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June 2016: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I am writing forward into a new astrological year as I contemplate the end of the current one I am celebrating. It's always a little fascinating to be writing into what hasn't happened yet! I know HUGE changes are coming. I just don't know what they are yet so I'm peacefully sitting in the Void listening and waiting for the Clarity that is to come. I am enjoying the quiet time and leaving lots of space!!! I'm so very grateful for all the space I have and all the Abundance I have. Quiet time means so very much to me!!!!!

I had an interesting experience yesterday participating in a guided meditation at one of the spiritual communities I'm involved with in my community. I had a very heartfelt new Understanding of meanness that surprised me. I understood that the person is using a misguided sense of Self Love and Strength to protect themselves. I felt this at a deeper level than I've ever felt before and it gave me a new sense of Compassion and Understanding for myself and others. I feel it also means that more and more walls are coming down and more and more Presence is coming through so that I will respond with kindness rather than react from fear and hatred and meanness. I will be clear about what is happening and I will be helpful rather than continuing any hurt that is happening. This whole process corresponds so well with a quote I saw recently from the Dalai Lama that war cannot bring peace; Peace can only come from Understanding. That's a paraphrase of his quote but it carries his meaning. It also reminds me of a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh that if we knew all of what was happening in someone's Life we would have nothing but compassion for them. I'm certain that's true. I can't help but remember one of my most vivid questions as a young child. I was reading a story about a psychopath in Time magazine and I so clearly remember thinking what in the world happened in his life to make him do that. I truly believe that no one is born a psychopath but I know that the combination of horrible environmental incidents and unresolved pain can result in horrible actions. There's certainly no shortage of that going on in the world today. I also never cease to be amazed at the stories of incomparable tragedy that people have experienced and instead of continuing the violence they promote healing and transcendence. That's certainly what I want my contribution to be!!!

As I move into my new astrological year I am so profoundly grateful for all the blessings I have, all the advantages I have, all the Strength and Understanding I have. There's still lots of room to grow and I'm on that journey now. I remember one of Brene Brown's quotes from her new book, "Rising Strong": "We can't unsee what we see." It makes me laugh in two different ways. One is the gratefulness of seeing something in a new way, and one is the playful sarcasm when we realize we have more work to do to grow through a new understanding. I love her work. I so identify with so very much of what she is saying, sharing and learning. Our adventure to Wholeheartedness is never ending and it sure is an exciting ride in so very many ways. I'm so very grateful to be on that ride knowing what I know and doing what I'm doing. I'm planning numerous trips throughout 2016 and beyond doing my work. It's so much fun to go to new places and meet new people and make new connections promoting Self Love and Understanding. One of those adventures will unfold right here in my home community at the Unity People's Convention this month. I will have the opportunity yet again to see my friends from all over the world who I've met at previous conventions or who I knew here and now they've moved away but are returning for this convention. Yet again I'm so very grateful for all the blessings in my Life. It's so rewarding and uplifting to feel so blessed!

A particular blessing that I am sitting with right now is a quote I read that forms the basis for my new book that I am writing in my mind. It's not on paper but it's certainly unfolding in my heart. I had an aura reading done a week ago and the reader said that I'm working on a huge new creative project but it's not yet ready to come forth. She knew nothing about my book and yet from just reading my aura she could see the Energy of what is happening in my Life. That kind of work is so very fascinating to me. Our Energy is so powerful and it is so visible to others. It reminds me of another lesson I learned recently: if just two people are in a standard size room (8x10) our auras are touching. That's how huge our auras are. That's how much influence we have. That puts a whole new spin on being mindful of the Energy I'm putting out. I'm very, very Energy sensitive. No one even has to say a word and yet I feel them. I'm sure many others have that same experience whether they're aware of it or not. Yet again it reminds me of being Peace in the world. I chose that mantra earlier this year: "I am Peace. I am Peace in the world." Being Peace makes my Life so very much more happy and Joy-filled. I much prefer that attitude rather than feeling angry and disempowered when I let myself focus on the negative. That is not fun. That is not how I want to spend my time. I just had a playful little thought: I am beginning my New Year. I want to make it the happiest, most Joy-filled year ever! I'll let you know as I move along this year how well I am maintaining that Intention. It's an Inside Out Life always. I'm on the road!!!

That reminds me of another quote I love: "Gratitude is the great multiplier." As we create the inner Condition of Gratitude we bring more and more blessings into our Life because we create an atmosphere where the blessings feel welcome. That's the wording that came through me as I was writing down this thought. We already are everything we will ever need. If we will just be who we already are there will be no shortage of blessings because we are already present to them: We are already the Presence of them! What a sweet thought to maintain. I like the feeling that comes with that thought too.

I will close by saying I celebrate the coming Summer Solstice as we celebrate the Earth's time of equal night, equal day in our hemisphere. This celebration is a reminder of the Balance of all kinds that brings so much Joy and Clarity into our lives if we will just allow the room for these blessings to be made visible to us. I love this time of year. Mother Nature is so very beautiful in all Her flowering of so much diversity of Life. I love sitting outside in the Sun just admiring the Beauty and feeling the warmth of the day. I also love the Knowingness of the Beauty of the night sky and without that blackness we could not see the awesome Beauty of the Light of the stars. We are the Stars. We are the Sun. I celebrate the Beauty of all Life!!! Namaste to all of you as you continue on your journey. Peace, I'm out!!!! Enjoy your Life. It is a Gift!!!!!!!