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January 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part I Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's so comical to be in the middle of an uncharacteristically mild August 2014 as I contemplate what January 2015 might unfold. What is uppermost in my heart and mind right now is my Intention to be Peace!!!! I know this Intention will show me how to live from and in unparalleled Confidence and Faith. It feels so good to be Peaceful and I really do have the Understanding how my Intention will translate to world Peace!!!

That's an amazing feeling. I can't help but remember a few months ago when I saw the animated film "Frozen" with two friends of mine when I visited Tennessee. The film was an amazing journey of how the protagonist transformed her Life through forgiveness. She forgave herself and she forgave all others. She melted her cold heart and allowed room for her true Nature of Love to shine brightly. That's our Life Purpose.

This Love connection even translates to humans and our animal companions. I saw the sweetest story lately about this baby black panther and her human caretaker. The picture shows the overjoyed panther leaping into her caretaker's arms when she saw her. It was so adorable I cried. They obviously share an amazing bond of trust and caring!!!

I want to transcend that level of caring. I want to move more and more into the level of loving the seemingly unlovable. It's not about whether they deserve it or not. That's a miserable yardstick to use. It's about the very real need to love everyone and everything. We're not taught how to do that in a fear-based world. I want to live in and from a Love and Peace filled world. I know that will be a fascinating journey. I'm ready!!!!!!!! I am reminded of the Dalai Lama's statement, "We don't know anyone well enough to judge them and if we did know them well enough we would feel only Compassion." That is what I know and I so want to live in and from that Awareness!!!

Today I listened to Rev. Edwene Gaines speak about the need to forgive ourselves and all others and how this is one of the links to permanent prosperity. I certainly know the Truth of that teaching. Forgiveness opens the door to the Unlimited Flow of Energy that is always present in the Universe. It is also our statement of Faith in our self and all others. I've read her book, "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity", four times. I even taught it once at my home church. It's a powerful compelling book. It helps remind us of our Inherent Worthiness. That's our Life lesson in a fear-based world. Go beyond fear!!!!

"Beyond" is the name of a beautiful CD with Tina Turner, Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay as they collaborated on a beautiful project blending Buddhist and Christian prayers. It's so amazing how these three beautiful women came together to create a beautiful work of art. I use this CD in the retreats I lead. It's inspiring and beautiful.

January will be an interesting timeline because I set two goals to be completed by December 31, 2014. I'm very interested in seeing the fruits of intentional decisions I'm making right now. It's very compelling to make decisions knowing they will have enormous positive consequences. It's fun to be so engaged in Life! I'm grateful!!! Another decision that is so very real to me right now is to continue doing everything I can do to uplift, educate and inspire everyone everywhere with the express Intention of eradicating domestic violence, creating a Universe where everyone is inspired to love and respect themselves. In that atmosphere there can be no such thing as domestic violence. My Intention is fueled by the recent brutal murders of two beautiful, talented, educated professional women right here in a very upscale environment. In part I know this happens because people live under the massively misguided perception that domestic violence can't happen there. Well, obviously it can because two beautiful women are irretrievably dead. The other tragic part of this issue is none of their friends even knew they were in any kind of trouble because they were living under the other massively misguided perceptions that they can't let anyone know they need help, they have to do it all by themselves, they have to pretend that they're invulnerable. All these misconceptions simply lead to isolated lives where people do not get the help they need, they don't recognize the indications of danger because they've never acknowledged there could be such a thing!!! All of this is perpetuated by the misguided perception of individuality.

The culture I want to continue building for myself and all others is that being vulnerable takes great courage!!!!!! Being vulnerable is not a weakness!!! Being vulnerable is the height of community building, relationship building, compassion, health and well-being and all the spiritual Gifts of knowing we are inherently valued and valuable!!! I want people to come into the full-blown Awareness that we are all exponentially loved by an Expansive Universe that many call God. We are all Spirit in Expression. This is the Unitive Principle that I write about and speak about in all I do. We are Spirit Embodied!!!

We are not meant to live closed off in fear. A fear-based world implies that we are unworthy, that we are separate from our Good. We are meant to live Joy-filled expansive compassionate expressive lives!!!! That world is, was, and always will be!!! We simply have to allow room for this ever-present world to come alive in us by our Conscious Choice, by our allowing, by our recognition of who we truly are, the Beloved of God in Expression. Every time anyone anywhere awakens to this Beloved Truth this message is indelibly imprinted in the Collective Consciousness of us all!!! That's how Power-full we are!!!! Don't focus on the appearance of things, the myth of separation. Focus on the Truth of you and allow room for a new view of you to come into being in all Its Power and Glory and Magnificence!!! It takes great Courage and it can be done!!!!!!!! It takes Courage because it means we have to wake up! We have to become Conscious of what we're deciding, what we're listening to, and what we're doing. We can't go sleepwalking through Life and expect to be happy. It doesn't happen that way. Consciousness means being "response-able" to be present, be in the Now, fully alive, alert, awake, joyous and enthusiastic! That only happens by Choice!!! That happens when we realize and actualize that we are Power Itself. That means Power within and Power with, not power over!!!!!! Power over is a fear-based misperception of who we are and how we are to function in the world. Power within and Power with are Trust-based understandings that we live in an exponentially benevolent world. We see that unmistakably when we understand we are creations of the Infinite. Our souls have called us into Being to be our highest holiest selves. That's our Purpose in this world. That's the message I want to live and share every moment. It is the Joy of my Life to know this beloved Truth. I invite you into this precious Vision and Mission with me. Blessings to everyone, everywhere. Namaste!!!!!!!