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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IV of XII

by Cathy Combs


I always enjoy the idea and reality of "April showers bring May flowers." It's so beautiful to see all the colors of Mother Nature's vast world blooming all around me wherever I go. It's also such a Powerful statement of Faith actualizing the Truth that whatever we nourish grows and flowers. I have said a zillion times it matters so very much whether we nourish fear or Faith. Those flowers are categorically different in their feeling and their impact. It is always our Choice which one we nourish. I am reminded of Buddha's statement to one of his students long ago when the student kept asking him "Who are you?" Buddha's answer was, "I AM Awake." Buddha was saying I AM Awake to who I AM. It makes all the difference in the world to be Awake to the Power and Magnificence of who we are! We are Spirit in the physical. It takes great Courage to live from this Truth when it seems like all around you is saying that you are less than the Magnificence you are! The question always is who will you listen to? Your inner Voice never lies. Do we have the ears to hear our true inner Voice? We do have those ears when we honor and love the Truth of our Beingness!!! That is our very Purpose!!!

In a fear based world a huge mistake we make is to believe that we are a mistake instead of understanding that we made a mistake. Here again there is a HUGE difference in those two mindsets. When we believe that our entire Identity is a mistake the self hatred we embody is paralyzing. That is not who we are!!! We are Faith not fear!!!! We are Wholeness not separateness!!!! When we listen from within we will hear the Whole message!!! When we listen to all the noise outside of us we miss the Whole message!!! We know the Truth of a message when we feel Peace about what we are hearing. When we feel anxiety or pressure that is our key that we are listening to outside messages of separation instead of the Truth of our Oneness as Divinity in Expression!!!!

It is imperative to understand that those who rule by fear NEVER want you to know the Truth of who you are. Once you know the Truth of who you are their power over you is done!!! They NEVER want you to know that!!!!! My message and knowing has always been the Power is always within us. Power is our very Identity. It has nothing to do with power over anything or anyone!!! It has to do with honoring the Power we are: the Divine Incarnate. When we embody this Truth we are Peace, Grace, Love, Joy, Understanding: all the Limitless Expressions of our true Nature. That is what Spring symbolizes for me. Spring happens every day when we Awaken to the Magnificence that is always shining within us waiting to be recognized, honored and shared!!! There isn't anything more Beautiful than that: to recognize and share the Beauty of who we are!!!!

Science is just now on the green growing edge of Understanding all this: Understanding the Power of Energy. Energy is present everywhere instantaneously. The moment we express anything that Energy goes everywhere and is felt everywhere. That's why it is so important to be Awake to who we are and to what we are saying, thinking, doing and feeling. We've experienced this Truth countless times. Just walking by someone we pick up on their Energy. We know consciously or unconsciously this feels good or we know stay away!!! We must be Awake to optimally use this information!!!

Another Expression of this Energy is Integrity. Faith is honoring the Integrity of our Beingness, knowing who we truly are!!! We tell the Truth. We acknowledge our mistakes. We apologize for our mistakes and we rectify them. We do not try to remain hidden and lie our way out of our mistakes. That NEVER works. That destroys our Integrity and it destroys people's Confidence in us and it destroys our ability to connect with our true Self and with each other. The very basis of leadership is to be the Truth. Honor who we are, listen to our True Self and listen compassionately to others. No matter what field we are in Integrity is the Cornerstone of Wholeness and Success in every detail. The interesting Truth here is we are all leaders!!!! It matters how we all live our lives. Our Energy is felt everywhere instantaneously. Peace comes for everyone everywhere the more we realize and actualize this Truth. Peace comes when we live from the Truth of our Beingness!!! This is our Purpose. This is why we are here on the physical plane. We are Spirit in Expression. We are the Change we wish to see in the world!!! As we Awaken to this Truth we will create Peace on Earth, Heaven on Earth as It is meant to be every moment. The fascinating flip side of this process is that fear and chaos are our little friends telling us look again please. You are off center!!! You are not stagnant. You are Change in motion. It is time to relax, breathe, refocus, come back to the Present moment. Be the Presence we are!!! Saying that reminds me of a question I posed in my first book: "Are we the Presence or absence of God?" Presence works much better!!!! We see that time and again as we view our world in each moment!!!!

Another Cornerstone of our Aliveness, our Integrity, our Faith, is Forgiveness. What will I give for each moment in my Life? Will I give Peace or will I give anger? Peace is the activity of Presence. Anger is the activity of absence. I'm still working on that one!!! I know I'm a role model for many people and many people are role models for me. We are all role models for each other. It matters so very much how we show up in the world. I have been brought to tears so many times by the kindnesses of others and by the meanness of others. We are all on the green growing edges of so very much Greatness. I love my Life. I love being here on Earth. There is so much to Enjoy!!! There is so much work yet to do. As we stay Present to the Magnificence of who we are each moment we will always have the Faith, Integrity, Strength, Patience and Courage to be our True Magnificent Self. I'm so very happy and honored to be on the road of Life with you. I wish you the very best of Peace, Grace and Understanding now and always!!!