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November 2014: Heretics & Heroes: Part XI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's still the end of May 2014 and I'm continuing a thread from my October 2014 newsletter that I just finished. We still live in a world that is so dominated by and embedded in the thinking pattern of the 1700s which said that matter and Spirit are separate, that the body has no impact on the mind, and the mind has no impact on the body. All of this is completely wrong and yet it dominates every aspect of our lives. The consequences are enormous because this thought pattern in effect says you don't matter. What you say and do has no impact on you or anyone else!!! How patently untrue!!!

Some of the hideous consequences are so obvious in our business world (profit at all cost, no matter what!!!!) On this note, I read an interview of Noam Chomsky, the brilliant political activist and social critic, in the June 2014 issue of The Sun, an independent, progressive magazine I really enjoy reading. The author made the point that when Nelson Mandela was released from prison the first thing he did was thank Fidel Castro and Cuba for bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa. It was the Cubans who drove the South Africans out of Namibia and Mozambique where they were illegally occupying the area and trying to intimidate the African neighbors to comply. Chomsky also detailed how passionately former president Reagan and former British Prime Minister Thatcher supported apartheid, even to the extent that Reagan violated the sanctions the US Congress put in place. Nelson Mandela was even viewed as a terrorist until 2008!!!

Chomsky made the point that "power over" structures should never exist. He spoke of the 1960s as a very upsetting time to both the conservatives and liberals because "the rabble were speaking up and clamoring for change and they weren't being quiet and passive like they were supposed to be." I was a college student in the mid to late 60s. It was an exciting challenging time. We sure need the courageous voices today!!!!!!!!!

Chomsky also made the point that we need to understand what language really means. When using the word "reform" in the educational system he said it means doing everything possible to undermine public education. "Anarchist" simply means someone who is speaking up against the view of those in power who do not want to see any changes. This process is so evident today with the push to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, any of the social programs that would help the poor, so they have no power to upset the top dogs. Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmm."

Chomsky also made the point that the climate change is so obvious and perilous and I know he means we ignore it at our own peril. When an iceberg the size of New York breaks off a glacier and falls into the ocean I'd say that's pretty obvious how the warming of the water is impacting our environment. I've read numerous articles saying what an increase of 12 feet of water would mean. It's clear to me that would bury my house and everything in it. It's shocking and amazing how willfully blind people choose to be!!!!!!

The point I'm continuing to make is I want to live in a win~win world. I certainly know it's possible. It is pointedly obvious to me every day how much my actions impact all around me. It's pointedly obvious, for example, that anyone drinking and driving can end someone else's life or even their own. It's pointedly obvious to me that if I had employees and didn't pay them a respectful living wage I would have issues with turnover, productivity, morale: You name it! I've been in numerous work situations where the obvious unhappiness of the workers impacted the health, well-being and productivity of everyone there. We can change that by caring, by being accountable!!!!

I've seen countless examples of how awesomely contagious Generosity is. I've seen countless examples of people receiving Generosity and immediately passing it on. This truly is how everything works. Quantum physics has shown how undeniably we are all intricately linked. As we become more and more conscious of our Worthiness we will awaken to our connectedness. We will awaken to a Truth I know is possible: as we share and care there will be such an overabundance of Prosperity we won't have room enough to store It!!!! I'm ready for the Awakening!!! It is completely doable!!!!! Now's the time!

What needs to change is the fear-based way "transactions" are negotiated. The win~win model would completely eliminate the current model of someone's profit at someone else's expense. I can't help but see the relevance of Dr. Brene Brown's research: we are the most in debt, over medicated, obese we've ever been. This speaks so pointedly to how disconnected we are from living an "inside out" Life; that Happiness begins within!!!! When we know we are inherently Worthy we know we are "Inspired and Unstoppable" to quote Tama Kieves, a New York Times multiple bestselling author who I've met and greatly honor. She's just one of millions working passionately for change!!!

Another piece of this Awakening process that just blew through is that "profit" at someone else's expense is a monstrous poverty consciousness. It's not Prosperity by any means. There's no connection, no humanity, no Compassion. Massive money may be there but it's hollow and empty in Happiness. The evidence of that Truth is so very overwhelmingly obvious in every circle of our society. It doesn't have to be that way!!!

In my second book on Quantum Prayer I focus on the Stillness that comes from the Balance of Power and the Power of Balance. When cooperation becomes the norm of the world instead of competition we will be living in a wondrously radically awakened world. We are moving in that direction. Millions and millions of passionately devoted brave courageous people are working together to bring forth this inevitable awakening shift. I'm so very grateful to be working among them and to be one of them. This kind of attitude brings so much Joy into my Life and I certainly want to share It everywhere!!!

I want to celebrate this Consciousness of Joy, Gratitude, Connection, Vision and Compassion in this month that we traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving and every day! I want to acknowledge a story I know is true: If it weren't for the help of the Native Americans the first Europeans who came to America would've never made it through that first brutal winter!!! Our thanks to them was to kill them, steal their land and put them on reservations where even today they live in miserable poverty. I give thanks for the Native American community, their culture, Wisdom, and community-based style of living. Peace to us all as we learn to live together in Peace, Harmony and Abundance for all!!! Caring for others is the true measure of a civilized society. I hold that Vision!!!!!!!