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2017: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


Well, I'll start off on a playful note as I begin this article. I certainly give thanks for electricity. I can't quite imagine trying to write this by candlelight. There is so very much to give thanks for. I so very often give thanks for the immeasurable blessings in my Life. I so often think of the 4.3 billion people in the world living on $1.25 a day. That's the most bizarrely unethical, unthinkable circumstance possible. I happily give to as many places as I can where they are doing wonderful work. I never give to any place I don't know if it's trustworthy or not. There's so much that needs to be done.

I give thanks for experiences I have had recently meeting old and new friends at Unity's South Central Regional Conference and the AGNT (Association for Global New Thought) leaders urging us all to work together to magnify the impact of our efforts. I certainly give thanks for that idea. I am very involved in several progressive spiritual communities and I love the idea of us all working together, not just within the confines of our particular group. That's how we build a world that works for all. That is certainly needed more than ever before. There is so much fear and hatred and that is so unnecessary and certainly does no good at all. I give thanks for the millions and billions of people working so diligently and compassionately to bring forth Peace and Understanding. That is certainly the world I want to live in and help create for all of us!!!

I also want to give thanks for a HUGE new Awareness I had just a few days ago. If I am doing the best I can and it is only taking one step forward that is good enough!!! It is a HUGE expression of Compassion to see myself that way and to view my Life that way. Instead of negative self judgment give Compassion instead. That is a Life changing perspective to live from and I intend to keep it going now and always.

There are so many people and things to give thanks for it makes me smile. One person I want to particularly mention is Dr. Jane Goodall. Her work in helping us better understand chimpanzees was so profound she was awarded a Ph.D. by Cambridge University even though she never went to college. That is a HUGE accomplishment and I certainly honor her for her work and her diligence and her tenacity in dealing with the ridiculous sexism she faced as others wrote her off because she was "just a young woman." Some young woman, I'd say. We certainly need more people exactly like that who keep on keeping on no matter what ridiculous hostility they are facing.

Another thing I want to give thanks for is our advancing understanding of how intricately our body~mind~Spirit continuum is linked and how intricately our body, mind and Spirit work together to either help or hurt us depending on how we use them. The burgeoning field of psychoneuroimmunology shows so clearly how ease or disease is linked to our thoughts and feelings. Progressive spiritualities also speak profoundly to this connection. I have mentioned the work before of HeartMath which shows so very clearly how our thoughts and feelings impact us. I remember the first time I read their research indicating that five minutes of focused Love boosts our immune system for six hours, and five minutes of focused hatred depresses our immune system for six hours!!! I have said many times, "If that's not the tradeoff of a lifetime I don't know what is!!! I choose Love!!!!!

Another research finding I love is how social intelligence is related to success. The better we relate to others the more successful we are in every way. Social intelligence shows so clearly how intricately we are connected with each other. Friendly people attract connections and they inspire people to be helpful. That reminds me of the research that's been done on the Power of smiling. Smiling boosts our immune system and it promotes connections with others. That also reminds me of the Power of community. We need each other. We die in isolation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Being with others is one of the ways we experience how Powerful and Beautiful we are. I also know clearly that when people have been profoundly hurt they avoid others or attack others. I have read many profoundly Beautiful stories of how others have moved through their hurt and pain to help others in wonderfully transformative ways. We can all do that!!!!!

As I write this newsletter I am also still enjoying the Beauty of Mother Nature as I continue to see the changing colors and the leaves falling as we prepare for the next season unfolding. I could sit for hours and just revel in the Beauty I see. It is very nourishing to my body, mind and Spirit. That playfully reminds me of the Power of music. Beauty is like music to my entire being. Research also shows us how profoundly music impacts us. That Truth reminds me of the research done with people with dementia and Alzheimer's. These people can remember the words of songs from their childhood. Playing their favorite music is soothing to them when they seem to be frightened by not remembering where they are. They smile and relax when they hear their favorite music.

Saying that reminds me also of the Power of the seemingly simplest acts of Kindness. I am capitalizing Power and Kindness because I am indicating that these acts of Generosity are expressions of our God Self that we all are even though so many of us don't realize this very precious Nature that we are. Saying that reminds me of a very special sweet experience I had all last week at the conference I mentioned above. Jana Stanfield's music is so Powerful and Amazing and Hilarious. We can do so many amazing things as we remember and honor who we are and what we came here to be and do. I definitely give thanks for the Power of remembering who I AM and being who I AM. Living from that Presence is most certainly the fountain of youth and the key to Happiness, Wholeness and Peace and Abundance. Saying that reminds me of a sad and yet hilarious comment I heard earlier this year: "Some people are so poor all they have is money." That statement certainly expresses the profound Truth that money isn't everything. I have certainly experienced countless times when I seemingly haven't had a penny to my name and yet my Trust and Faith in who I AM and how the Universe responds to that Truth always provides the answer to what I need in the moment. That Truth works the same way for everyone everywhere every time. That's why I'm doing the work I'm doing in my writing, speaking and teaching. My Purpose is to "uplift, educate and inspire" everyone everywhere. I love what I'm doing and I love making the connections I'm making. It's such a Joy to be alive in this time and space, challenges and all. Challenges simply invite me up even higher to experience the next level of blessings always present!!! I give thanks for all that is!!!! Blessed Be and Namaste to all of you!!!!