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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VII of XII

by Cathy Combs


Here we are as our Summer season continues to unfold in the Western hemisphere. Amazingly the days have already begun to be shorter. We are days away from celebrating Independence Day in America and for me it has taken on a new meaning yet again. I am celebrating a renewed commitment to Independence by reminding myself that Happiness begins within. I do not look to outside events nor decisions by others to define my Happiness nor my Value! That Principle works the same way for everyone. When we look outside of anything to define us that is a HUGE set up for unhappiness and disappointment, none of which we need!!!!!!

This month also celebrates our big family reunion seeing some relatives I haven't seen in 40 years. I imagine there will be many sweet moments to share and many fascinating places to see. It's always so special when we can share so much fun together. It's also a very special reminder to celebrate our connectedness with our family of humanity. It's no small task to look beyond fear and appearances to feel our Oneness!!! I am reminded of a very interesting acronym for fear: False evidence appearing real!!! We are all sacred. We are all Energy. Some of us have never known that Truth so It seems well hidden from us. When that happens it is a HUGE lesson and reminder for the rest of us to stay connected with Compassion, Gentleness and Generosity. That's how our world changes. That's how the Light and Love shine ever brighter. That's how we all wake up to a new level of Peace and Understanding. That reminds me of another sweet story I heard along the way. Buddha was walking with his disciples and one kept asking him, "Who are you?" Buddha answered, "I am Awake." Buddha's answer reminds me that Awake means remembering I AM Presence!!!!! There is only this Now moment and when we stay centered in that Truth we are aware of the sanctity of our Beingness. We are Peace. We are Presence!!!!

Another amazing thing I saw today is a bumper sticker that said, "Jesus' family sought asylum". What a Powerful and Gentle reminder of what we are all called to provide. Yet another wake up call telling us in one sense that fear and hostility don't get the job done and yet right now fear and hostility are providing our HUGEST wake up call ever and people are taking Powerful action to say we must do things differently!!! That reminds me of a paraphrase of Dr. King's words, "I believe that Love will have the final word!!!"

That's such a Powerful reminder of who we really are. We are Love Incarnate and to me that means remembering that we are all Spirit in Expression. There is only Oneness!!!!!

The next thought that comes to me is about our weather. It has been a bizarrely mild windy rainy and sunny and cloudy month. It changes a mile a minute it seems. One minute sunny and amazing and the next minute huge storm clouds roll in and then disappear as quickly as they came. It's a fascinating and strange reminder that there are no guarantees if we only look to the outer circumstances. One HUGE guarantee is our thoughts are creative!!!!!! What we dwell on we bring into being!!!! That is a given!!!!

Thoughts are Energy and Energy travels everywhere instantaneously!!! That is why it is so HUGELY important to be mindful and centered in the Presence we are!!!! That Truth brings so much Joy, Peace, Resilience and Promise to me. I get knocked sideways at times but I don't ever pitch a tent and stay there. I get up and begin again. That's the journey for all of us. That's the Purpose for all of us. It's so special to remember that!!! I had a sweet realization yet again today as I was contemplating these ideas. I know that Peace is our true Identity. When I feel edgy and intense and guarded I know I'm on a new learning curve being called up higher and I haven't yet connected all the dots. That's my reminder to get quiet and listen and be still and know that I AM God. What I mean by that is to remember the center of who I AM. We are all God in Expression. We are all Energy. How we choose to use our Energy determines the quality of our lives!!!! Fear and hostility mean we are off center. We are disconnected from our true Identity. Awareness brings us back to connection, back to Peace and Oneness!!!!

As I go forward into the second half of 2018 I know I will experience countless blessings and I know I will experience challenges inviting me to wake up to an even larger Presence and Understanding of who I AM. We are all on that same journey and we are all models to ourselves and each other for what to be or not to be! That is the question and we are the answer! J That's a playful and yet very real comment on how I see our world. There's nothing in the way but us and nothing on the way but us!!! That reminds me of another HUGE lesson I was reminded of yesterday and that is to not base my Life on assumptions about what any event means. My job is to simply be focused in the present and allow what is to be whatever it is. Every moment is simultaneously a blessing and a lesson and I serve my very highest holiest Good when I remember that and I equally serve the Good of others when I remember that because it means I am centered as Presence!!! A HUGE lesson in that is to remember how that Awareness impacts our physical, mental and emotional and spiritual Well being!!!! We are physical beings and how we use our Energy HUGELY impacts our well being. Saying that reminds me of the song about being young at heart. We are seemingly ageless when we are young at heart. That is our Eternality shining through. Yes, we will die in the physical at some point but being young at heart makes our Life a Joy ride for ourselves and each other. That's how I want to live my Life. That is my Purpose. That is my Intention.

I just remembered another HUGE learning curve I'm continually on and that is the Power of Forgiveness. I love Dr. Brene Brown's work where she shared what she learned from someone else's work that Forgiveness is so difficult for us because it involves death and pain. Forgiveness involves the death of our expectations and the pain we feel when our expectations aren't met. Dr. Brown specializes in studying the Power of vulnerability. Her HUGE wake up call came when she realized that vulnerability is our pathway to Joy. When we pretend to be invulnerable all we accomplish is shutting Joy out of our lives. We think invulnerability will shield us from pain. It doesn't!!!!! It magnifies our pain intensely and makes us sick physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because we have cut ourselves off from our true Self. Instead of staying present in the moment and allowing ourselves to process the moment we shut down and pretend that nothing is happening!!!! We bottle up the pain inside us and it runs wild because it has no way to release. That's a HUGE price to pay. I don't want to pay that price. I would much rather continue to develop the Courage and Presence I AM and live from as much Joy as I possibly can. That is my Identity, my Purpose and my Passion. Peace to us all!!!!!!!!!

I wish you the very best on this individual and collective journey we all share!!!!!!!