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March 2017: Heretics & Heroes:

by Cathy Combs


Here we are marching forward into Spring as we celebrate the Beauty of the new Life abounding within us and all around us. I so enjoy seeing the flowers and trees and all of Mother Nature's Beauty blossoming yet again! It's cloudy today after days and days of gorgeous sun and amazingly hot weather which I so enjoy. I've been sitting outside for hours soaking up the Vitamin D and enjoying the Peace within me and all around me.

A few days ago I watched a friend's latest movie production that will be a PBS special in September highlighting the last four years of Gandhi's amazing life. The movie is titled "Gandhi's Gift". PBS so loved her production they asked her to do a prequel on his early life. She is working on that now. It's so amazing to witness all the beautiful work that so many people are doing. It is another example of the Hopefulness I always feel no matter what seeming negativity is going on. The negativity is always a call to action and that is happening too all over the world and it is so inspiring because it says so very clearly we will stand up and be accountable and hold everyone accountable for their actions. It also says we will remain heart centered and courageous and do and say what needs to be done and said. We are living in amazingly inspiring and Life giving times. I'm so very happy to be here now doing and saying what I am doing and saying. Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with some young college students who work at one of my favorite hangouts. I had a wonderful time sharing some of my teaching experiences with them and they were all ears listening to me. I told them I love talking with young people and encouraging them to be all they can be. We were all smiling and laughing as we talked with each other. It means so very much to me to hear their dreams and their stories about who they are and what they're doing and planning and dreaming.

As we live our lives it is so very important to remember that our Purpose here is to live from Joy and to know that when we are not feeling Joy it is a huge wake up call to remember that we are disconnected from our Source, our awakened Knowingness that we are Spirit in the physical, that we are everything we need to be to express Peace and Grace and Understanding each moment. Yesterday I was talking with some friends and we were talking about integrative medicine and how our understanding of our body~mind~Spirit connectedness has advanced the field of medicine, how we now understand that our feelings and thoughts create Wellness or "dis-ease", both very clear indicators of we are at our Center or come back to Center and Balance so we can enjoy and embody the Wholeness and Wellness that is our very Nature. That reminds me of two very playful knowings: "Laughter is the best medicine." One of my very dearest friends is a perfect example of that too. We often just look at each other and bust out laughing or we can playfully tease each other even about very serious things and bust out laughing because we trust and love each other so much. It is a very healing experience!!!!

Saying all this reminds me yet again of a mind-boggling research result from the field of HeartMath where they discovered that five minutes of focused love boosts our immune system for six hours and five minutes of focused hatred depresses our immune system for six hours. It also reminds me of the quote I heard that more food falls off the trees every day that could feed the whole world. We waste so much of our resources because we do not yet understand or honor how very connected we all are. It also reminds me yet again about the Power of every seemingly small act of kindness. No act of kindness is small. Every act of kindness is transformative because that Energy goes out everywhere to everyone simultaneously. That is the Nature of Energy. Everywhere Present always!!!

This month I am teaching a class at my home church about the Intelligent Heart and the teachings of HeartMath and Edgar Cayce. Our physical heart is our seat of Wisdom, our intuitive Nature that is our connection with the Spirit within us that is our God Essence Expressing in the physical. Saying that reminds me of the importance of spending time in the Silence and consciously breathing and connecting with the Love and Life that we are. We have far more than enough time when we are centered and present to the moment in the moment. I participate in a weekly 30 minute meditation experience and our constant joke is that's the fastest 30 minutes on the planet. We laugh our heads off as we realize how fast that time goes. It is so relaxing and heartwarming to share that experience with others. It is also so enlivening and rejuvenating, a connection with Joy, our Nature.

Another adventure in Joy is I will be traveling back to the South to visit my youngest sister some time this year. We always laugh our heads off when we are together or talking on the phone. In so many ways we are carbon copies of each other even though we were born 22 years apart. I often think of her playfully as my twin. She is just one example of how very blessed I feel knowing so very many heart connected strong resilient people. Resilience is an Expression of our heart connectedness. I have seen time and again the Power of Resilience. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. King are just a few of the amazing, amazing examples of Resilience living through such heart breaking and heart opening examples of unconscionable violence being expressed toward them and yet they persevered and transformed the world. They all expressed such transformative Love toward their attackers. To say the least it is inspiring and a call to action to keep on keeping on no matter what is in front of us because it is a very clear reminder that that is how change happens!!! No matter what keep on keeping on!!! Know that you matter!!! Know that what you do or don't do makes a difference. That is why we are here!!!

As we continue marching on into Spring and into each night and day of this wondrous new year let us all remember and embody the Joy, the Strength, the Resilience we are. These are just a few of the Spirit embodied qualities of our sacred and holy Nature. Let us remember to take time each day in the Silence to reconnect when we feel disconnected. Let us remember the sanctity of who we are and reach in Kindness and Compassion to those around us. In particular ;et us reach out to those who seem so different than we are so we can see how very much we have in common. Doing this will bring such Joy and Sweetness into our very precious lives and worlds. I look forward to new experiences and to seeing you on the road as we travel together into the dawning of each new moment!!!