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October 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part X Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's now just past mid-July as I'm writing this message as we continue our move toward the Wiccan New Year. I'm continuing to read Gene Keys and I keep seeing revelation upon revelation. The latest one is the author's comment that any belief in a God outside of us is co-dependence!!! I almost died laughing. It shed new light on many of my longstanding Understandings about who we are. We are a magnificent Power but we never understand that in a fear-based world unless we're thinking for ourselves and stepping outside of the box and truly examining any preconceived notions we've picked up along the way. It's so freeing to fully embody the Power and Magnificence we truly are. That only happens when we think for ourselves!!! We are the Divine in Expression by whatever name we know It!!! As we truly know ourselves we know this Divine Expression as us!!!! We are the microcosm of the macrocosm!!! To so many this is still the great unknown Truth!!! It is nonetheless the Truth and as we live from It we radically transform ourselves and the world we live in each moment. I so look forward to this Truth being known in every moment!!! People can see and feel our Energy. They can tell when someone is living an inspired Life and they want to do that too as they open to the Possibilities within and around them. I love that Truth. It means so very much to me!!! It is the Truth that will transform our world from fear to Love!!! I'm ready!!!! In that context I'm speaking up in spiritual communities that mean the world to me. It's a risk and yet it's a risk I can and will take. I must take it!!! I must speak up when I know that what I know needs to be said to add to the Understanding of communities that mean so much to me!!! The example that came up again today was clarifying the meaning of the word ego that has taken on such a misinformed negative connotation in spiritual communities. I will say once again that in the field of psychology ego means a well-integrated sense of self and it is absolutely essential for our sense of well-being and wholeness. It simply means we know and honor who we are. We understand boundaries and we honor them. We love and respect ourselves and others. I'm so very grateful my comments were understood and honored. I shared this story in a class I'm teaching right now and they understood too. I'm so very grateful!!!!!!!!!!!

What is so exciting to see is our whole world community continuing to move away from co-dependence into independence and then to interdependence where we truly realize and cherish our identity as one world. That is such a quantum leap forward. It's happening now and those who are still asleep know intuitively that something is changing and yet because they don't understand it they resort to violence and yet that reaction pattern will fade away too because they will eventually wake up. Those of us who are already awake must maintain the model and the mirror of Peace and Understanding. It's quite a ride!!!

I just received a letter from Women For Women International, an organization I greatly respect. How about these stats for some eye-opening hair-raising numbers: Before being involved in the WFWI training program women in these hideously regressive countries made 42 cents/day. After training they made $1.80/day. Imagine that you can't go outside without being covered from head to toe even on brutally hot days simply because you're a female. You can't get an education. You can't wear sandals because your feet are showing. You can't even go to the store without a male escort simply because you're a female. Please help me support this organization doing such amazing work. It's such a shame that organizations like this even need to exist. We are in the 21st century!!! As I've said so many times before I'm horrified by the brutality toward women that is such a worldwide experience every day. I know it's changing and it's none too soon. That's why I've been so passionately devoted to personal empowerment and leadership development my whole Life!!! I applaud these women for their Courage and Resilience. I applaud everyone for bringing Peace and Compassion into this world in whatever way we all are contributing. Change begins with us. No other way. As we move toward this sweet contemplative season of a new day I give thanks for innumerable blessings happening in my Life. I give thanks for the Courage and Resilience it takes to keep on keeping on!!!! Bless you, Malala, and all the women doing so much good!!!!! I am so very grateful for your example and leadership. You mean the world to me!!!!!!!!!! Bless you!!!!!!!!

Another thing I'm so grateful for is the blessings that come from Faith. I am Faith-filled and I was so generously gifted today. I had no idea that was coming and it was done in such a hilariously funny and playful way. It just shows me again and again what comes from living an uplifted Faith-filled Life. I'm doing what I love to do and I'm pretty much undaunted by challenges knowing blessings aren't far behind. They're coming. Thank you Infinite Presence I AM!!! Namaste to all everywhere!!!!!! Peace!!!

I'll close this forward looking newsletter with profound thanks for blessings that keep coming. It's now early August. I went to a psychic yesterday who was so profoundly helpful and spot on with what I was asking. I know that deep meditative contemplative breathing will continue to ground me even more and open me even more for my next steps. I'm thrilled out of my wits. This whole weekend was one affirmation after another that I am so very blessed and seen and honored. I'm opening to new avenues that I never thought I'd venture into again. I'm surprised and excited. We'll see what the Universe has in mind. I received two more profoundly spontaneous gifts today. I know more blessings are coming too. No telling what will be here by the time October actually gets here. Gratitude is the great multiplier and I'm sure grateful. Peace I'm out!!

I'm back! One more thought or two. It's now September 3rd, a very special day to me, the 41st anniversary of the day I threw away my braces. I fully came into my Power that day!!! I knew I was fully empowered to make decisions for myself. There is no outer authority determining my Life. I do that!!! No one else!!!! The same is true for you. It doesn't mean live from belligerence. It means living from a Calm Confident Faith in my Inner Wisdom that always guides and directs me. So very much Joy comes from living from that Inner Knowing. I know people see that in me and they come to me for help. There is no greater blessing in all the Universe than to be trusted by others. I take that Spirit of thankfulness with me as I continue walking into the many changes to come!!!!!! Blessings to you, Universe, for Your magnificent Love and Joy and Peace! I'm so exceedingly thrilled to be alive. I'm open and receptive to the escalating Spirit of blessings I'm experiencing. I'm learning so much. Life is so huge and so loving. It is ours to accept!!!!!! I'm so very grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings await us now!!!!!!