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August 2016: Heretics & Heroes:

by Cathy Combs


I'm starting off with a correction from my July article. The number of people in the Alzheimer's video I mentioned is 43, 289, not 84,000 as I mistakenly said. Now I will continue with some of my favorite quotes and new thoughts about some amazingly inspirational people doing awesome work. One of my favorite people still inspiring me after all these years is Henry David Thoreau. I saw his quote again recently "An unexamined life isn't worth living." That is so very true and it ties in so well with my other favorite quote of his about advancing confidently in the direction of our dreams and we will achieve unimagined success. This quote speaks so well to the life of a young woman I just recently heard about, Azure Antoinette, who is being dubbed as the Maya Angelou of the millennial generation. If that isn't the compliment of a lifetime I don't know what is. I've been a lifelong fan of Maya Angelou ever since I read her first book as a 20 something many years ago! I'm so very grateful there are young people speaking up about the incomparable tragedy in Orlando and all the other places where unspeakable horrors are taking place. This Courage, Compassion and Vision is changing the world bringing forth much needed Harmony, Peace and Understanding. It couldn't be more needed than it is right now!!! It couldn't be more worthwhile to send Peace!!!!!

Another thought I greatly love is the idea that "It's not what we do, but the Energy we do it from." This quote is from Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey's Dream Builder messages I receive every day. It reminds me of the "Inside out" Life I am always writing, speaking and teaching about. When we're doing something just for "show" it doesn't mean anything. When we're heart connected with what we're doing the smallest kindness is transformative. I know this process isn't understood by most people. It is nonetheless transformative. I have experienced such kindnesses many times!!! Another quote I absolutely love is from the Kajama site: "Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something even better." (by Cathi Bew) The Truth of this statement is hysterically funny and invaluable because it keeps bitterness and depression at bay. It keeps us solidly grounded in Faith and Joy and Wisdom which are the bedrocks of an examined Life!!!

As we continue into what is often a blazing hot summer in the Midwest a term that is brand new to me brought forth a hugely important new Understanding of what happens when we try to bury and deny our pain. The term is a medical term called chandeliering, when the slightest bump, physical or emotional, sends someone into a reactive rage. This term gave me a new Understanding of the events in Orlando and domestic violence situations and in any situation where someone flies into a rage in reaction to a seemingly inconsequential moment as all their buried rage comes flying into the present with drastic consequences. As a society we live in such a monumentally misguided teaching that we are to be invulnerable, that that is how we protect ourselves from pain. That is a complete and total lie and the consequences are drastic. Dr. Brene Brown in her brilliant work on vulnerability and shame is bringing new Light into how massively important it is to acknowledge our pain, love ourselves, develop friendships based on Compassion and Trust, and move all the way through to our next level of Integrity and Realness so we can live lives of Passion and Joy; what she calls a Wholehearted Life. I love her work. I've read and reread her books and her YouTube videos. Her realness is inspirational and hilarious. It means so very much to me to see how inspirational Realness is!!!

I also am reminded of Darin Kagan's work on the good news network and her story of how seemingly crushing defeat turned into a hugely heart connected work doing what she loves to do, to share the good news of what is happening in the world. Her story is so significant because it points out the Truth that it is our attitude about what is happening that makes the difference, not just what is happening but how we respond to what is happening. It playfully reminds me of the saying from my childhood of making lemonade out of lemons. It also reminds me of the massive Power we have within us if we will just access It instead of listening to all the fear-based racist, sexist lies that say we are worthless or "less than". We are truly Spirit in expression and this Spirit is Invincible! Every seeming roadblock is simply a stepping stone to our next greatest Realization if we will just change our perception and keep our heart and mind united in the Truth that we are Greatness in expression. All that God is, we are!!! Spirit and matter are simply two different expressions of the same thing: Energy. How we use our Energy determines the fabric of our lives. As a humanity we are slowly waking up to this Truth and our world is radically changing for the Good!!! Keep our eyes on the prize as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so brilliantly and courageously said. Look around and see all the Good. It will change us all for the better as we do this. That's what encourages me now and always!!!! Another piece of this learning is to realize that we are inherently Good!!! That is not what the fear-based shame based culture would have us believe and yet it is the Truth and our lives are dramatically different when we know this Truth and accept It as real!!! The fear based shame based power over mentality crumbles in the face of us remembering who we really are: Spirit Incarnate and Beloved. That is our true Invincible Nature!!!!!

I'll finish this newsletter by sharing a most phenomenally amazing story I just read on the web about a 24 year old young woman who all of a sudden was experiencing a whole string of weird symptoms and doctors were ready to declare her insane except one of the doctors did one more test asking her to draw a clock and her drawing confirmed his suspicion that instead of being insane her brain was being destroyed by encephalitis! Without this doctor's brilliant diagnosis this young woman would've died. She is now perfectly healthy and doing well. I'm sharing this story because it is yet another example of the brilliance and creativity of thinking outside the box and really "seeing" what is going on. I'm sure this woman and her family can hardly say thank you often enough for this doctor's brilliance and caring. I add my thanks to all of the people everywhere living Expansive, Joy filled, Wholehearted, Creative lives living outside the box of limitation!!! When we make our vision of a situation too small, settling for the usual, or the ordinary, we miss the infinite number of other possibilities that are the real answer. As in this case that limited view could've led to this young woman's unnecessary death. I know there are countless other examples of someone's genius solving supposedly unsolvable problems. On a playful note I can't help but think of Edison's answer when someone was chiding him for his efforts in creating the light bulb. Edison said, "I just discovered 10,000 ways that didn't work." It reminds me of Dr. Grady Lowe who spent fifty years of research and discovered the cure for Alzheimer's and how this cure has resurfaced in the last few years thanks to another scientist's valiant effort. There are countless other examples and I salute them all for their caring and their courage. They are my heroes!!!!