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January 2017: Heretics & Heroes:
Part I Of XII

by Cathy Combs


I have had some HUGE revelations as I prepare for the beginning of this New Year! Things have been going fabulously well in many very unexpected ways. I am rereading a fabulous book for the third time. I have always understood the connection between Faith and Confidence. They are synonymous words. I now have a HUGELY expanded even more heart connected Understanding of who I AM and what I can do in the world by building a new hologram for my Life. I fully understand the Power of Imaging! I know with all my heart that I can bring into being whatever I am holding in my heart and mind. We all can do that! Our bodies and minds are fully capable and ready to bring into the physical whatever we are Imaging. It's simply a matter of our Faith and Confidence!!!

As we release the negative conceptualizations and images that are so ingrained we connect with the real Essence of who we are and who we have come here to be. I am releasing the original picture and holding a completely different picture. It's quite the journey. One of the questions that comes to mind for me, and for all of us consciously or unconsciously, is will people still like me, admire me, and understand me? That's the fear based thinking that keeps us locked into the status quo and prevents us from moving forward. I'm amusedly looking at all that and moving forward into the new imaging of me. It's the continuing expansion of knowing our Power is always inside of us, not outside of us. It is the continuing journey of knowing that we are in fact Power Itself!!! That is our journey in this lifetime. Power within and Power with, not power over!!!

Our vibrational Energy is the key to what we bring forth into the physical. A vibration of Peace brings Peace. A vibration of Joy brings Joy. Everything is already within us. I have said that a zillion times. I had a hilarious experience yesterday. I have been working with a situation that has been so frustrating I just let it go. Not from a feeling of I give up, it's hopeless, but from a feeling of I'll do it later. What I was waiting for came the very next day. I had to laugh. I had left room for a solution.

As I move into 2017 I am profoundly aware of the Power of Gratitude. There are so many blessings happening in my life. As I look around and see and feel all that is happening and none of that is happening in my life I cannot help but be profoundly grateful. One example is an accident that I just barely avoided when someone wasn't paying attention and pulled out right in front of me. What a sweet blessing two days short of Christmas.

A simple blessing that I absolutely love is the beautiful mild weather here in the Midwest. It is a 40ish blue sky and beautiful white clouds. I love this weather this time of year when other places are so brutally cold. It doesn't matter what the blessing is. The Gratitude is what matters. That Spirit keeps the flow of blessings going.

Another simple blessing that was so sweet and so unexpected was the simple courtesy of a young man holding the door open for me as I was getting into my sister's car. Simple courtesies of any and every kind add so much Light and Joy in the world. I love receiving the blessings and I love sharing the blessings. These kindnesses change the world. Any day is a perfect day for that but it feels especially sweet as we prepare to celebrate the Joys of Christmas and all the other holy days this time of year.

Another blessing I appreciate comes in the form of what I might call challenges. These opportunities remind me to breathe deeply, stay in tune with Power within me and keep moving forward as I am guided by the Wisdom I AM. These moments also remind me very deeply to think well of others, do not get angry and judgmental and trust in the Goodness that is present in every moment. What I especially love is a lesson I have experienced time and again: how my Calmness and Confidence has gotten me out of extremely dangerous situations and how my Calmness has defused other moments that could've been very explosive. What I especially love too is that anyone can do any of this. We all have the same Gifts within us. These Gifts are our very Nature. Our job is to acknowledge our Giftedness and to allow It to be expressed in us, as us and through us!!!

As I consider what I want to bring forward into 2017 I remember my Intention for last year was to be Peace and to be Peace in the world. I definitely want to carry that Intention forward into every moment every year. As we each embody Peace that Vibration is felt in the world and the world is transformed. I can't think of a more lovely Vibration to bring into the world. It is already here within each one of us. We simply need to acknowledge It and allow room for It to come into being in our day to day existence. This practice is what the book I am rereading for the third time is detailing. The book is "The Intelligent Heart" by David McArthur, a Unity minister I've met and greatly appreciate.

I have said before that as we embody Peace the existence of every "dis-ease" will disappear because we will be in congruence with our deepest Self. All our systems will be working together harmoniously instead of being in conflict with each other. It is by no means lost on me that this process is also a profound process in Self Love. That's where everything starts. As we love ourselves we by our very Nature go forward in Peace. I had an amusing realization yesterday that Peace and Joy are synonymous. They may seem like opposites but they are not. They are simply two different ways of expressing the same thing. You can't have Joy without Peace and you can't have Peace without Joy.

As you move forward into 2017 what dreams and blessings do you wish to experience and express and share? I hope you know that you are worthy. You are loved. Your sweet Energy is certainly needed in the world. We are all needed. That's why we are here. As you allow that Truth to come alive within you blessings will abound like never before because you have said "Yes" to Love and Grace and Peace and Joy, all the Infinite blessings that are a part of the Infinite Presence you are. Happy New Year! Namaste!!!!