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March 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part III Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It is January 4, 2015. It is a hugely momentous day as I declare my intention for 2015. My declaration is: I AM Renewing!!! My declaration has so many meanings and feelings. I shared my declaration in church today with one of my very dearest friends. It was an amazing adventure in sharing my deepest fears, trusting that I'd be understood and valued in the process. I certainly was!!! It all came down to my continuing journey to live as Presence. The so-called "outer" has no Power over me unless I focus on fear!!! Fear is simply my reminder to come back to Presence. There is no fear in Presence!!!! Presence is simply another word for God Incarnate, God Embodied. God Embodied Consciousness is Wholeness, Inclusiveness, Peace, Love, Compassion, Clarity, Light!!!!! Any name that embodies Presence is included in this endless list of qualities.

As I was sharing my fears and my feelings I was seeing and saying so many things that seemed to be utterly disconnected and yet as I kept sharing I saw the bottom line: Vulnerability. I didn't even hear that word as I was initially sharing but I sure do now. I see the journey I'm on: taking all the walls down and yet keeping Intuition as the key to Presence and Clarity. I am deeply, deeply aware of the fear and Self-hatred that so many people live in and from and they use power over techniques to bully others as the only way they know to feel safe and powerful. I know with all my heart that is never a model I will follow. I will follow Self-Love, Compassion, Integrity, Self-Worth, Peace, Trust, Caring, Faith, Confidence, Flexibility, Connectivity, Joy, Grace, Renewal!!!!!! A huge piece of this process is my continuing unfolding journey to be ever more visible in the world. I continue to make connections. I finished 2014 with my highest high ever on my website with 7,500 hits for December 2014. I'm so very grateful for the blessings!

Another piece of the process is the books I've been reading. Delores Cannon is an internationally recognized regression therapist, helping people access their past life experiences. In her book, "They Walked With Jesus", she shares two stories of women who personally knew Jesus and witnessed his crucifixion. One statement meant a great deal to me because it gave a new twist to my own beliefs. The witnesses said that Jesus felt no pain because he had such command of his body. I smiled in appreciation when I read that because what I understand is that Jesus wasn't crucified. He simply walked off into the hills knowing his mission was completed. To those who needed to see him as crucified it appeared that he was. To Jesus I feel he was saying, "I'm free."

This story made our potential for healing very real. I thought in particular of our ability to heal ourselves of cancer. Cancer is an expression of a heart~mind disconnect. We're working against ourselves and we don't realize it. Any illness is our wake up call to come back home to ourselves, to connect again to our Inherent Wellness, our natural state of being. Jesus was such a Presence of Peace. That is our embodied journey too. That's why we're here. All the avatars know this process. We are to know it as well. That's why we are embodied. Our Conscious Embodiment makes all healing possible. I just read an article about Bromaline, the natural enzyme in pineapple that cures cancer. The cure for cancer has been known for years!!! The pharmaceutical companies keep burying the evidence!!! As sad as I find that fact I also know healing is never an adversarial process. Align with Peace and Wellness to allow Wholeness to come forth. It will!!!!!!!

The other book I keep reading and rereading is Catherine Ponder's, "The Millionaire From Nazareth." She details how rich Jesus was. She explains that next to the high priest a carpenter was the most honored occupation because carpenters were highly educated artisans. This is important because it directly contradicts the image most of us learned. She details how the idea that being poor is a virtue was a manipulation to keep people powerless and that that wasn't Jesus' message at all!! Jesus performed many prosperity miracles showing people how they could be prosperous too. She explains that the root word for millionaire means happiness and abundance. She details that all prosperity has a spiritual basis. She details how tithing as a spiritual process, not just an obligation, is the key to permanent prosperity because in this spirit of giving we understand that generosity is our statement of Faith in our connection with the infinite flow of our Good. Through our feelings and thoughts we are always in the Flow!!! I love this book!!!

It is now January 7th. It is bitterly cold outside and yet I'm smiling and grateful. I so greatly love the indigenous people around the world. They have such an innate understanding of our oneness with all Life. The Western world has so lost that understanding! A Navajo word I just learned is Nizhoni. It means the Beauty Way. We sing a song at church that must be aware of this word and I cry every time we sing it. It's so beautiful. It's about walking in Beauty, feeling the Beauty within us and all around us. As we honor this Reality we will express a world of Beauty where Self-Love and Compassion are the Ground we live in and from each moment! It's here now!!!!! We simply need to open to It and remember who we really are: Holiness in Expression!!!!!!

It is now January 11th. I attended a celebration of Dr. King's life and legacy. It was a packed house beautiful tribute to a remarkable man. I'm so very excited as we head toward the Spring Equinox of 2015, a time of Renewal and Balance as new Life and Beauty express Itself within us and all around us. I love the awesome Beauty of sunrises and sunsets. Mother Nature's inimitable Beauty lifts my spirits every time. It's not possible for me to look at Beauty and not smile and relax!! An even greater Beauty is each moment we allow Compassion and Inclusion to be our living Expression!!!!! As we move forward in 2015 I invite you to look within you and all around you. Acknowledge all the Beauty. If you don't see any I invite you to stop for a few moments and look again. Consider the walls you have up, the negative judgments that are holding you down and start again in this blessed time of Renewal that exists in each and every moment. Truly a brand new Life exists in each moment as you clear out all the weeds and give your heart and mind a brand new vantage point to look from right now. You will experience a profound Joy that will Lighten your Life forever. Ready? Begin!!! I look forward to seeing you on the road as we travel this blessed journey together. I believe in you and I know that as you believe in yourself for perhaps the very first time you will craft a Life that is a blessing to you and to everyone everywhere!!!!!! That's the way Energy works. Energy is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Impartial, All-Inclusive Love!!!!! Blessings to us all as we live our best lives ever. Hugs to you as you open to receive!!!!! I know it will make a massive difference not only for you but for all the world! Peace!!!!