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October 2016: Heretics & Heroes:
Part X Of XII

by Cathy Combs


Here we are cruising right into Samhain, Mother Nature's New Year, as we still enjoy the profound Beauty of Fall, my favorite season. The final harvest of the agricultural year is in and we are preparing for winter. It's a significant time of year to give thanks for the countless blessings received and lessons learned. Let me count the ways! LOL. It's also a time to move toward a contemplative time as we gradually become less active outside and more active inside, in both senses of inside, inside our hearts and minds and inside our homes. I love the awesome Beauty of this time of year. The colors are breathtaking!!!

It's also a special time as Mother Teresa, now Saint Teresa, is featured on the cover of one of my favorite magazines, Science Of Mind. I have always admired that woman for her astoundingly amazing work with the poor and discarded. I can't quite imagine the big heartedness to hold a dying person while I am washing them clean and picking maggots off them one by one. Talk about Love In Action… there It is!!!!! No question!!!!!

A special event going on in one of my church communities is featuring Charles Holt's new book, "Intuitive Rebel." I playfully say that title is redundant. To be a rebel is to be intuitive. You can't be one without the other. I look forward to reading his entire book and to hear him speak and sing again when he comes to town. He is an amazing artist. His life story is amazing as well.

As we move through this month we are approaching the most important time of our lives in the United States and the world. There is always such incredible chaos as a New Age is dawning. Fear is actually moving out of our DNA but you'd never know it if you only looked at the appearance of things. The killings and brutality seem endless and hopeless. I know it isn't and that's why and how I stay so inspired.

On that inspiring note I just read a story about how a woman healed herself of cancer, naturally relying on her own power of thought. No chemo. No radiation. She knew it was completely up to her, completely possible, and she did it. That is the kind of Power that is so very special to me. We all can do that, if we only would!!! The Power within us is so exponentially amazing, just waiting to be awakened and used. What I also love is that these stories are becoming more and more common as people continue to wake up to their inherent Power. The world is waking up faster than we realize and I'm so happy!!!!

Another sweet blessing this month is I am teaching a class again based on my book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists." I love teaching this class. It's so much fun and people are always so excited to be there. It means a great deal to me to do work that I love. It also means a great deal to me to know that my work is so empowering to me and to others. That's why we're all here: to be a blessing, knowing we are blessed in return!!! That's the way the Law works. That's the way Life works. It all is truly beautiful if we would just leave room for that to be so!!! That Law continues to be our great learning!!! It is the Law of Life and Reciprocity!!!!

One of my other favorite heretic heroes who continues to be such a blessing and inspiration to me is Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox. I haven't read all of his books but I've read many of them and I so love his Courage and his Understanding that we are all connected. His willingness to follow his own inherent Understanding no matter what the cost is the stuff of Courage and Brilliance!!!! The stuff of our true Love and Light!!! What so many people seem not yet to understand is that compromising your Integrity leaves you with nothing!!! He refused to do that and he has led a brilliantly courageous and inspiring Life. I am forever grateful for him and many others like him. Dr. Jean Houston is another one of my great mentors and inspirations. Her current work on our Quantum Blueprint teaches us all about the innate Wisdom within us just waiting to be accessed!!! She was recently on the cover of the September 2016 Science Of Mind magazine. These are just two of the brilliant hearts and minds out there doing amazing work. I'm so grateful!!!

It's important for me to say we don't need to be famous to be making a difference. Each tiny act of kindness uplifts and affects the Energy of the entire world!!! We are all that connected and that Powerful!!! Every effort we make to wake up to that Truth uplifts and inspires the whole world. People may not even know they are being impacted by such a benevolent Force but they are nonetheless being impacted and inspired to wake up to the Truth of who they are. As I said, fear is leaving our DNA and interestingly enough that is why there is so much fear and violence because people know a change is happening but they don't know what it is. They are still so fear based as their focus because they haven't awakened consciously yet to who they really are. It's coming but they don't know it yet!!! We're in for quite a ride!!!

As we move through all the changes of every kind it is vitally important that we keep our hearts and minds focused on the Love and Light that we truly are. We are indeed a worldwide group of intrepid travelers learning to care about ourselves and each other. Namaste to us all as we share the infinite Love and Light of who we are!!!! We are far more than enough to change our world, within and without!!! Blessed be to all!!!