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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VI of XII

by Cathy Combs


Mother Nature is heating up. Change is in the air in so many ways. That is the understatement of a lifetime!!! Change is also the only constant and in order to be happy and healthy we absolutely must be comfortable with change and learn how to welcome it into our lives. It's already there and if we aren't happy with that Truth we are asking for serious trouble. I, for one, do not want to be asking for serious trouble. I want my focus to be on the Faith and Confidence that is my true Identity as Spirit in action. That is the true Identity of all of us but so many of us are still asleep to that Truth and many even insist on staying asleep to that Truth and the misery in their lives is a clear example of their decision. That is so sad to me and yet it is their decision and I just need to stay clear of their decision.

A very sweet blessing in my life is I just returned from a five day trip to my beloved California where I celebrated my birthday with my sister, Vicky, and some of my friends and her friends and where I got to see my beloved Pacific Ocean yet again. I will be travelling to other places too during the year and all of these adventures remind me so very clearly how profoundly blessed my Life is. I am so very grateful for all the blessings. I witness time and time again the massive poverty and filth and deprivation people live in and it's mind boggling to me that any of that still exists on this planet. That should not be happening anywhere. It is a profound example to me of all the work we need to do on this planet to take care of others. We are a connected loop. I wish we understood and honored that Truth!!!!!

An example of this is that we throw away millions of pounds of food every day and yet there are billions of people starving every day!!!!! That should not be happening in the 21st century. We're in the jet age, not the Stone Age. Sadly I realize that the stone is really an example of so many hearts that are stone cold to caring about themselves and others and then as I've said before the heat of the summer and of their tempers is the environment that leads to unconscionable violence.

Thankfully I also know there are so many billions of people doing amazingly brave, beautiful, courageous work in the world. Even people living in unfathomable poverty are still so generous in sharing what they have. It is Generosity like that that is so inspiring and so amazing!!!!! That level of Generosity is truly the highlight of their Spirit at work in the world. They are not daunted by their circumstances. They still have the Power and Will and Vision to be Generous and to share the gifts and blessings they have.

On the opposite end of that spectrum are the billionaires and millionaires who are so mindlessly hostile to everyone and everything it boggles my mind and yet their very hostility is what is waking people up and bringing about profound and awesome change in our world. I am so very happy to be constantly participating in that change helping people to connect with the profound Love and Creativity and Wisdom and Generosity that they are in Truth. That is the very Purpose of everyone here and it is quite an adventure to watch that Awakening process continue to happen.

A particular blessing that I am so grateful for is our beautiful sunny weather and the time I am able to spend relaxing and sitting on my front porch listening to the birds chirp and watching the little critters run about looking for food. By their size it looks like they are finding enough to eat. We have had so much rain the grass is growing fast and the flowers and trees are so beautiful. It is simply yet another example of how profoundly blessed my Life is and as I've said so many times I never, never take that for granted and as I've also said so many times I know my Spirit of Thankfulness is why my Life is so blessed. Saying that also reminds me of another interesting Truth that is so key to living a happy healthy Life and that is learning to live from the inside out. Everything we need is already within us and knowing that and living from that Truth allows all the blessings to come forth from within us into our physical world. There is nothing outside of us that is not within us first!!!!

Another piece of that Truth that is so endlessly fascinating to me is that when I am centered in my sacredness of knowing who I AM the synchronicity of the answers to my needs is hilarious. I will no sooner think of something and there it is!!! I think I've shared this recently but it is so hilarious and so Powerful I want to share it again. I so often find pennies on the sidewalk as I'm walking around and I know it is my Spirit Essence saying, "Got you covered, kiddo." It's another example of how profoundly beneficent the Universe is if we will only be open to that Truth and allow It to come forth into being!!!

Saying that reminds me of how absolutely essential it is to heal the old wounds that have stifled us and to look for the blessings in the wounds so we can go forward to our Whole, Healthy Strength and Integrity. We have made our wounds sacred when we allow ourselves to see the blessings in the experience instead of insisting on the experience being a negative statement about us. To say the very least letting go of our woundedness is also a hugely Powerful open doorway to our Empowered Life. The Lightness that we will feel when we do that is so awesome!!!! Our bodies and minds are profoundly impacted by our Attitude toward ourselves and others. This is a Truth that is the very center of the entire field of psychoneuroimmunology. Our Wellness or lack of it is profoundly impacted by our Attitude. What we are feeling and thinking registers in our bodies and our minds and impacts the cells and neurons within us. The more we care about ourselves the more we can care about others and the more and more we spread Peace and Harmony and Wellbeing in our world.

As I go forward into this second half of 2018 I know I will continue to experience new opportunities, to meet new people, establish new friendships and to go out into the green growing edges of new challenges and lessons to broaden my Understanding. Saying that, I remember one of my favorite images I had when I was facing a new situation and I heard the words, "I want you to go to the edge of the cliff and jump off and I will catch you with feathers." I knew I was being told I will learn to fly. I will learn how to handle every new experience with Peace and Ease and Grace. I love that image and the feeling of that Knowing. I wish that same Knowing for you as you move forward into the rest of your year. Bless you!!!!