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November 2015: Heretics & Heroes: Part XI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


As I sit here on an extraordinarily mild day past mid-August I am listening to a hauntingly beautiful melody by Enya that I'm certain is honoring the victims of the Holocaust. I've listened to this song countless times. The thought and feeling that has my attention today is the question: When we are faced with enormous brutality can we move off our self-centeredness and fear long enough to acknowledge the obvious pain of our tormentors that moves them to commit the brutality they are perpetrating? My question reminds me of the dawning of my question as a teenager wondering what moves them to commit these brutal acts. The obvious answer now is they have experienced enormous pain in their lives and they're still haunted by it. I care about this. Helping them move past and through their pain is the only way we bring Peace to the world. In order to help them we have to have moved past our own pain!!! We have to care about more than ourselves!!! We have to move past blame and shame and accept responsibility for our feelings and actions. It takes great courage and Self Love to do any of this. We have to be open to the vastness of the Universe that we all are and we have to be invested in living from this Infinite Holy Truth!!!!! If we've never felt this kind of Empowerment now is the time to find out how to experience It. It's a Healer and a Life saver!!!!!!

As we move toward November to the day we celebrate as Thanksgiving I give thanks that I celebrate every day as a day of Thanksgiving. I love the Magnanimity of that feeling. It's a world changer. That's what I'm here for every moment. Being in that Flow is such a feeling of Joy it makes every moment beautiful. Another sweet celebration of Beauty is this very day. The sky here is a gorgeous blue and the clouds are big and white and fluffy and so very beautiful. It was 59 this morning in mid August! I definitely had the feeling that Mother Nature was saying to us, “I wish you knuckleheads would help Me. It's not supposed to be 59 in mid August in the Midwest!” I've said to numerous friends I don't ever remember an August where we've had so much rain. They agreed!!! I was so cold last night I almost turned on the heat in my car! Another sweet transformative moment this day is finding out about a website,, that I know will have a profound influence on my Life and will add even more to how helpful reading The Gene Keys continues to be. Another sweet thought for the day is a quote I just found by one of my favorite philosophers, Friedrich Nietzche, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” I love the Power and Beauty of that Reality. Another quote is Byron Katie's, “If you realized how beautiful you are you'd fall at your own feet.” These thoughts mean so very much to me. They speak to the Power of the Vibration we are. I always want to stay centered and focused in the Flow of the Magic of that healing vibration. I love It!!!!!! I am reminded again and again of the Power of our feelings, thoughts and actions that change the world as we remember who we are: The I AM of our Life, our inherent sacred Identity!!! The Magic of our deliberate Intention to be an Expression of the Power of Life!!!! That is who we are!!!! It's so very important and transformative to embody this knowing!!!!!

It's now the last week in August as I continue writing into the future and the unexpected sweet blessings keep coming. I got three requests today letting me know how much my work is valued. It's been a really tough week or so and getting three blessings in one day was such a sweet blessing. One person had already taken my class and wants to take it again because she got so much out of it. Another person so enjoyed the retreat I led last year she wants to go again and another friend wants to buy my book. It means so very much to me that the work I love to do is so valued. It's also such a statement of the Power of keeping the Faith and doing what I'm doing even as I move through the tough times!!!

I want to close out this feeling stream with a comment about the Power of tithing our time, talent and treasure. I absolutely know that tithing works!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the Confidence and Faith it takes to tithe. It's a profound Joy to tithe. I know that my Generosity and Faith is the Energy that promotes the givingness of others toward me.

I also know they are Generous in their own right. That Energy recognizes Itself!!!!! It's fun to be in that Energy!!! I am so grateful I feel It and I don't mind that It pushes me to be even more Generous and Faith-filled!!! That's what I'm here for: to grow and expand into my Limitlessness here and now!!! Thank you Universe for your Love!!!!!!!!! I so appreciate being seemingly pushed to the limits I know only to remember my favorite encounter with Spirit's inner message to me, “I want you to go to the edge of the cliff and jump off and I will catch you with feathers.” I know my inner Spirit was telling me I am never alone. I am deeply and profoundly loved and to never ever give up or lose Faith. Keep stepping into the adventure of a deeper profounder Love that is always unfolding from within me. I treasure these Awarenesses because I feel I am out the other side of some really tough places lately and I know profound Gifts are happening and coming. I have said countless times I never take these Awarenesses for granted and I never will. They are the very fabric upon which my Life is based. Life is so special!!!!!

I hope you give yourself permission to be profoundly blessed too. You are deeply loved. You are valued and needed. Your Self Love will turn that Light on bright and clear now and always. This feeling stream reminds me of one of my favorite thoughts from Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey saying that challenges are an expression of Spirit's Faith in us. Challenges are not a punishment!!! Challenges are an expression of our inherent ever upward pull toward a greater and greater expression of our Greatness. Our Gift to the Universe is to live into and from our Greatness. There is such a Magnified Joy in living into and from our Greatness. That is my Purpose in being here. It is a great heart expanding experience to live from this profound Knowingness!!!! Bless you as we all go forward in great Peace, Love and Confidence to be all we are meant to be here and now and always. Take care!!! Peace I'm out and about again!!!!! I'll see you on the road as we celebrate our Greatness in Peace!!! I wish you the very best Life has to offer you!!!!!