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July 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part VII Of XII

by Cathy Combs





June 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part VI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I'm entering into a new astrological year since I just celebrated my birthday on May 31st. It's almost mid May as I write this and my year is determined to go out with a bang. It is often said that the teacher gets to live the lessons they write and teach. Well I certainly am up close and personal and in this moment I'm laughing after being brought to tears by the kindness I received when what I was feeling was humiliation. As usual when I have the courage to ask for help when I need it I always receive more than I ask for and the giver even thanks me for trusting to ask them. This process confirms for me over and over the Beneficence of the Universe. My Life is larger than fear and asking for help from someone I love and trust confirms the Beneficence over and over again and I am able to go forward, knowing yet again all is well!!! I'm here for the long haul!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm entering an 8 year. Astrologically that means Strength. I've sure needed it lately. I'm tired of the struggle and at the same time exceedingly grateful for the many blessings. In that Spirit I would like to highlight another one of my heretic~heroes for her amazing efforts in getting the 19th amendment passed giving women the right to vote and her 70 years of effort trying to get the ERA passed! We'll carry that torch for her since she died without seeing that mission accomplished. I'm speaking of Alice Paul who was born in 1885 and died in 1977. Her motto was "deeds, not words." I wholeheartedly salute her amazing life and her many accomplishments. "Iron Jawed Angels" was a movie done in 2004 by Katja von Garnier that won a Golden Globe award celebrating the life and work of Alice Paul and the other young women who worked with her to advance the cause of women's rights and women's equality. I give thanks with all my heart to these women and their predecessors like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and to all who continue this work today. It's unconscionable that this work still needs to be done today in the 21st century. Pun very much intended it's jaw dropping that there's still so much fear and ignorance and hatred in the world today. I am shocked but not deterred!!!!!!!!!!!

Then the so-called miracles happen that are simply the expression of giving thanks and holding onto my Faith in Beneficence. Out of the blue I find out I'm eligible for a huge blessing that I had no idea was even in existence! I'm flabbergasted because I was at my wits end. I can't help but smilingly remember one of my Understandings of hearing my Spirit say to me, "I want you to go to the edge of the cliff and jump off and I'll catch you with feathers." What happened today is a huge example of how big Faith is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was most definitely at the edge of any cliff I knew about and not sure if I jumped off the edge would I fall or fly and yet I jumped and flew unexpectedly to the next level of blessings abounding. Amazing! I'm exceedingly grateful how the unexpected blossoms!!!

Here's what I know now like never before: If I'm seeing anything as the so-called outer I've split off from my Good. There is only the inner and the outpicturing of it in the physical so I can be very clear what I'm being and doing. Even though I've heard the words I heard today many times the realization of One hit me head on clearly!!!! I got It like never before. Now to peacefully keep It in all Its glory and perfection and newness!!!

In this same context I say again the ego is not something to get rid of!!! It is not our lesser self. It is Spirit in the physical!!! It is our well integrated sense of Self that we must have and honor in order to be happy healthy emotional and spiritual beings. It is so important to understand this and yet I hear so many spiritual teachers denigrate the ego. It is definitely my Purpose to keep speaking up and find a way to keep this issue respectfully on the table. Nothing means more to me than people loving and honoring themselves and when this word is incorrectly used it sends a wrong and destructive message!!! I have repeatedly said that people are already so beaten down and filled with self hatred the last thing on Earth they need to hear is get rid of your ego and to hear the message that they are not to care about themselves!!! We most definitely must think well of ourselves in order to be happy, healthy, peaceful and successful. I hope you hear me clearly!!! If people had strong egos we'd have such a happy peaceful world!!!!!!!!!

In this same Spirit I yet again learned an invaluable lesson about the power of asking and valuing myself enough to ask. When I am doing everything I know to do and I still come up short because I have so many unexpected expenses it is nothing to be ashamed of to ask for help. It is the Essence of Courage and Faith to ask for help and to know that friends honor me for asking because it is an expression of Faith in them that I ask for help!!! This process is a perfect example of Dr. Brene Brown's research work in vulnerability being our pathway to Joy and breaking the cycle of shame that grips a fear-based world and our enculturated feelings of unworthiness. I so love and value her and her work. If you've never listened to her youtube videos you're in for a treat when you go to youtube and then type in Brene Brown. She is a brilliant hilarious honest gracious courageous woman!!! I'm soooooooooooo grateful for her pioneering work!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm continuing my own work reading and studying "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd. This work parallels Dr. Brene Brown's work in the necessity of acknowledging our fears. We transform our lives and the lives of all others as we're willing to acknowledge our fears, appreciate them and see how they crumble as we bring them into the Light where their hidden Gifts are revealed. Any fear is meant to be a Gift telling us to come back to Wholeness. I've said again and again don't make fear an enemy. It's a disguised Gift asking us to take a closer look at what we're feeling, thinking and doing. Slow down, tune in and open wider to the Magnificence we are, God Consciousness in the physical. It is our destiny to realize and actualize this Truth as we revel in our Heaven on Earth existence as we love and appreciate who we really are!!! There is no greater blessing!!! There is no greater necessity!!! It's all here right now waiting for us with open arms!!!!!

In contrast to all the blessings I am aware of I can't help but acknowledge the billions who have no access to clean water, decent housing and sanitation. I've seen the smiling and agonized faces of these people. I've heard stories from people who've seen them in person and their amazing Joy and Resilience. That's a HUGE message for all of us. Be grateful for who we are and what we have and help others with all our hearts as much as we can. I'm doing everything I know to do!!!!!!!!!!! It brings me great Joy and Hope to do the work I'm doing in the world. I'm meeting so many great people and receiving so many blessings. I'm so very grateful for all I have and all I AM. When I face tough times I know better times are coming and I know I receive all the help and Love I need!!!