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2017: Heretics & Heroes:

by Cathy Combs


What a ride I've been on lately. I'm writing this at 10:04pm the night before it is to be posted on my website. Playfully 10/4 means everything is ok so that's the way I'll look at this too. It works better that way. I've been very blessed in many ways lately and even when I don't feel like I have been it is imperative to see underneath that feeling and know that blessings are always present. That's the way I've always lived my Life and that is the way I will always live my Life. To do it any other way is a death knell to Happiness, Health, Peace and Joy. That is a given I've always understood and honored.

As we move further into this season where we celebrate Rebirth and Renewal in so many different traditions I can't help but wonder what new lessons I will be learning. There certainly is no shortage of lessons to be learned so I'll playfully strap on my seatbelt and prepare for the ride knowing I AM more than capable of reaping the blessings and learning the lessons anchored in Faith and Confidence and Peace: the hallmarks of my Life now and always.

I went to one of my favorite places today and saw two of my favorite young workers there and told them, "You two made my day." They brightly smiled and said, "You made ours too." I told them "I love you" and they said "We love you too." It was such a sweet blessing after a miserably disheartening meeting. It always amazes me what Power a seemingly small moment has to brighten my day. I never underestimate the seemingly small moments because there is no such thing as a small moment. Every moment has the fullness of the Universe in it and I know that with all my heart and I AM so very grateful for that inviolable Truth. It helps me rise up so I can go again!!!!

Today was a gorgeous sunny day much warmer than yesterday and a respite from the gloom of the cloudy days and still unseasonably warm for this time of year. I'm quite sure Mother Nature has a few surprises in store for us but for the next few days it's supposed to be sunny and fairly warm. I'm so very grateful for all the blessings of every kind I keep experiencing. It's so very different than all the hatred and violence I keep hearing about and witnessing all over the world. It's amazing!!!!

I experienced another sweet blessing today. On the spur of the moment I decided to try and find a place I needed to go for an appointment. I easily found it, walked right in and was immediately seen. The people were so very nice and accommodating. I had no idea I'd be able to be immediately seen but I was and in a matter of a very short time everything was completed and I was on my way to the next part of my day. It's such a sweet example of following the Wisdom and Intuition I hear and finding no obstacle.

Another sweet blessing of the day is hearing about the appreciation people feel for the kindnesses extended to them. It's yet another example of what acknowledging people can do to brighten their day. A simple act of kindness saying I see you and I care about you is often so touching the person's immediate response is tears of Joy. I've experienced that so many times and it's such a special experience. I never get tired of witnessing that or experiencing that!!! It's proof yet again of our Oneness and our need for each other!!!

Another piece of the puzzle this time of year that always knocks me sideways is the exponential explosion of suicides this time of year as people run headlong into the discrepancy between the Joy this season is about and the despondency they are feeling. For me this simply highlights the need for Kindness and Understanding. I don't know what anyone else's Life is like so it is imperative to be gentle and kind. I have a very special opportunity tomorrow to brighten someone's day and the Truth is always the realization of how reciprocal that blessing is. It's such a very special Joy!!!!

Another sweet blessing this month is we are moving toward the daylight getting longer moment by moment. It always makes me laugh and it feels like it's already happened even though it hasn't. It seems so close it's palpable. Tonight I also enjoyed seeing the black sky and the brightness of the Full Moon. I love watching the Full Moon and the Moon in general as it moves through all It's phases. I love seeing the black sky and the brightness of the stars too. I love being outside and witnessing Mother Nature's Beauty. I also love sitting in the car in the sun when it's too cold to be outside. I can still be outside and yet enjoy the comfort of my car in the warmth of the Sun. It's very refreshing.

As I begin to bring this article to a close I am reminded of what this season and this time of year means to me: The Power Of Balance. That is also part of the title of one of my books. We need the dark and the light. Without the dark we couldn't see the immeasurable Beauty of the stars. I love being out away from the artificial light so I can see the fabulous Beauty of the stars shining so brightly. I love being in quiet places where I can just sit and take in the Beauty within me and all around me. Being in balance is the key to Happiness and Health and Abundance of every kind. A grateful heart is also part of this Power Of Balance. It means we are intimately connected with the Power that we are. There is such Peace within us and all around us when we are connected with the Power that we are. That Power is transformative too. People all around us feel that Power we are emanating and they are positively affected by It. That is the very Purpose of our Life. We are here together. We are One. That is what this season particularly calls us to remember and to be!!! When we are heart centered our mind functions optimally and we hear the Wisdom we are and we are able and willing to act on the Wisdom we are so we can bring forth the blessings that are always within us waiting to be called into being. I have said so many times before how grateful I AM that I know this and as I have also said I never take these blessings and these Knowings for granted. They are the very fabric of Power and Peace and I celebrate these blessings as I move forward into the coming New Year. Peace and Joy to you as you celebrate your blessings now and always.