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February 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part II Of XII

by Cathy Combs


At this rate I can't wait til February 2015 with all the blessings I'm experiencing in late September 2014. It's been quite a ride of amazing Awarenesses and puzzling feelings. A few days ago I had the feeling come through that I am dying. I didn't understand that because I don't have any life threatening illnesses. A few more days passed and I had the Awareness I'm dying to an old life. I'm opening to blessings beyond what I've ever imagined. I went to a Psychic fair over the weekend and had two readings and an elemental drawing reading done that confirmed so many of the Awarenesses I'm having. I saw some old friends I dearly love and I received so many blessings in other ways. I sold some more of my books. I met some new friends and made some new connections that I know will prove to be a great blessing.

It's a gorgeous time of year here in the Midwest. Fall is my favorite time of year. Today as I was driving to church early in the morning I saw the most amazing sunrise as I was driving west. I was looking in my rearview mirror as often as I could to watch this humongous orange glow rise in the sky enfolded in purplish pink orange clouds. Heaven on Earth to me. Fall is the time of year to plant our roots deep down into Mother Earth's soil so new Life can spring forth in Spring. That's what I'm doing. I know I am preparing for my greatest Life ever as I continue to grow in Spirit and Understanding. I'm so very grateful for the Life I already have and I know it continues to get better because that's how I see Life. We are always on an ever upward spiral of spiritual development. When things get difficult it is simply my invitation from my inner Spirit to come up higher, to breathe deeply into the present and open to the ever expanding opportunities . It's an amazing, amazing ride. Joy is our inherent Nature!!! Yes, indeed!!!

As I come back to this newsletter in mid October 2014 I am ever so aware of the Power of Personal Empowerment. Knowing our God Self as our true Identity is the most Joy-filled transformative Gift we can be in the Universe. In this world so buried in fear and self-hatred and disconnectedness nothing is more Power-full than to fully acknowledge how we love ourselves to Wholeness by acknowledging the Wholeness we already and always are. Simply because we are unaware of the Truth of who we are doesn't change the Truth of who we are. That Truth is very important to acknowledge!!!

In this month where we celebrate love one particular day it is never too soon to acknowledge that Love is meant to be an every moment, every day experience. We transform the whole world the moment we acknowledge and embody this amazing Truth. That Truth never gets old to me. It is the very basis of our Joy-filled Life. Right now it's still early November 2014 and I'm about to begin reading two books that will forever change and uplift my ability to live from this steadfast unchanging Love beyond conditions: "The Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd and "Understanding Human Design" by Karen Curry both talk about how we change our DNA pattern by our thoughts and feelings. I'm so very excited to be doing yet more work that is a blend of spirituality and science. It's so exciting!!! It's so transformative because it undeniably proves the body~mind continuum and it proves how undeniably Power-full we are!!!

I'm teaching a four part class right now in my home church community titled "Personal Empowerment: Your Pathway to Peace and Joy." All my life I have known the Power of Self-Love to transform, uplift and bless our lives. I keep emphasizing the Power of our thoughts and feelings and actions to uplift and bless the entire world. There is no need to remain stuck in Self-hatred. The Power of Choice changes us forever. Fear doesn't exist in us when we are solidly grounded in Self-Love. We can choose what we are creating!!!

I have spoken so often of the massive hatred expressed toward women. Last night I experienced that in unrelenting detail as every other word was bitch, whore, slut, spoken by a man of color dressed as a woman. I couldn't help but think that if anyone would be sensitized to cruelty it would be a black man in this society where racism is still such a massive problem and yet his comment was, "If any of you are upset by my wording I don't give a shit." The further irony is the restaurant was packed to the rafters with white women, many of them laughing at his comments. I hope the laughter was a nervous laughter expressing at least some degree of connection with how humiliating this kind of expression ought to be to anyone with any sensibility!!! I had no idea this was on the agenda for the evening and yet I now know many of these people are regulars at this place and this kind of event there. We have a lot of work to do!!! I'm flabbergasted!!!!

This kind of occurrence reminds me to the depths of my being to stay grounded in Unconditional Love and separate the act from the person. I view our humanity as sacred. I know how Power-full our words and actions and feelings are. I am Wholeheartedly committed to Empowerment for everyone and everything!! I know how transformative commitment is. I view cruelty as a sincere wake up call for everyone. I am awake!!!!!!!!!!

I heard a fascinating comment in church today: our every word and action impacts 250 people. On one hand I know our words and actions immediately impact the entire Universe simultaneously and yet I hear this comment saying that 250 people are impacted personally and directly. Either way that idea is Powerful. Yet again it tells us to be so mindfully present to our own Power and how we use It. I want to use my Power to uplift, educate, inspire and heal the entire world. That is my commitment to Life here and now!!

I sincerely hope that you know and feel how Power-full you are. You are here to be a blessing to the world. As you live your Passion you uplift and heal everyone around you. What a wonderful Awareness to live from and into. It reminds me of a paraphrase of the Dalai Lama: Love is the most radical action we can make. I add to that: Love sure is needed right here, right now. Let your Light shine. You sure are needed. I say that knowing that the Light of our Mother Earth is growing in brightness and length as we move once again toward our beautiful awakening Spring season here and now. Yes!!!!!!

It is now early December 2014. I've been listening to Christmas music and crying every time I hear "O Holy Night" and the song about the little boy wanting to buy his mother Christmas shoes. It's a special sentimental time of year. I am so very thankful for all the blessings in my Life. I never take for granted the Power of Gratitude, Appreciation and Compassion. These Gifts of Spirit add so much Grace and Joy to each moment!!!! All these blessings are so very needed and I'm so glad they're so ever-present!!!!!!!!!