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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part V of XII

by Cathy Combs


May has always been a very special month for me. It's my birthday month. It's the month my first book came out. It's the month mom died. With those events it pretty much covers the widest range of possibilities from profound Joy to profound sadness. Such is Life on this Earth plane we call home for whatever time we have here on this physical playing field. That wording playfully reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Rumi, "Beyond the dark and the light there is a field. I will meet you there." That's a paraphrase of his wording I think but it captures how I feel about Life in this precious existence. I am learning so much about how to stay centered in the present moment. The April showers are bringing May flowers but oh my goodness what a ride. Again the huge range of possibilities from profound Joy to profound sadness and when I am temporarily locked in profound sadness how in the world do I get back to Joy? My answer to that is the profound Power of simply breathing. Take a moment or two to breathe and let my body and mind settle back into the present moment as Presence. We are Divine in Essence and this Power is always as close as taking the next conscious breath. As much as I love this Truth it does not escape me how many billions of people are profoundly unaware of and disconnected from this Truth. Their answer is always violence toward whatever and whoever is upsetting them and they remain profoundly unaware that the Power to change all that is right within them. My part in all that is to still remain centered and remembering that by staying centered I change the possibilities for them and for me even if they don't realize what is happening.

Energy is such a fascinating field and such a fascinating experience. Mother Nature is warming up here finally. It is a gorgeous day in the 70s and yet we are still expecting to plummet back down into the 30s at night in a day or two. We are also expecting rain which we certainly need so the plants and our food can grow. That playfully reminds me that change is a constant. It's also a Powerful reminder to stay present as the Presence. It's a huge act of Faith to stay calm when things change in a way we did not expect. Yet again that's where the Power of our conscious breathing helps us to re-center!

In 2018 so far I have experienced many blessings and many challenges. I do not always enjoy the challenges and yet as always profound blessings come out of the challenges. Time and again it is my opportunity to breathe deeply, enlarge my perspective and look for the blessings that may seem very well hidden at times in the challenges. The blessings are there always. I just need to provide the opportunity and the Willingness to see them. Saying that reminds me of one of my very dearest friends and mentors, Rev. Sallye Taylor. Her motto was "If it is to be it's up to me." That statement is a hugely Powerful reminder of the Power we are. We are God in Expression and when we remember that we are amazing blessings to ourselves and to everyone near and far. We don't even have to know them to be a blessing to them. That's the way Energy works. Energy goes everywhere instantaneously. That's what the quantum physicists are just beginning to learn and understand. The Power of transformation in that Truth is exponentially amazing! That Truth is the Essence of the Power of prayer. Whatever thoughts and feelings we are holding in our hearts and minds that Energy goes everywhere all at once. Everyone everywhere feels it and responds to it even when they have no clue what is happening. That's why it is so very important to live from the Buddha's answer to his disciples when they asked him "Who are you? The Buddha's answer was "I am awake." When we are awake to our Essence, our Magnificence, we are amazing transformative blessings in the world. That is our very Purpose for being here. I have said that a zillion times in my writing and teaching and my work and remembering that is always a constant blessing to me that I deeply appreciate. It certainly changes the fabric of the feeling of my day. When I feel connected with who I AM I feel and radiate such Joy. When I feel disconnected from the Power of who I AM that's when the sadness, frustration and anger take over. As I have said to my friends over the years yes I feel those emotions very intensely at times. I don't pitch a tent and stay there. That mindset is the Essence of living an Empowered Joy-filled Life. That is always my Intention. That will always be my Intention!!!! My work is always to live from that Intention in such a way that I AM an inspiration to myself and to all others. That is how we are change agents in the world which reminds me of another one of my favorite people and a paraphrase of his mantra, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

All of these sayings and people remind me again and again that we are to live our lives from the inside out!!! Don't be looking for change in the outer first. Change from within and the outer automatically changes because we see differently. We are expressing as our Essence. Living from our Essence also reminds me that living from that Consciousness is our connection to Joy and Faith and all the limitless expressions of our very Nature. I never get tired of saying that or feeling that or remembering that. Being connected with who I AM is such a jump start to every moment. Yes, it is an effort. It is a constant Intention. It is never boring!!! I have said many times that Faith is my favorite spiritual quality. For me it is ground of my Being. It is the pathway to and from Joy. It leads me to Joy and it brings Joy forth in each moment. I can't think of a way I'd rather be living and expressing.

I hope that as you go forward into the rest of 2018 that you feel connected with the Magnificence you are and that you know and feel that your very Purpose is to be Joy, to be Faith and to love and appreciate who you are. When we are connected with that viewpoint the blessings are immeasurable and the challenges reveal their blessings. I am grateful to be sharing this ride with you and I wish you blessings now and always. Peace to you!!!!