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February 2017: Heretics & Heroes:
Part II Of XII

by Cathy Combs


As we enter this month where we celebrate and commemorate the meaning and expression of Love in our lives I am profoundly aware of what it feels like when we lose someone we love. Even though they are certainly with us in Spirit their physical absence is profoundly painful. That makes their Presence in our lives that much more special. I honor those who are feeling the loss of a loved one during this time and I send them blessings of Peace and Strength and Resilience. I love you sincerely!!!!!

I am also learning and relearning some profoundly painful lessons on knowing that people can't be anywhere other than where they are in the moment. It only leads to disappointment and frustration and anger when I expect them to be where they are not!!! My lesson again and again is to appreciate where I am and appreciate the profound blessings that come from knowing who I am and knowing what I know. This attitude of Appreciation profoundly changes the world we live in moment to moment. I have said again and again how radically different the world would be if we all lived from an embodied Self Love more consistently. Doing that is the absolute basis of Happiness, Health and Abundance of every kind. It is such a special place to live from!!! It brings such Joy and Peace and Understanding!!! I am passionately devoted to living from this attitude of Appreciation. I love the feeling of Joy and Laughter that comes with It!!!!

In March I will be teaching a class that embodies these lessons in so many ways. The book I will be using is titled "The Intelligent Heart" co-written by David McArthur and Bruce McArthur. It is a beautiful book detailing the scientific proof of the Power of Love and living from a deeply embodied heart-connected Love and Understanding. It is an easily understandable book and powerfully transformative. I have read and reread it many times and I enjoy it every time. It never gets old to revisit the Power of Love. One of the things that is most beautiful about the teachings is the physical and emotional healing that comes from living a life of Love. This is certainly not a new idea. It is the very basis of our humanity and spirituality embodied. The scientific fact that I have shared many times from their research is that five minutes of focused Love boosts our immune system for six hours!!! Five minutes of focused hatred depresses the immune system for six hours!!! If this isn't the trade off of a lifetime I don't know what is!!! It reminds me again and again: take a deep breath, relax, release, & start over. Be present in the current moment!!

These teachings also remind me of the transformative Power of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the life blood of a Happy and Healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Life. It also takes tremendous Courage to be forgiving. Forgiveness speaks to me so very clearly to the Power of Faith and living in uncertainty. It also reminds me of my favorite book from the 70s by Alan Watts, "The Wisdom Of Insecurity." He was speaking of the uncertainty of each moment and the Power of being Present to each new moment. There are no guarantees. Change is the only constant. That makes me laugh every time I think of it and it makes me mad when I'm feeling hurt. Life is very precious and there are many Joys and blessings that are equally uncertain. That is a HUGE reminder that encourages me every time I remember it and honor the Truth of that Reality!!! How many times have you been blessed by a phenomenally awesome unexpected blessing??? There aren't enough stars in the sky to count how many times that has happened for me. That is just one example of why Life is so very special and why I never take blessings for granted. That is also the Power of Love. Love is always present!!! If we would just stay open to all the opportunities we would experience them more and more. In order for that to happen, of course, we must love ourselves first. I know that many, many people did not grow up in an atmosphere of Love. It doesn't mean that Love isn't present or that Love can't happen. We must awaken to the Majesty of who we are and Love ourselves and go forward from there to create a brand new Life for ourselves. Many, many people are shining examples of how to do this. They have actualized the Power of Forgiveness and released themselves from the pain of the seeming absence of Love. They have proven that Love is Real, that Love is Present, that Love is deeply transformative!!!

As I celebrate this month and the Love that happens every day I also want to pay tribute to the unexpected blessings that happen every time I teach a class or do anything. I never know who I will see or what will happen and it is always such a special blessing to see someone walk through the door who I haven't seen in a while. I know so many people who are such a special Joy to me. Just seeing them makes me laugh. We can see each other and say nothing and just bust out laughing. That is the Presence of Love in expression!!! That is the Joy of Appreciation and Love. It is so special!!!!

As you go forward into this new month and new year what are your dreams? What is your purpose? Do you know that your true Identity is Love Incarnate? If you don't know that yet or feel that yet know that you can build that feeling and that Reality in your Life by changing your thoughts and feelings about yourself!!! Creativity is the very Nature of our Being. We are all God in Expression. That is a Truth based on knowing that Power is within us, not outside of us!!! Love, not fear, is the basis of our Awakened Life!!! Living from that Truth changes everything no matter how long we have believed anything else! Give yourself the blessing of knowing how very special you are. Give yourself the blessing of knowing that you are here because you are a Gift to the world!!! Give yourself the blessing of living a truly Awakened Life and see how much Joy and Beauty and Love there is within you and all around you. You truly are a magnet for Good as you allow room for the blessings to unfold in unlimited measure. I assure you that you will be astounded as to how much Good there is in the world if you will just focus on It and allow It to come into your Life. I am on that journey with you and I look forward to seeing your bright shining faces as we acknowledge each other and bring Joy and Peace and Understanding into our precious world. Love and Peace to you now and always!!!!!