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July 2016: Heretics & Heroes:

by Cathy Combs


It's mid June as I write this latest article for you. A few days ago I read an article saying that the cure for Alzheimer's was found 19 years ago and yet the pharmaceutical companies burned down that scientist's lab and destroyed all his work and after his work was made public his family found him dead. Very similar to what happened to Royal Rife clear back in the 1920s when he discovered 100% cures for 15 different illnesses, including cancer and polio. In the last few days I have seen at least three references to this new work and how it works. I'm so very glad this work is out and so public. I feel it won't be able to be buried or destroyed again. His work is presented on the internet right now by another scientist who has been gifted with all of Dr. Lowe's work by his son and I've saved it so I can review it again. He detailed how to make the dendrites in the brain reactivate so they can continue growing instead of shriveling up and dying and causing the memory loss. He detailed the process for doing this and how the people were able to recover all their memories while using this process. This process has been used on 84,000 people, including his mother who had severe Alzheimer's, using "simple, mind strengthening exercises, not medications or supplements." His mother improved so dramatically in just 29 days the neurologist who took her first brain scan said "this wouldn't even be considered a concern now the impairment is so minimal." In the original work by Dr. Lowe he believed that performing these exercises on a regular basis activates and strengthens the dendrites in the brain and the memory recall ability, not just for Alzheimer's and dementia but for all memory loss issues like amnesia and traumatic brain injuries. The results have been amazing. He detailed that "adding stimulating activities, tasks that are new to us, encourage dendrites to grow." Dr. Lowe also believed that there was a natural way to do all this and that many of the pharmaceuticals coming out did more harm than good. As usual, someone so far ahead of their time, all his medical colleagues and pharmaceutical CEOs turned on him and abandoned him. The Understanding that came to me reading about this work is that healing is natural. Disease is a natural process too. All we have to do is understand the process and the healing will come forth. I so totally believe in this Truth. Thank you Dr. Lowe for your Vision!!!

I am so very grateful for the ever upward, onward pull of our Consciousness as we move closer and closer into a world Consciousness of Love, Respect, and Cooperation. In the book that I continue to read and reread, "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd, it says that fear is fading out of our Consciousness because it is no longer needed as a survival mechanism. I am so very grateful for, and inspired by, this ever upward onward evolution of our Consciousness. It shows us so very clearly who we really are and who we are consciously becoming!!! Fear and greed are on the way out! They are very low level aspects of Consciousness and they do not serve a loving, respectful purpose for anyone ever!!! We have evolved and outgrown the need for that level of fear!!!

In early June I also attended Unity's annual People's Convention. I had a blast. I met and reconnected with so many friends and got the word out more and more about my book and my work and heard about what they are doing too. It's so much fun to care about each other. That is how we bring Peace into expression in our world. We laughed and joked and hugged and kissed each other and we listened carefully as challenges were shared too. I am always so honored when anyone tells me about their struggles. That, too, is how Compassion and Understanding are brought out into expression and how deeply felt connections are made. I am so very grateful for all the blessings shared and given. That kind of Energy builds such a Powerful wave of Energy in our precious world.

For those of you new to my work you might enjoy the you tube video a friend of mine created from an interview right after my first book came out. Go to you tube and type in either cathy combs or quantum prayer to view the video interview. I had a blast being interviewed by a woman I had not previously known and yet as the interview unfolded it was like we had known each other for years as we finished each other's sentences before the hour interview was even up. It was yet another example of our amazingly inherent interconnectedness! We were both laughing our heads off the whole time. My other interviews are also accessible on my website,, as well as all my writing and my classes and retreats I offer throughout the year. I will also be travelling wherever I am invited to do my speaking and teaching. I'm so very grateful for the work I'm doing. I love my work and I love the impact it has on me and others. It's such a fun and transformative community building process. That's what we're all here for… community building, to bring Joy and Peace and Understanding everywhere, every moment!!! On June 20th I had another community building opportunity at my home church. We have partnered with The Dialogue Institute of KC. We shared a Ramadan fast breaking dinner celebration and learned more about our Muslim sisters and brothers. It was a fabulous evening of sharing, laughing and getting to know each other. I plan to stay connected with them and learn more. I hope you are inspired to go forward in your own life and make connections and explore this beautiful world we all share. Peace and Joy to you!!!