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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XI of XII

by Cathy Combs


It is still the height of Autumn as I sit here writing this latest article to share with you. I have been sitting on the porch reveling in the gorgeous colors and beauty of my favorite season as we make our way toward Thanksgiving. It is sunny and 70ish and so gorgeous. I love sitting in the sun and the warmth on days like this. I would much rather be outside than inside on days like this. In a humorous kind of way this reminds me of the Balance of Life. The seasons come and go and all aspects of Life come and go.

We are also heading toward a hugely important election season in our country. Never has it been more important to get out and vote. Never have the signs of racism, sexism, violence and fear been so obvious and so impactful as they have been lately. Never have I been so blessed with so many sweet expressions of Generosity too. It's a fascinating paradox and expression of Balance. The entirety of the Universe is expressing in each moment. As we stay centered in Thanksgiving and Gratitude we are boundlessly blessed and we change the world for the better no matter what seems to be happening in the outer. As we stay centered in our Spirit Identified Wholeness we immeasurably change the world for the better. Our Peaceful Generous vibration is felt everywhere in every moment. This Truth has never been more important than it is now.

It has never been clearer to me that wealth is far more than just money. Abundance is more than money. Abundance is a Spirit Identified attitude of Oneness as Source!!! Abundance is a Spirit Identified Generosity. We are in the flow of giving and receiving because we live from a heart connected Confidence and Generosity. Fear is no part of our Identity. Whenever we feel fear we know it is simply our wake up call to reconnect with our true Self. We can give away our very last penny and laugh knowing we will be just fine. We will be provided for because we are still connected as Source!!!

A huge lesson we are still learning in our unbalanced patriarchal fear-based worldview is the Balance of giving and receiving. I heard like never before today that the fear of receiving is the vulnerability we experience when we allow ourselves to receive instead of always being just the giver. I heard loud and clear this is a control issue. It takes Courage to be open to receiving. We're constantly taught it is better to give than to receive. That's a totally misguided dangerous lie. In order to live a spiritually balanced Life we need to be doing both and we need to understand when to do each one of these important acts. Giving and receiving from a Spirit connected attitude are our expressions of Wholeness and Wellness. Giving and receiving are how we express our Connectedness and social and spiritual Awareness, our Oneness. It's not about domination and control. It's about Generosity and Oneness and Clarity.

As we move toward winter we will most likely be spending more time indoors. I always think of this time of year as when we move more and more into a contemplative attitude. The outer growing season has pretty much come to an end and Mother Earth is preparing Her ground for the new growing season of Spring. In our spiritual lives it is also exceedingly important to honor the ebb and flow of Life, get enough rest, pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and actions, pay attention to our dreams and our Purpose. In order to be happy and healthy on every level it is imperative that we are Awake to who we are!!! We are Spirit in the physical. We are inherently Good!!! We are God in Expression. Living from this Awareness is a Life giving and Life saving attitude of Strength and Vitality. This Energy is a blessing to everyone everywhere simultaneously. The more we stay centered in this Truth the more we change our world for the Good!!!

I experienced a beautiful Expression of this Generosity yesterday. I had a flat tire in an area I wasn't very familiar with. I pulled into an apartment complex parking lot. I was so glad it was daylight. In a matter of a few moments a young Black man stopped, saw what was needed and immediately offered to help me. It was very obvious he knew what he was doing. We struck up a conversation. He lived there in that complex and pretty soon his wife came out to join us carrying their four month old. It was a very sweet interaction. He was also teaching his young son what to do and how to change a tire and to "be careful so this lady can get where she's going safely." When they were finished I asked if I could pay him and he said, "No ma'am. Pay it forward." We exchanged names and shook hands and he said, "We'll see each other again." I feel he was expressing an attitude of our Oneness. I love the attitude of pay it forward. It is a profound expression of Kindness and Generosity. It is an expression of simply being happy to help someone in need. I certainly will remember this moment for the rest of my Life. It is yet another expression of how profoundly blessed I am. That Awareness never ceases to be a blessing. It's even overwhelming sometimes. I am so very grateful!!!

Another blessing I received a few weeks ago came with the Awareness of tell people I already feel connected with about my book. As I've done that I am forming deeper and deeper relationships with friends I already know and selling my books and receiving compliments and comments about how much I mean to them. My Purpose has always been to "uplift, educate and inspire" everyone. It means so much to me to empower myself and others. That's how we share the Light we are and bring more and more Light and Peace into the world. Nothing means more to me than doing that in every way I can.

As you go forward into the rest of this year I can well imagine that is your Purpose too. As you connect more and more with your heart centered Intuition I know you will be the blessing you are meant to be in the world. I know without a doubt how much we are all needed to bring more Light and Peace and Generosity into our world. We are the ones we have been waiting for. I love that quote. It speaks of a profound Spirit connectedness that will bring more and more Generosity and Abundance into our world. I am so very grateful for all the people everywhere who are working so diligently to be their best selves and to be the Oneness we all are. It's a powerful healing blessing for us all. Peace!