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January 2016: Heretics & Heroes: Part I Of XII

by Cathy Combs


What a whopping realization to begin this Julian calendar year: Forgiveness is the ultimate vulnerability when viewed from a fear-based perspective. When I'm looking from fear I'm still pain identified with what happened, feeling I was already hurt once, I don't want to walk into that again. From that perspective walls are definitely up and I have no awareness of the pain they're coming from nor do I yet have any concern for the pain they're coming from. I can't help but remember the Dalai Lama's comment, "If we truly knew anyone we would have nothing but compassion for them." I understand that and I'm working to get there. It's a major move up the ladder of Consciousness to want to make that move!

Another equally huge new realization is my new understanding of the death process. There are so many ways to die in each moment. One of them is most certainly unforgiveness. Another one is to not realize that we aren't here to grow old, get sick and die. We are here to live lives of Joy and Abundance and when we've truly embodied that Reality then we choose to move back into the Nonphysical realm and do more Good there just like we did before we came here into the physical. These are the ideas I will be sitting with as I move further into this year of 2016 blessings.

Another realization is how far down the functioning level fear is. Fear is an instinct! There is no cognitive awareness happening. There's just a fear-based reactive survival instinct. It says nothing about thriving. I don't want to live at that level. That's not at all why I'm here. It's early December and I've taken a HUGE leap of Faith that feels very much in tune with how I want to live and yet I don't have a clue how that will unfold and yet I'm moving forward knowing I will continue to follow the Guidance I'm receiving.

It's now almost mid-December. It feels like years since I wrote the above paragraph. It's amusing to realize it was barely a week ago. It's a gorgeous sunny almost mid 60s day here. Not at all like a mid winter day. I'm still sitting with the decision I've made and the sweet blessings that continue to come. I read an interesting comment in Gene Keys that feels like such a sweet and powerful blessing and gift. It said that we can tell we're moving up the ladder of consciousness when our friendships have a devotional quality. What I understand that to mean is we are so deeply loved and honored and I certainly feel that from many people I know as friends and I'm very grateful. I never take my friendships for granted and I definitely feel and appreciate how deeply I am loved!!!!

It's now a few days before Christmas. It's cold and not very sunny and yet I've been gifted in so many ways. In this season of Gratitude I'm sitting with a fascinating new comment from Gene Keys that says we are wired for greed because it propels us to be successful and evolve but it becomes dangerous when we don't move up the ladder of Consciousness to Aspiration and caring about others so that they are successful too. Another comment I just read today is that new research is showing that our attitude toward aging when we are very young is a powerful indicator of who will develop Alzheimer's. These comments are so fascinating because they show how powerfully our body and mind are connected. I feel so connected lately and I'm so very grateful because I so passionately know that 2016 is going to be an awesome year and that it's completely up to me to stay in alignment with that Possibility. On that Joy-filled note I wish all of you blessings of Joy, Peace, Hope and Love in this amazing unfolding New Year. Namaste to you one and all!!! Let's bring Peace and Joy to the world!!!!!!!