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August 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part VIII Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It’s the afternoon of May 31st, my birthday, and I had such a HUGE realization today I wanted to start a new page here. In church today I realized that Jesus and all the avatars of all the cultures are who they are because their DNA is different because they burned all the fear out of their DNA and they lived in their ethereal bodies while still here on the Earth plane. That is our heritage and our journey too!!! I’m so excited with this realization I just want to sit in it and with it!!!! I’m so awestruck I’m just smiling!!!!!!! They had physical bodies to begin with here and then they transcended those bodies while still here with us. Their Consciousness is still here with each one of us and as each one of us!!! All we have to do is have the Will and Wisdom to be who we are!!! I’m on that journey and so are we all. That’s our very Purpose in being here. Even as I say that I realize that just as it says in Gene Keys war will be burned out of our DNA too at some point as we continue our ever upward journey. I fully know it doesn’t seem like that is what is going on at all here and I full well realize right now there is far more than the appearance of things happening in this realm too. We are always on an ever upward spiral of spiritual emotional and physical development. That’s everyone’s journey!!!!!!!!

August is one of my favorite months. Playfully I wonder if it will be hot enough to burn my DNA into another level. What I’m really celebrating is Lammas, which is one of the agricultural harvest festivals in the Goddess tradition. I love this holy day. It is a day I celebrate the harvest of my spiritual realizations up to this point in the year. Every day is a day to celebrate. I honor that too!!! I honor Life. It is so very special to me!!!!!!!! In that Spirit I want to comment again on the many blessings I received today on my birthday. I was amazed at the extraspecialness of some of the messages from some people I didn’t really expect to respond at that level. Life is so full of surprises. That’s why it is so special to stay engaged…. To stay Hopeful and expectant of blessings!!!!!!!!

It’s now early June. Last night I witnessed the graduation and ordination of Unity’s next round of new ministers. It was a very sweet joyful celebration of intense work and study and a chance to see some of my friends I haven’t seen since last year who travel here from all over the country. It’s such a sweet reminder of how sweet and wonderful Life is!

In this same week I was also in class with one of my very dearest friends and mentors as she continued her fascinating presentation on Spiral Dynamics, the evolution of human consciousness. It’s so fascinating to realize that shame is a more primitive emotion than guilt. The early humans had no capacity for guilt because they had no self-reflective ability. They did not understand their impact on others. It’s rather fascinating and haunting who fits in that category today: babies and people with Alzheimer’s... people with no ability for reflective thinking. It’s haunting to consider that’s where we were 10,000 years ago and that there are eight levels of functioning above that now!!! It’s also so inspiring to realize that the higher we go on this spectrum the fewer people it takes to make a worldwide difference because our consciousness has evolved that much!!! We live in exciting times. There’s a lot to do and a lot to be!!! It’s exciting!!! An interesting lesson to playfully and yet highly consider as we bask in Mother Nature’s hot weather is the real spiritual meaning of surrender. Surrender really means opening up to our very highest Good. I hope you’ve heard that somewhere before already. It’s not at all likely that you ever heard that from any fear-based message. In that context surrender means “I win…You lose.” The message I want to celebrate is surrender means opening up to the Beneficent Universe that wants only to bless us with every Good blessing!!!! There’s no limit to what we can be or do when we view our world from this Sacred Place!!!!! When we remember who we really are, the Infinite in the physical, we are undoing the genetic message of the fear-based shadow level of the 48th gene key which deals with our intense fear of our inherent inadequacy. When we remember our true spiritual heritage we rise to the Gift level and we express our Divine Purpose to be all we truly are. We realize we are truly inherently worthy and inherently powerful. This is a powerful move up the ladder to be all we are in this beautiful world of so many possibilities. Fear is *not* our Identity!!!! It is imperative to remember that each level of consciousness has its helpful and not helpful aspects. Balance is the key. What serves the whole? Two thoughts particularly struck me in our last class tonight: hierarchy is necessary for order and yet it must be flexible. It must be used for the good of all!!! It is *not* supposed to be used to oppress anyone!!! Secondly, I now understand Higher Self means I am not the only one in the world. Higher Self means my awareness of the Integrity and holiness of the Whole. I am not a two year old mentality where only I exist at the expense of others. Another realization that made me laugh is that we are genetically programmed to make mistakes so we can continue to evolve. We learn by our mistakes. We learn what works and what doesn’t work. It put a whole new spin on not using shame to correct anyone because shame truly doesn’t work. Shame completely shuts down anyone’s positive sense of Self and is no help at all in bringing about any peaceful resolution to any situation. That is not what we’ve learned but Dr. Brene Brown’s awesome research shows the dramatic Truth of the harmfulness of using shame. It’s a horrible misuse of our Energy and it destroys any kind of peaceful connection with anyone. Compassion is a *much* better teacher!!!

It’s a beautiful uncharacteristically mild day this June 12th. I’ve been relaxing on my porch and also getting errands done and finding things I needed in the most unusual places as I was looking for other things. It’s a hilarious reminder of the ebb and flow of Life and the helpfulness and ease of process as we relax into the Flow of Goodness!!!! It’s hours later now and I got a letter from one of the upcoming presidential candidates. What I truly want is a heart-centered person of great Integrity who will truly uphold the values of government of the people, for the people, by the people!!!! That will be such a transformative move in a new direction. It’s way past time for equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity for everyone, health care for all with a person’s right to make their own decisions protected, care of our environment protecting our public lands, separation of church and state being truly honored and upheld, education for all. All this will be a great beginning for a brave new world. I look forward to our ever onward upward movement!!! In Byron Katie’s beautiful words: “If you realized how beautiful you are you’d fall at your own feet.” This is the level of Self Love and Appreciation I see throughout the Gene Keys teachings too. In the 16th Gene Key, for instance, we are moving from a fear-based indifference to the Gift level of Versatility to the Siddhic (God Consciousness) level of Mastery where our recognition of our God Self Identity is so natural to us we are in the Flow of our Magnificence!!! That is our Purpose here. That is my message always!!!!!!!!!