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December 2014: Heretics & Heroes: Part XII Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I hardly know where to start so many blessings, so many spiritual principles and so many paradoxes are all front and center simultaneously. It's an uncommonly cool cloudy July day 2014 and the principle of Unconditional Love is front and center in Its Presence and absence. A playful blessing happened last night that reminded me of an Awareness that came through years ago when my Spirit said to me, "Keep doing exactly what you're doing and I'll deliver everything to your doorstep." Last night was July 4th and I was so looking forward to the fireworks displays. Imagine my surprise when I got to watch them from my bedroom window in the comfort of my own home when I thought fireworks displays were illegal in our city. Either the laws changed unbeknownst to me or people are just uncommonly brazen knowing or hoping the police won't come! Whatever the reasoning I got my wish in complete comfort. I even went to sleep easily as the fireworks and noise continued for hours. It's a comical expression of being in the flow of my Good!

On a more serious note I'm so aware of the many levels of impact of Unconditional Love. I'm particularly fascinated by the physiological and spiritual components. I am particularly fascinated by the cellular changes that must happen so I am not immediately reactive to circumstances. The Understanding that must be present to recognize that everything is a blessing is really stunning. I have to comically say I'm not there yet and yet I know I am on the way to that level because I am so conscious of It. I know I already am It and yet I see and feel how often I'm off the mark! I'm working on it!

This journey is particularly meaningful to me this month knowing that every spiritual tradition on Earth celebrates their Awareness of Love this month. I honor these traditions as they express the multiplicity of ways to get to the same Place: Unconditional Love! Herein lies the great paradox for all our humanity. I do not know anyone's journey but my own. I am simply to be awake!!! I am not to judge myself. I am not to judge anyone. Be aware: yes! Judge: no!!! Love only!!!! That is the simplicity and the challenge!!!!

In a similar vein I see yet again how my Spirit's promise to me is unfolding. I went somewhere a few days ago. I knew I was supposed to go there but I had no idea why. I sat down to read a magazine there and the reason was revealed to me. I read an article on integrative medicine that was being practiced right where I was. I will certainly follow up on that insight. I have long since been aware of holistic medicine and spiritualities and this is the next step because it goes beyond our dualistic misunderstanding so prevalent in Western medicine. I'm thrilled to be standing in the doorway of this holism!!!!

Another comical paradox today is I "lost" a gift card that means so much to me and had a significant balance still on it and I was so angry for a while trying to get it resolved and then I told myself, "If it doesn't come back to me let it go to someone who really needs it and then I unexpectedly got a check in the mail for 3-1/2 times what I "lost." I'm so amused at how quickly the Universe works when I stay in the flow of Unconditional Love. I have a feeling I'll find the card. We'll see what's next on the Agenda!

It's the next day and apparently the Agenda is that the blessings are to continue. I don't have my gift card back yet but a new friend bought me lunch today and we had a wonderful time talking. I know that part of that Flow is blessing the situation as is and giving thanks for all the Good I have. It creates such a Peaceful environment the blessings flow to It and from It. I'm grateful!!! I know more blessings are on the way!!!!

It's the next day and the blessings continue in the most hilarious way. I went from place to place retracing my steps looking for my gift card. Each place said some variation of "No, I'm sorry we don't have it" and yet I still knew I'll find it. I went to church and sat in my usual seat in the bookstore not even thinking about my card and all of a sudden I had the insight "Swipe between the seat cushions" and there it was. It's a sweet hilarious lesson in stay connected with my Good and it will appear! I'm grateful!!!

It's the next day and the blessings of all kinds keep coming. I just got invited to showcase my book at a book signing at church soon. I also got new information on how to heal an ear infection without using antibiotics. I also got more information on more money coming soon. The blessings are rolling in and I couldn't be happier or more grateful!!!!

In the midst of all these sweet blessings I had a fascinating Awareness. I realized that trials are our invitation to move up to the next level of Awareness and our triumphs are our celebrations of moving up to the next level. I know this Awareness will come in handy when I feel challenged by something I do not yet understand! Right now it feels more like an ecstatic blessing because I am in such a Flow of amazing blessings and I so appreciate all the Good flowing to me and through me. It's fun when Life is so free and so full and I'm celebrating right along with It. What I would treasure equally as well is if everyone knew this is how their Life could be too. It's a Universal Truth that when we value ourselves as Infinitely Good Life is quite awesome because that is what we are calling into being and the Universe is ever so happy to cooperate with us because that is the Law of Giving and Receiving, also called the Law of Compensation. Literally I know that means that we are paid with blessings as we call our Good into being. We focus on the Good and Good comes into being. That's the Law and that's how It works!!!

The blessings continue to flow and flow. I'm overawed by the Beauty of Life. I am so very blessed. I just got back from a sweet two day visit with one of my sisters. Much of the time I just spent being quiet, enjoying the Peaceful Beauty of Mother Nature. The weather was unseasonably mild for mid-July so it was fabulous to be outside just admiring the Beauty. It is in that Awareness that I realize the Power of Thankfulness and Appreciation. These Attitudes are the Great Multipliers. So I sit here in mid-July 2014 projecting Blessings into this winter season. I send blessings to you of Great Hope, Joy, Celebration, Faith, and Understanding: Whatever you need is already alive and well within you. By your Faith-filled Confidence and Appreciation you call It forth into every area of your Life. If that's a new Awareness for you I invite you to love yourself enough to give it a try. I promise you it works! I've been using this Attitude my whole Life. I have repeatedly called my highest holiest dreams into expression using this Attitude of Confident Appreciation. I promise you that you are worthy of your highest holiest dreams. In this season of Great Expectation I join you in allowing room for Fulfillment!!!