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May 2016: Heretics & Heroes: Part V Of XII

by Cathy Combs


Once again I am celebrating my birthday month. This is a big one as I move into a new decade!!! The weather is so beautiful. I love feeling the warmth of the Sunshine. I love seeing the powder blue sky. I love watching the huge white clouds move through the air. It is so invigorating to enjoy the unparalleled Beauty of Mother Nature. The trees and flowers are so beautiful too as they flourish in this mild weather. What I'm also celebrating is the Joy I feel doing the work I do. I love my writing, speaking, teaching adventures that I know add so much Joy and Empowerment to others. There is no greater Joy than adding to the Beauty and Wonder of this world. That's what we're all here to do. Those words (add to the beauty) remind me of a very beautiful song of exactly that title. It makes such a difference when we do it and such a difference when we don't!!! I continue to meet new people and forge new relationships and step into new opportunities. It's fun and it's challenging as I step onto the green growing edges of opening to more and more vulnerabilities, more opportunities to be seen and to speak up, and more opportunities to flourish in new ways. I hope everyone is doing this too. That's how we grow. That's how we build our Strength and Courage and Community. That's how we heal! It doesn't take much effort to see and feel how much healing we have yet to do!!! As soon as I said that I realized how much effort indeed it does take to see and feel!!!!

The fascinating and painful paradox is so many people have no clue that they need to heal anything, change anything, do anything, even be anything!!!! They're sleepwalking through Life because they are so disconnected from the Passion and Beauty of their own Soul. That's why my work is so very important to me!!! I have always been aware of my impact on others and others impact on me. The path to Wholeness and Well-being is to be awake, to refuse to stay hidden and to step right into the blinding fury of our pain. As challenging and frightening as that may seem it is the unfailing pathway to Peace, Strength and Wellness of every kind. That again is why we are here and we will be here until we get this message no matter how many times it takes. I cannot do others' work for them. No one can do that. I can simply model living a Life of Passion and Joy trusting that others will get it when they get it. Not sooner. The journey can't be rushed. It can only be lived and that's what we're all here to do. I celebrate the journey!!!!

I also want to acknowledge that May is the month we celebrate Beltane in the Goddess tradition. Beltane is the Celtic May Day festival. For me it represents a celebration of Love as Mother Nature is at Her highest moments of flourishing before we move toward the balance of equal night and equal day in June as we move toward the more reflective times of year as the outer growing season slows down. Right now Mother Nature is at Her peak and many of us are out and about, running, walking, singing, dancing, planting, reaping, and maybe some of us are simply sitting and enjoying the moment. It's a beautiful time of year to celebrate the diversity of so many things happening at once. It's a beautiful time to celebrate who we are. It's a perfect time to wake up to the Beauty of who we are if we haven't yet discovered all that is within us and all around us. This certainly isn't the first time I've said this and it won't be the last. The circle of Life is open and unbroken no matter what things may look like at times. Appearances are not all they seem to be. There is always a Gift in tragedy and a surprise in the blessings we receive. Countless times I have been amazed and surprised by the Generosity of others. I know that will always continue. I know that tragedies will continue to happen as well and we are always being called higher and higher to deal with them with great Compassion and Understanding. My thankfulness is always that that is not happening in my Life and my question is always what can I do to help others when they are suffering?

That question is perhaps the biggest expression of Flourishing and Balance. What is mine to do? What is not mine to do? It doesn't mean put on blinders. It means being passionately Awake and Aware of what is going on within me and all around me. This is the Aliveness of Life. This is the Calling of Life. I have to laugh as I say that because I just saw a definition that is new to me. Abracadabra is Hebrew for "I create what I speak." This fits so well with a word that is so meaningful in the Goddess tradition. Magic means "Changing Consciousness at will." It is a very powerful process. In the Hebrew tradition I can well imagine the Power the practitioners feel and honor when they use the word Abracadabra. We bring the Invisible into the visible by the Power of our words, thoughts and actions. We are not powerless. We are Power Itself!!!!!

Recognizing our Power is our greatest Gift to Life. Recognizing our Power irrevocably changes how we show up in the world. We will not stay hidden when we recognize and honor our Power. We will speak up. We will be seen. We will do what is ours to do. I am so very grateful for all this Knowing and for the Willingness to be and do all that is mine to be and do. I certainly welcome all others into this Knowingness as well. There is more than enough room for everyone. There is more than enough blessings for everyone. By our Aliveness and Awakeness we allow fear and greed to be a thing of the past. What a gigantic blessing to release all the "less than" messages that we have unconsciously accepted as reality. It is not reality!!! Reality is knowing we are the Divine Incarnate!!! We are holy! We are sacred! That's what I celebrate as I move forward this May!!! I also continue to celebrate the knowing that our worldwide Consciousness is waking up at an amazingly fast pace as more and more people step up and step into their Power caring for the world within them and all around them. Any time I feel daunted by the work to be done or I forget who I AM it is time to stop, breathe, refocus, remember who I AM, and why I AM here. It is a wonderful time to be alive and I am so very happy that I am here being who I AM and doing what I AM doing. Peace! Saddle up!! Enjoy the ride!!!