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June 2017: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


Here we are in June almost halfway through our calendar year heading toward the Summer Solstice where we celebrate the balance of equal night equal day in our solar year. Mother Nature has been doing quite the rain dance as She continues to prepare all the green growing things in our environment. It is a sweet reminder of what we need to do to nourish ourselves as we continue to grow in our adventure in Life. We need the balance of the sun and the rain so we are neither too dry nor too wet to flourish in our fullness. Balance in so many ways is absolutely pivotal for our well-being on every level. I am so mindful of the motto of one of the spiritual communities that means so much to me: "Caring for the Earth and each other because our lives depend on it."

This motto carries through in everything I feel, think, say and do. I have always been mindful of my impact on others and their impact on me and all of Life. We are waking up to this Reality more and more even though it may not look like it nor feel like it. Life is an ever expanding growing Principle. As we tune into that more and more our Peace, Happiness and Well-being flourish. I have said over and over again how Life changing the seemingly simplest acts of kindness and courtesy can be. I remember the first time I heard the quote "You may be the only God someone knows." That's a powerful statement. It is a statement of profound Love and Compassion. That kind of feeling and action is transformative for the giver and receiver. It is the very breath of Life. It doesn't take much when the feeling or action is that profound to make a huge difference not only in that moment but to the whole Energy field of the world. That's a powerful statement too. It is the very basis of quantum physics and quantum reality. Energy goes everywhere at once. Whatever we are feeling, thinking, saying and doing, that Energy goes everywhere at once. That Principle reminds me of the necessity of Silence. Stop our frantic fear-based activity and allow time and space for Stillness and Peace to rejuvenate us. Realize the Magnificence of who we are and who we came here to be. It matters!!!

As I further contemplate this idea of balance I remember another one of my favorite sayings, "As within, so without." Whatever we are feeling and thinking manifests not only in our inner Life but in our outer Life. It manifests not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are a connected whole and we are impacted in every way in every moment. In the 70s Humanistic Psychology came into being and body mind medicine came into being reminding us of this Truth that we are a connected whole. Science is more and more reminding us that we are a connected whole as we learn more and more about how Energy functions. We are powerful beings. We are Power Itself. We are Power in action so it very, very much matters what we are feeling, thinking, saying and doing. This Reality is not something to fear. It is something to be mindful of and to celebrate. It is something to cherish and to build our lives around so we can go forward and be all we are meant to be. That is our Purpose in Life. That is why we are here. I have said that over and over again. I have reminded myself of that Truth over and over again. It helps me when I feel stuck or when I feel knocked sideways by something that has been said or done. I bring myself back to Balance and I start again. I go forward renewed in Faith and Confidence by who I AM and what I have come here to be.

I have said over and over again in my Life that it so matters that we realize how Power-full we are. We have a choice about how we live our lives in each moment. I also know that so many people are so disconnected from this Truth. They hate themselves so much and they live from such fear and rage they completely blot out the Magnificence of who they are in each moment. That is why it is so very important what example we set. People do see and feel the difference in the way people live their lives. It may seemingly take forever for them to realize and actualize the difference but it is happening. That's a fascinating little lesson in the blessing of Patience. I say that playfully knowing it is a huge and invaluable lesson in Patience and the Compassion that comes from Patience. It is also an invaluable blessing to our Well-being to develop Patience and Compassion. I know that both of these qualities add years of Happiness and Well-being to our lives.

I am also reminded of the Truth that "Gratitude is the great multiplier." When Gratitude is a central part of our lives the blessings keep multiplying and multiplying. That is another reason why it is so invaluable to be mindful of the Magnificence we are. When we live from that Truth we are in the flow of the Energy Principle of the Universe. We are at Peace. Our body and mind are functioning in Balance and at optimal levels. Our natural feel good hormones are flowing and we feel renewed, uplifted and strengthened. I certainly enjoy living from that Place. I wish everyone knew about that Place. It is a choice and it certainly takes Courage to go there especially if we have allowed ourselves to live a Life of disconnection. I don't say that lightly. It takes huge Courage to allow ourselves to awaken from the deadness of our disconnect if that is where we have gotten used to living our lives. We must make a new decision. We must be willing to connect with the enlivening Truth that we are Worthy. We are Sacred. We are Holy. That is the Truth I wish everyone knew. That Truth is what brings Harmony, Peace and Abundance for all. That is the Truth that I love and honor so very much. That is the Truth that I chose to awaken to so many years ago when I decided that I was Worthy and that I wanted to live a Life of Peace and Faith and Confidence. That choice has made all the difference in my Life. That choice let's us know that we are limitless, that we are the only ones who stand in our way. I have often said that I know where I'm going and I will go up, over, around and through whatever it takes to get there. Obstacles are simply opportunities to grow and have a renewed Vision of who we are and what we are here to accomplish.

On our journey it is imperative not to be angry or daunted by the seeming obstacles. I love Dr. King's statement about obstacles: Turn them over and use them as stepping stones. It takes great Faith and Vision to do that and that is what we are here for in each moment. I am playfully reminded of all the things that were impossible until someone did them. We learned that airplanes could fly. Dr. Fleming discovered penicillin when he noticed how mold was growing in a petri dish. Nobody could run a sub four minute mile until someone proved you could. The list is endless and keeps growing.

As we continue to move into the heat of the summer I am reminded of another one of my favorite sayings, "Laughter is the best medicine." Laughter is another one of those processes that keeps the natural feel good hormones flowing and helps to boost our immune system. I have often said how much it means to me to be able to talk with friends about serious things and yet we trust each other so much we can tease each other and be laughing our heads off. It is such a healing process to be able and willing to be so vulnerable and real and to laugh and listen as we share with each other and allow ourselves to be loved by others. The key, of course, is we must love ourselves first. When we love ourselves we are connected with the Power that we are and we realize we have an infinite reservoir from which to give!!! We live from a Place of Abundance, not lack, and not fear. We recognize and actualize our heritage as creations of the Infinite. We recognize our God Self in action. We are Love, Compassion, Peace, Grace, Wisdom and Abundance Personified. There is no greater Place to be!!! Peace to you now and always!!