is being used doesn't accomplish that Purpose and the unintended consequences are huge. I'm passionate about this message and I hope it's obvious to you because it's exceedingly important. Having an ego is not synonymous with egotism, arrogance, greed, selfishness. These are all masks for fear. Fear is a profound disconnect from the sanctity of our Beingness. There is no fear when we recognize who we are. Knowing who we are is our starting point of Wholeness, Calmness, Confidence. Loving yourself is your ultimate expression of Spirit Identified Ego!!! Loving ourselves is our Consciousness of Oneness as the Divine in Expression. This is holism, not duality!!!! We are Spirit Identified Ego. We are individuals. That does not mean we are separate from our Divinity!!! Individuality simply means unique expressions of Oneness, as Oneness. It is our very Purpose on this Earth to embody this Understanding, this Identity!!! Heaven is a here and now experience. It is not for later!!!

As I sit with all this it occurs to me that the greatest heretic~hero message of all time is to live from such a Consciousness of Love that there's nothing else!!! That is our journey pure and simple!!! It's so amazing to keep coming back to that Wholehearted Realization. That Wholehearted Realization is what will bring Peace to our world. We will embody the Truth that we are inherently Worthy as Spirit Incarnate. We will embody the Truth that a Life of Service brings such radical Prosperity we will hardly know what to do with all the Peace, Happiness, Harmony, Abundance and Well-Being of every kind. That is our Purpose. I so love doing everything I can do to bring forth this message, this beautiful Understanding for everyone everywhere. It is so obviously needed and hungered for by so many. I so often see that even the smallest acts of kindness bring such Joy. It really tells me that no act is small. It is profoundly important. We are profoundly important!!! We are so very needed!!! If you don't feel like you are needed do something for someone. Open up to a larger view of yourself in the world and I promise you that you will see and feel how important you are and how very much you are needed. We are all here to rise up into healing, to rise up into our fully embodied Awareness of Oneness!!!! Will you join me in that awesome adventure? We are the ones we have been waiting for!!