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February 2016: Heretics & Heroes: Part II Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's just past the first week of January 2016 and Mercury and Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde: a definite signal to slow down, pay attention, listen and plan for the upcoming opportunities. I'm still sorting and recycling, planning for my big adventure as I prepare to move. I'm also celebrating some accomplishments and giving thanks. In just two years the hits on my website have increased by 20,000. I continue to meet some of the sweetest people and to reap the benefits in the most unexpected ways. That's how Generosity always works and it's so fascinating because it's so organic and so genuine.

I'm also contemplating an interesting quote from the Abraham teachings that is such a reminder to pay attention to what is mine to be and do and leave the rest alone, meaning don't get involved in opposing the negative. Get involved in working for the positive!!! I also found an affirmation that I wrote several months after my first book came out and the timing is a huge blessing. The affirmation is: "Fired by Faith and Understanding I go forward with a Magnified Zeal to do what I love to do." It's so HUGE to stay focused on what I love and not get caught up in what feels like lack and limitation. I'll just use the time to playfully and joyfully contemplate and give thanks for all that has been, all that is, and all that's coming. Every day is a new day and every moment is new. Change is that quick and that dramatic. Attitude is everything as so many of the spiritual teachings remind me. I want to keep my Attitude uplifted and Joy-filled. That's the key!!!

It's the next day and change is here. The sun is out again and it's beautiful. The sun in my attitude is here again too. Even though I woke up in significant pain that's gone too! It comes and goes and I ride the wave. I attended a conference I did not want to miss. It was a video on Unity's connection with the Pachamama Alliance, an organization of indigenous people working toward a worldwide awareness of our inherent oneness, an idea that is so embodied in the indigenous cultures worldwide and so foreign to so many of us in the Western world but the sweet thing is the awareness is growing. The video highlighted the fact there are now more than a million organizations worldwide promoting oneness, and if they scrolled down the list it would take two months to view all the names! It was thrilling to hear that detail.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is the fact that the United States is so involved in consumption of the Earth's natural resources we are using the equivalent of what four Earth's have. In contrast India and China who have three times the population we do are using the equivalent of one Earth. That difference in consumption shocked me!

It's now mid January and Mercury is still retrograde and yet I'm receiving so many blessings. It's such a fascinating testament to staying focused on the present and being grateful and open. I've received some amazing opportunities today. New ideas came with it too. I will follow through with the inspiration.

It's now January 18th. I attended a wonderful celebration/tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where it was made crystal clear yet again that Dr. King was assassinated when he made it crystal clear that the soul of our nation was being destroyed by the entrenched economic disparity that is so glaringly obvious even today. The speaker today, Dr. Wallace S. Hartsfield II, made it very clear that we reclaim our dignity and humanity when we see each other as people and not some kind of concept. It means so very much to me that we wake up to our oneness, that what affects one affects all now and always!!! It calls us profoundly to move beyond fear and embody Peace!!!

It's now January 19th and Mother Nature is doing Her winter storm dance. I'm home early giving thanks that I got home safely. I just saw a beautiful quote by Confucius that I've never seen before: "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others." That's the Abraham message from yesterday and a perfect tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., too. I send out blessings every day to everyone everywhere so we can build a Consciousness of Peace and Understanding for our dear precious world and everything and everyone in it. This means a lot to me as we celebrate the lengthening of the Light and Brigid's day, as she is the symbol of Inspiration in the Goddess tradition and we celebrate Valentine's Day in commemoration of people who are special in our lives. I hope people recognize that includes our friends, not just our partners. As we expand our Consciousness hopefully we recognize our Oneness, our inextricable connection!!!

It's now January 24th and I had a HUGE realization today. I had a very embodied Understanding that inspire means to breathe in, to relax, to have a fully relaxed body and mind. I've been anything but that the last few days and I had a HUGE Understanding about the Power of asking and receiving. I am fiercely independent. It is my greatest blessing and can be my greatest curse if I go overboard and let fear and shame run the show. I've moved through that and the blessings have been enormous. Once again I have allowed myself the opportunity to experience how very much I am loved! I have shared this learning numerous times and it is invaluable. By trusting in Beneficence and asking for help I allow people the opportunity to bless me which they are only too happy to do if I just have the Courage and Faith to let them know I need help. They are enormously blessed in the process too. In this month where we celebrate Inspiration and Love I am so very grateful I am aware of this blessing circuit once again. Thank you, Universe for your Love and blessings of every kind. I am so very grateful!!!!

In line with these blessings I can't help but be amazed and amused at the synchronicities of the lessons I am experiencing. In the very same day I'll go to two different services and they are talking about the very same thing. I experience that time and again and it shows in the most amusing way how inextricably connected we are. I love that Reality and I'm grateful for that Reality. I know that by celebrating that Reality that Truth becomes more and more embodied in everything and everyone. Our vibration of Peace is transforming the world each moment and I am very, very happy to be participating in that process. It is so very needed by so many!

In another fascinating way I experienced a lesson from Greg Braden's work back in the 80s about how we are such mirrors for each other. He was talking about the seven mirrors of relationship and how each mirror helps us be clear about what we're feeling and how invaluable this Clarity is in healing relationships. When we accurately identify what is happening Peace can happen. We remove the reactive trigger and Peace is there. I can't think of a better way to celebrate this month and every day. Namaste to you and all!!!!!