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May 2017: Heretics & Heroes:
Part V Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's my birthday month yet again and Mother Nature's Beauty continues to be prolific. It's so sweet to experience the flowering blossoms all over the place and the new Life within and all around me. I gave a friend a small package of flower seeds that protect the bees and she was so happy and grateful. We shared a few moments of laughter as she thanked me for her little present. It was a seemingly small gesture but as I've said so many times no gesture of kindness is small because it brings such a Light to the giver and receiver. That's always the blessing of giving and receiving in a Spirit of Love and Peace.

As I'm writing this newsletter it's Easter Saturday. Last night at one of my church communities we celebrated a candle extinguishing ceremony reminding us that when the Light seems to go out in our outer Life there is always a Light within us that never goes out!!! It is our very Nature, our Spirit Identity. It means so very much to me to live from the Oneness of this Identity!!! We are Power Itself and when we live from this Truth we are always Peace and Love and Light in action. We never do or say anything that hurts us or anyone or anything else. When we do make a mistake and hurt someone we sincerely apologize.

It is now the day after Easter and hilarious things keep unfolding. I got some new astrological information that I am supposed to go to Oahu for my birthday and be in the special Energy of my Mercury line there. Mercury is the ancient God of Communication. To say the very least Communication is very important to me. My entire Life is based on Communication: Being true to who I AM and living from who I AM!!! I am always listening for how my Life journey is to unfold. It is quite the adventure to step into and bring into fruition!!! One step at a time is enough!!! All of this Truth reminds me that Communication is the basis of Communion and Community, the very Essence of Wholehearted living and Aliveness. Communication means we are in touch with the very Essence of who we are and we care about our impact on ourselves and each other!!!

It is now just three days after Easter and it seems like a hundred years have passed. I continue to be so very aware of the Power and necessity of Self-Love as the starting point of Joy and Aliveness. I am so very aware that most people are so desperately asleep to this Truth. They have let pain define who they are. They have let messages of unworthiness define who they are. I am so very grateful to be alive to the Truth that pain does not define who I AM. We are all inherently Worthy. We are Love Incarnate. I especially celebrate this Truth during my birthday month and beyond. That is how the rest of the world wakes up to the sacred Truth of who they are. We keep shining our Light and our Love and others see the Possibilities and then choose to live the Possibilities for themselves. There is no greater Gift to the whole world than to live the Truth of the Light and Love that we are. That is how Peace comes into the world!!!

As I continue to share this newsletter with you I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside and inside and enjoying the peaceful quietness of this day. I am appreciating the acts of kindness expressed toward me and it occurs to me that the acts of caring and sharing are how Life shows up in our world. That is how the cycle and circle of Life continues to flow in our world. When we are filled with Self-hatred (our disconnect from our God Self) we are closed down to the Goodness (the Godness) within us and all around us. We have refused the very Nature of our Beingness and we have closed out the Love and Light that we are. The anger we express is our Love and Light crying out to us for our recognition and acceptance. I am playfully newly aware of the Power of this statement. It is so very important to be aware of the Gift that our anger is and to quiet ourselves and listen so we can come back into alignment with our true Self. It is such a Gift to everyone everywhere not to react in anger, to take a moment to breathe, center and respond from Awareness and Self Love and Light. That is how we express our Wholeness, our Divinity, our God Self, our very Purpose in this Life!!!

As I say all this and sit with all this it occurs to me yet again the Gift of Presence. Each moment is brand new. In one sense we can say that each moment is filled with uncertainty. Instead of living from fear and dread as our seeming Essence (which it certainly is not) we recognize that we are the Power of Love and Light as we consciously live from each Now moment. It occurred to me earlier today that most people are so frantically busy as a distraction. People are running from themselves because they are afraid to see the Self-hatred that they think is the Essence of their lives. It is not until we slow down to the Gift in each moment that we can truly feel and express the Love and Light that we are. Our conscious rhythmic breathing is what connects us to the heart of Love within us that is our very Nature. Our physical heart is the largest pendulum system in our body. When our heart is at Peace every system in our body is at Peace. When our heart is not at Peace every system in our body is out of alignment too. This is the key teaching in a book I just finished teaching at one of my home spiritual communities. This book is titled “The Intelligent Heart”, co-authored by David and Bruce McArthur. I have mentioned this book before and I'm mentioning it again because it expresses the very Essence of living an Empowered Love-centered Life. When we live from Love we have a deeply heart connected Understanding of the sanctity of our Being. We are Love in action!!! We do not hurt ourselves and we do not hurt anyone else. Living from this Knowingness is the very Purpose of our Life. It is the very Purpose for us being in the physical!!! It makes such an obvious difference to ourselves and each other when we live from this Knowingness. There is no greater Joy or Peace than living from the Love that we are!!! I am so happy to be living this Truth and to be sharing It with you as I continue to grow in an unbounded Love and Truth and Joy and Understanding.

As I begin to bring this newsletter to a close I want to especially acknowledge that May is the month we honor our mothers by celebrating Mother's Day. May is also the anniversary month of my mother's death so it is a compelling blend of many emotions. I am celebrating my birthday and in the very same month I am commemorating all that my mother still means to me. I feel her Presence so often it's amazing. I know she is one of my angels watching over me at all times. I can't help but smile as I say that knowing that she is always alive and well in my heart!!!

So, now in closing, as we all go forward on this road of Life I wish us all great Joy and Love and Peace and Understanding. Every moment is a new starting point. We can always start again to build a new Life based on deep Self Respect and Love and Understanding. It is never too late to wake up and live from a newfound Love and Understanding. Everything we have ever experienced has brought us to this present moment. Everything is meant to be a Gift!!! When we see each moment and each happening from that perspective we have awakened to the Love and Power and Majesty of who we are. We recognize and honor the sanctity of our Beingness. We recognize our impact on ourselves and each other and we act from Kindness and Understanding. Go in Peace. You are Worthy!!!! Amen!! Alleluia!!!!!