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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IX of XII

by Cathy Combs


Well, here we are in my favorite time of year: Autumn. There are two things I always acknowledge in September: September 3rd marking the 44 year anniversary of throwing my braces away and then the Fall Equinox acknowledging Mother Nature's Balance of equal night and equal day. The call to Balance has been particularly loud these last 40 days or so. In our physical Expression we are often called to deal with profound moments of deep betrayal and pain and also blessed with profound moments of surprise Generosity from known and unknown channels of Expression. It's quite a ride and quite a rise as I playfully typed in another article recently. We are always called to rise above our previous comfort zones and to ride the waves of uncertainty when we're way out on our green growing edges of the unknown. I've certainly been there big time lately. I had a profound realization today that has lifted the burden of the heaviness and pain I've been feeling. I realized there are intense awkward moments and there are profound blessing moments. I will not be defined by the awkward moments. I will release them.

In a completely different way it has been a surprisingly rainy and cold season. It makes me wonder what Mother Nature has in mind for Winter. I feel like She might be saying, "Fasten your seat belt, folks. It's going to be a cold one." If that's so I can't help but acknowledge my deep Gratitude for the home I have. Years ago I was one day away from being homeless when an amazing blessing came out of the blue and I was asked to housesit for a friend while they were out of the country for a year. That moment was yet again another Expression of the Boundless Generosity of the Universe.

With all the fear and hatred and violence going on these days it might seem like a huge leap of Faith to declare the Boundless Generosity of the Universe and yet it is there!!!! Holding onto that Truth is what gives me the Courage and Resilience to ride the wave of the pain when I'm feeling it intensely. I experienced a profound lesson in these recent moments of pain. I was at an event that I dearly love and I didn't realize I had dropped the $100 out of my pocket that I had just borrowed from a friend. When I realized I had dropped that money somewhere I was so devastated I almost didn't even ask my friend if someone had turned in the money at the event. She smiled and said, "As a matter of fact they did" and she handed me back the money. I was so shocked I didn't even feel relieved right away it felt so unbelievable. I'm sharing this because our choices can literally be the difference between life and death. I know that some people make the choice to give up and commit suicide. It's so deeply painful to me that people make that choice but I know they do. In our society we are so deeply shamed into the lie that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the Truth!!! It takes HUGE Courage to be vulnerable enough to ask for help. My experience has always been that people are so willing to help and I am forever grateful for that Truth. It certainly has made all the difference in my world!!! I can't imagine what my life would feel like if I didn't have the Courage to ask for help and if people didn't live from the Generosity of offering the help when needed!!!! There certainly is fear and violence and hatred going on and there certainly are so many examples of profound Magnanimity I can't help but be encouraged as I remember which end of that spectrum to stay focused on now and always!!!! As I've said it's profoundly important what we focus on in life. Our thoughts and feelings and actions create our world!!!! That's an inviolable Truth of how Energy works!!!!! We pay the piper big time when we ignore that Truth.

As I go forward into this beautiful Autumn season with all the amazing colors and sky views that I love to watch I don't know what surprises, blessings or challenges are before me but I do know that I will greet it all with as much Patience, Confidence and Courage as I possibly can. My well may seem dry at times and yet I will do my very best to keep the flow going and to keep the Fire of my Wisdom and Vision stoked up to provide the maximum possibility of blessings yet to come!!! That is what we are all called to do and the blessings are immeasurable when we stay focused on what is ours to be and do and on knowing that we are sacred and we are holy. That is our very Purpose in being here. I know I've said that a zillion times and yet it never gets old to say that because remembering it is that Powerful!!!! It is uplifting and renewing to embody the Truth and Beauty of our sacredness and our holiness and our wholeness!!! We are Spirit in Expression and every time we remember that we give ourselves the lift up that we might need in any given moment. Our Generosity toward ourselves gives us the Faith and Generosity to share that blessing with others. That cycle and circle is what brings Peace to our world. What greater Gift could we possibly be in a world that needs our Gift so much!!!! Our Peace is such a Light in the world it transforms each moment!!!!

As you go forward in this Beautiful month I invite you to cultivate an attitude of Peace and Beauty. You have one already that you may not even be aware of and the moment you wake up to that Truth you will transform your life like never before. Believe me I hold to that Truth for myself too. Take even a few moments every day to become still and quiet and you will touch the center of your soul that is the Light and Love of your amazingly sacred and holy life. You are here to be a blessing and as you remember and honor that Truth you will be immeasurably blessed in return. That is the way Energy works. As we give we receive. Saying that reminds me of a book I read years ago and the author said give first and then we receive. I understand that Truth. By giving we create a vacuum for our blessings to come to us. Waiting to receive first is often a fear based attitude that completely blocks the flow of our blessings. Give first in Faith and Trust and Generosity and then watch how immeasurably the blessings come forth. I have experienced that Truth so many times. It's so Magical and Wonderful!!!! Blessings to you as we all go forward in Peace, Faith and Confidence to be all that we are!!!!!!