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May 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part V Of XII

by Cathy Combs


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! My birthday month. I'm writing into the future again as I share these thoughts with you in mid-March 2015. It's a gorgeous sunny almost 70 degree day here in the Midwest. I've been sitting on my front porch reveling in the beautiful warmth of this bright sunshiny day. I'm currently taking a class and our focus this month is Mindfulness. That's a little bit comical for me because my focus is always Mindfulness. My revelation today is comical too. I constantly write and teach about holding the paradox. Here's what I'm holding right now. I realize like never before that I am an intensely private person and yet I am also very welcoming…. when I am comfortable!!!!! I am very very conscious of boundaries!!!! I do not like my boundaries violated. I do not violate the boundaries of others!!! It means everything to me to be Awake… to be Aware of my impact on others!!! It's so awkward when people come slamming and banging into my space and they seem to be utterly unaware of the inappropriateness of their actions. I know that's the green growing edge of my spiritual journey. I'm way, way out of my comfort zone there!!! I just walk away!!!!!

Another piece of holding the paradox is I am very very intense and I am very gentle! I am deeply devoted to personal empowerment and leadership development for myself and all others. I lead by example. I know people see that and they respond to it too. We either heal or hurt the world with everything we do and say or don't do and say!!! Nothing means more to me than being a healing agent in the world!!! I feel that is everyone's journey and I know many are asleep to that purpose!!!!!!!!!!

I'm continuing to read "Gene Keys" and "Understanding Human Design". A very dear friend of mine playfully said to me, "Oh yeah, Cathy, I see how both of those are easy reads." She was teasing me about the paradox of saying that Genetic Design is an easy read. We both got a great laugh out of that. This material is helping me greatly to relax into my pattern, to understand others, and to continue to trust the Universe in ever increasing ways. I truly love the journey. It's fun to see things I already know said in such a different way that I don't know. It's very empowering and enlightening. I'm also continuing to make contacts and things are exploding in the sweetest ways. People are approaching me and new friendships and opportunities are abounding. It's always such a testament to the Truth of do what we love to do and blessings abound. I never cease to be amazed at how and when and where the blessings unfold. Often it is so hilarious and amazing and awesome. I love that ride!!!!!!!!!!! It's so empowering and uplifting!!!!!

I'm back after a sweet little ride around town and I come back with some amazing Awarenesses yet again about Presence and Absence. It truly doesn't matter what happens in the so-called "outer". All that matters is how Present I AM in the moment! When I AM Present (and Presence) I respond from Love and Peace no matter what! I'm still learning how to maintain that embodied Presence. I'm learning the lessons that go along with what happens when I'm not able to respond from that Presence too!!! It's quite a ride!!!!! I'm still sitting with a new revelation I read in Gene Keys: fear and Wisdom are both genetically coded in our DNA. It was yet another confirmation that we have everything in us we need!!! We are wondrously made. I had to laugh when I thought of fear as something we need. I had read an African proverb recently that proved that point: "Fear is a good thing… when a lion is chasing you." Today I remind myself that as I tune into the Dalai Lama Consciousness I AM I would choose to sit down with the lion and get to know her and appreciate her!!! I had such a frightening dream last night I almost didn't get up today because it was still dark. I sat with my fear for a moment and told myself, "Walk right into the fear." I got up and later realized that my dream was a look into the near future at the vulnerability I'm walking into as huge opportunities unfold. The dream was simply saying, "Not everyone is going to be happy with what you're saying. Be Peace anyway. Say what you have to say. Many people are thrilled with what you're saying. Be brave. Be accessible." I will definitely go forward. As I've said a zillion times, to not go forward is to die while I'm still alive and I've promised myself over and over I will never do that!!!! I will not live a life of fear. That's no life at all! It's a death knell!

The revelations keep coming. As I continue to allow all the walls to come down I'm certainly feeling fear and anger and I realized I can consciously let it all pass through so it isn't stuck or trapped. It's free and transformed back into a positive useful Life Energy as it is meant to be! That's huge!!! Keep consciously breathing! Stay in the present moment! Go forward! All that is the pathway of Joy! That's the ride I'm here for each moment!!!!

It is now early April. I just found an article I first read in Pathfinder News in 2012 about Royal Rife. I want to pay tribute to him again because his accomplishments are so amazing and his story is so profound and so sad. In the 1920s he found a 100% cure rate for 15 different illnesses, including polio, cancer, spinal meningitis, herpes "and many other dangerous disease organisms." The response to his brilliance was the pharmaceutical companies burned down his lab, destroyed all his machines and research and constantly harassed him. All but one of his physician friends abandoned him to protect themselves. Royal Rife was way, way ahead of the crowd.

The last few days have been filled with so many new Understandings. I am clearing the way for new revelations to flow in like never before. The world of appearances is such a fascinating lie. The seemingly pristine is filled with landmines. The seemingly cluttered is filled with Vision and Understanding. It is such a lesson in living our own lives and leaving the judgment of others out of the picture. It is such an explosive and fascinating lesson in honoring boundaries. I continue to learn invaluable lessons in Flexibility, Visibility, Strength, Courage, Compassion, Timing, Process and Laughter!!!!

It's a semi-sunny, cloudy day and I had an Awareness like never before. My feeling of loneliness is a disconnect from my Empowered Self. I'm putting power outside of me, in the appearance of lack of any kind. That's not my true Nature!!! I give thanks as I go forward into an ever expanding Life of Empowerment beyond anything I've ever known!!!!! I'm uplifted, profoundly grateful and Awake as I move forward into a new astrological year of blessings and callings to expand even more into Presence & Joy. I'm so looking forward to this next year. I'm ready! Here I come! Thank you Spirit I AM for your Love & Peace!!!!!!! I AM here to serve the highest holiest Good for everyone everywhere!!!! I'm so very grateful to be here doing what I'm doing & saying what I'm saying. It is a mighty journey in ever expanding Love and Understanding. Peace!!!!!!