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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part II of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a sunny cold day outside as I begin this article but the atmosphere inside is warm and hilarious because I'm at a friend's house because my computer is down. A perfect atmosphere to celebrate the month where we remember those we love. As I've said a zillion times any time any day any moment is time to celebrate Love. Love is the activating energizing principle of Life. Love makes everything so special. I never underestimate the Power of Love. With all that's going on in the world we may wonder about the Power of Love. We may even wonder where is it? It's always within us and all around us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. That is the condition we need to see and feel the Love. For such a tiny word if has HUGE implications. If changes everyone and everything. If I'm off center I certainly don't see or feel the Love. When I AM centered I can't help but see and feel the Love. It's so big and bountiful!!!!

A special expression of Love I feel lately is Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. He is the originator of the Moral Monday movement. His coalition building is making a HUGE impact on the Love and Connection we feel for each other. As I've also said a zillion times it is most definitely a Choice. That's why Choice issues are so Powerful. Choice awakens people to the Power within them to change their lives. The last thing people who rule by fear want anyone to know is that they have a Choice as to how their Life will unfold. We don't necessarily choose the events that will happen. We can always choose how we will respond to the events. That's what makes the difference in our lives. How will I choose to respond????

Another expression of Love that means so very much to me is Compassion. There certainly are loads of people I don't understand and don't like. I always wonder what in the world happened in their lives to motivate them to do and say the things they do and say!!! Then I give thanks for the Life I live knowing I would never do or say those things. I certainly have lessons to learn. I am very Peace filled and I am also very intense. As I have also said a zillion times Life means so very much to me. I AM very aware that I just barely got here. I do not take my Life for granted!!!

As 2018 continues to unfold I can't help but wonder what surprises, blessings and seeming challenges will unfold. A book I read 40+ years ago by Alan Watts, the Wisdom Of Insecurity, is a special blessing to me as a reminder to be Present in the moment. Don't stay locked in the past and don't be paralyzed by the unknowns in the future. All things truly do work together for Good because we do live in a benevolent Universe. It doesn't always look like it or feel like it but in retrospect it is seen and known if we allow room for the blessings to be known. Yet again it is a Powerful Choice!!! It definitely makes a difference!!!

A blessing I am looking forward to in 2018 is I plan on making several trips to visit people I dearly love. A sweet blessing I didn't know of until yesterday is I have more money in my savings account than I was aware of until I checked my account. Those are just two simple examples of blessings unfolding. Yet again these blessings remind me of the Power of Gratitude. Many, many times a day I give thanks for blessings and just the present Beauty of the moment as it is unfolding. As I've also said a zillion times the Energy of Gratitude is so very Powerful!!! It is literally a healing Energy for our body, mind and Spirit. I wish all people knew that!!!!!

I am always amazed at the science that continues to show us how very Powerful Energy is!!! Saying that reminds me of a comment I read years ago about how weak cancer cells are because they are so disorganized and that it is our fear of cancer and our fear of death that makes that situation what it is. I read a story some years ago about a young woman who handled her cancer diagnosis by spending time each day laughing and laughing with her partner and in 30 days her cancer was completely healed. Laughing raises our endorphin level, the feel good hormones that help us heal. As the saying goes "Laughter is the best medicine." As I have also said before laughter certainly makes our Life easier. I certainly recognize when laughter is or isn't present in my day. To say the least my mood is entirely different.

Saying that reminds me of experiences I've had with dear friends and we just look at each other and bust out laughing and we haven't even said anything. There's such a bond of Connection and Trust we can read each other that well. That kind of Connection and Trust is such a wonderful Expression of Love and Understanding.

The work I've done all my Life has always been about uplifting and empowering myself and others. I know that has always been my Purpose. I really feel it is everyone's Purpose but we have to be connected with our Self Love in order to know our Purpose.

As we all move forward in 2018 I know that so much Good is being done in the world and it is so very special. Every act can be an act of Kindness. We change the world dramatically when we remember this beloved Truth. Saying that reminds me yet again of the Powerful work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, two of my very favorite people!!!

As you move forward in 2018 what are your dreams? What is your Vision of what you want your Life to be? Whatever Vision you steadfastly hold in your heart and mind can most certainly come true!!! I know that with all my heart. I have experienced it time and time again. So can you. Dare to believe in your Worthiness and your God Presence that you are. We are not separate from God. We are Expressions of this Infinite Presence. Matter and Spirit are simply two different Expressions of the same thing... Energy!!!! We are holy. We are Powerful!!!! That is the Truth I always want to continue bringing into conscious Awareness in this world, in this Lifetime. Blessings of Love, Peace, Wisdom and Abundance as we all move forward in 2018.