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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part I of XII

by Cathy Combs


Here we are in a Julian calendar New Year. A few days ago I had a hilarious and profound Awareness that is a perfect stepping stone into this New Year. If I define cloudiness as a negative and if I identify with cloudiness as the entirety of my Identity that wrongheaded identification has a huge impact on how I feel. As I said in my book that I'm working on if there were no cloudiness I'd be in a desert. I love the desert too so it's just a matter of perspective as always regarding what I'm seeing and feeling. As I've said a zillion times it makes such a difference what my attitude is. Even as I write that the Sun comes out. What a hilarious synchronicity as always. We are so innately connected with all that is if we would just realize and honor that Truth. I'm still on the green growing edges of that Awareness at times but right now I'm in the flow with It and it makes me laugh in Appreciation and Relief. It's so much easier to be in the flow of Life!!! That's the understatement of a lifetime if there ever was one. I'm grateful!!!!!

2018 is going to be an interesting ride in many ways. I'm going to be making a few trips and I'm going to be teaching in new places and undoubtedly learning new lessons along the way. As I make my initial steps in Faith and Gratitude that paves the way for an awesome ride no matter what happens because I'm Identified with the Wholeness of my Identity, the Sanctity of my Identity, not lack and fear and disconnection. I'm Identified as Strength and Truth and Vitality and all the infinite Gifts of Spirit I AM. That same Truth works for everyone everywhere every time if we will just stay centered and connected with the Magnitude of who we are. I learn the Truth of that lesson over and over as I move forward in my Life. It's quite a ride to say the least. It's painful at times. It's transformative. It's a blessing even when I don't realize it or feel it. Sometimes it takes a look in the rearview mirror to see what a blessing some event has been.

Sometime this month another Super Moon will be visible. I love witnessing that massively huge ball in the night sky. Last month or so I was driving home at night not knowing I would be seeing It then and I was astonished at how huge it was and how beautiful. I almost drove off the road for a moment it was so beautiful!!! I'm amazed we get to see one again so soon. This Beauty reminds me of the mistake we make when we view Life as duality. I love watching the dark sky. It is only in the dark that I can see the massive Beauty of the stars. Last night I was so wishing I could be lying down on the ground outside witnessing the stars but it was too cold so I didn't do it. I've done it before when it was warmer outside and it was so amazing to witness the vastness of the Universe at night. It's also a sweet reminder that the vastness is always there within me and all around me and in and around all of us. That's where Peace begins!!! When we realize the vastness of who we are there can only be Peace. We are on that journey of Knowingness now and always. All the turmoil leads us there too. That's such a fascinating paradox. The turmoil reminds us of what we are missing and it reminds us to regroup and wake up and pay attention. Saying that reminds me of one of my favorite people right now doing such fabulous work trying to get people to understand the value of working together. Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and his Moral Monday campaign is such a courageous statement of the work it is ours to do right now to wake up and work together across all political and denominational lines. We are integrally connected and as we realize that we will unleash blessings the like of which have never been seen before!!! They certainly are needed. The hatred and violence and disconnect is a massive call to heal ourselves and each other with all we think, say and do!!! I'm on that road!!!!!

An organization I've been supporting for years is also doing such wonderful work to bring forth an attitude of respectfulness rather than fear and violence. The Southern Poverty Law Center,, in Montgomery, Alabama, headed by Morris Dees, a lawyer who is passionately devoted to helping others who have been hurt by violence and fear and hatred. I have to put that on my 2018 bucket list to go visit and see up close and personal the amazing work being done there. In 2014 I got to go to Tennessee and saw some amazing places doing wonderful work. I've also been to Washington, DC and participated in some of the marches there. I've marched in KC too. It's amazing to feel the peaceful energy of being with so many people involved in Peacemaking!!!!

Saying all this reminds me what Courage it takes to work for Peace because we get to see front and center how much violence is within us that we haven't dealt with yet. That's always an amazing journey that takes us headlong long into looking at how much Forgiveness work we have yet to do and how much Self Love work we have yet to do. I'm on that journey too. It's very freeing and very frightening in ways too. I have to open to a new paradigm of what my Life is and will be. There are definitely people I don't like and don't trust. It doesn't mean I want them to suffer. They're already suffering enough or they wouldn't be doing the massively hateful things they're doing. I don't want to do anything to hurt anyone. That doesn't help anything. It just prolongs the violence and sense of separation. Saying that reminds me of another mistake of viewing from duality. There is a massive difference between separation and individuality. When I recognize my impact on myself and others I honor individuality. I recognize our interconnectedness. We are not separate. Different, yes!!! Not separate!!! That reminds me of an interesting and rather new realization in the world of science and spirituality that what we are is Energy and Energy goes everywhere all at once. That's the science of Quantum Physics. When we realize the Energy of our interconnectedness we realize when we hurt someone else we are hurting ourselves. That's the connected loop of realizing that when we are unconsciously hurting we hurt others as a reactive expression of our own Self Hatred. The road to Peace is waking up to the Magnificence of who we are and knowing that from that Consciousness we would never hurt anyone!!! That's the road we're all on whether we realize it or not. I'm doing everything I know to do to wake up and honor myself fully knowing that as I do that I help others to wake up fully and we all help ourselves and each other to live from Peace and to be Peace in the world!!! That continues to be my goal now and always. Peace to you in this beautiful New Year!!!!!!