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April 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part IV Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I just finished writing my March 2015 newsletter. I want to continue the theme of Mother Nature's Beauty. It is so beautiful!! In this season of Renewal my realizations couldn't be bigger. I shared in my January 2015 newsletter that my word for the year is Renewing. My affirmation is I AM Renewing. A few days ago that process felt so very heavy and ominous. Now it feels so comical and affirming. I realize in point blank Clarity I AM calling myself into clear Presence, living Unconditionally in each moment. Renewing means letting go of each moment as it passes. It's done. It's gone. Holding onto any negativity is a drag. It only weighs me down. I'm not here for that! No one is! I know it's quite a learning curve. I really do want to take it. I want to go for the ride!! I fully get it what a call to Fearlessness, Forgiveness and Nonresistance this is. I also get it what a call to unparalleled Peace and Faith and Compassion it is for me. It is a profound journey into Release and Presence and Peace. I'm totally up for this beloved journey into all I AM!!!!!

A few days ago we celebrated the actual birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What a man of such profound Courage, Peace and Nonviolent Resistance. I didn't realize what a comical spiritual paradox that is until I wrote it. Usually resistance is seen as a negative and yet in this case it is a profound positive. He was saying no to racism and yes to Peace and Progress at the same time. What a Presence it takes to hold that Reality!!!!!!

In this season of Renewal and Progress in my Life right now I'm still making connections in new and meaningful ways. I don't feel particularly up right now and yet I met someone today who's experiencing far heavier things than I am and I feel such Compassion for her it makes my load feel so much lighter. It's amazing how small the world is and how many circles we have in common without even knowing it. That is such a profound reminder to me to ignore the heaviness of seeming appearances and align with the Infinite Reality of who I AM and the ever-present opportunities always waiting to unfold and bless me. Believe me I AM breathing in the Truth of that Reality right now!!!!!!!!!!! In the synchronicity of the Humor always present in the Universe I just read a Japanese proverb that makes perfect sense to me and makes me laugh and yet again lightens my load in so many ways: “The obstacle is the path.” I understand Lightens as in less heavy and brightens as in Yes! Be in the moment and then release it… Renew!!!!!

It's just a day or two later and I feel so different I can't help but laugh and smile. I'm speaking up in a new environment and people I know and don't know are coming over to me and hugging me and thanking me for what I'm saying. I reached out too to another new environment and I can't wait to hear what that might be like. The moment I saw the picture of their retreat center in an ad I almost fell into the paper I felt so comfortable there. I definitely want to go there and meet them and see what it actually feels like there. I'm so excited and grateful that I keep speaking up.

I also read the week's profile for my genetic design and couldn't help but laugh there too at the synchronicity of what I'm experiencing and what my design says I'll be experiencing. It matched exactly what I'm doing even before I knew what would be said for this week. It's hilarious how Intuition is always so on point!!!

It is now February 11, 2015. Mercury is finishing its retrograde cycle and it feels like it and yet I'm smiling. We'll see what surprises the Universe unfolds. Mercury retrograde is always a pointed reminder to stop, relax, rethink, and allow time for a new perspective to be revealed from within us. From my new perspective now unfolding it's been a sweet few days full of many blessings. I continue to make new contacts and new awarenesses keep unfolding at deeper and deeper levels. A continuation comment from my March newsletter is the power of giving thanks in all circumstances, not reacting in anger to what we don't like, but to continue to build the parallel Universe of the world we want to see. An article I read reminded me that we have more people now than ever before working to build a compassionate, sustainable worldview. That is so encouraging!!!!!! One of my greatest, greatest hopes is that all people will continue to grow in their understanding of the power of Peace as it manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is no “dis-ease” where there is Peace. Our true medicine is Peace of heart, body, mind and soul. Laughter is a great medicine. Appreciating ourselves and each other is a great medicine. A huge awakening will have happened when there is no such thing as the pharmaceutical industry. We will have moved to the understanding of eating well, thinking well, feeling well, being well!!! Here's where my mantra of Peace comes into play. Build the parallel Universe that allows the expression of Wellness for all!!! No resistance! No hatred! No fear! Just Presence! Just Wellness!!!!!!! Just Peace!!! By eating real food, organically grown with no pesticides, not processed food with no nutritional value, we'll be so much healthier. By using herbal remedies we won't use synthetic chemicals with so many harmful side effects. It's all here and possible right now. All we need to do is use it and do it!!! By caring for ourselves and each other we build a brand new world of Peace, Harmony and Abundance for all!!!!!!! I'm doing everything I know to do to usher in a full blown expression of this burgeoning world!!!!!

It's just past mid-February as I continue this sharing with you. I'm listening to Cecilia's rendition of Ave Maria. Her words are completely different and so very uplifting as I listen to the familiar melody. I continue to celebrate Brigid, the Goddess who represents Light and Inspiration. It's cloudy and cold here today but I'm smiling and laughing and feeling so very grateful for so many blessings known and unknown as yet. It's so sweet to be a Presence of Peace and Faith and Confidence. It means so very much to me to maintain an uplifted feeling and knowing and being. This attitude keeps the Awe and blessings and Joy flowing and flowing. I'm so very grateful for my willingness and my tenacity and Vision!!!! I know that I'm a blessing and I'm mightily blessed in return. That's the Purpose for all of us to be living from each moment. It starts with knowing and appreciating who we are. That's what consciously turns the Light on for us and in us. It's always on but so many of us don't know it yet. That's why I keep saying and doing what I'm saying and doing. You are the Light of the world. Light it up!!!!!!! You'll be amazed at the Joy and Peace you bring to yourself and all others. I can't wait to see the Light of your Joy shining now and always. The world will be filled with such Peace and Grace and Understanding as we all live from our true Spirit of Joy!!! Ready??? Light it up!!!!! Light it up!!!! Breathe in the Peace and Grace and Joy of a new world!!!!!