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2018: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XII of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a bright sunny frigid day covered with six inches of white stuff on the ground as I sit here writing this year end letter to all of you. I am encouraged that so many people are speaking up and doing such brilliant and brave work to move us forward to World Peace and Understanding even as so many are working to destroy all that is sacred and holy.

I am so very aware that we are all connected and we are all in this together and that science clearly shows that positive thoughts are 10,000 times more powerful than negative thoughts. That astonished me the first time I read that and it still makes me laugh and smile as I consider where and how to focus my intention and attention!!!! It couldn't be more obvious to me how important it is to stay positively focused and Faith filled as we move forward to hold the Love and Light for everyone everywhere. I can even smile as I realize yet again it just takes some people longer and that those who are still asleep are my reminders that that is NEVER how I want to live my Life!!!

It is encouraging to celebrate people like the Dalai Lama and Pema Chodron who constantly remind us of the Power and Necessity of Compassion as the quality that heals the world and everyone and everything in it. Every time I focus on and express Compassion it certainly adds more Joy and Peace and Ease to my Life. When I hear and see horrendous things being said and done I can't help but remember my question of what in the world has happened to them that they are so angry and hateful and disconnected. We are all sacred and holy because we are all Expressions of Love and Light and Peace and Understanding. That is our Divine Nature that we are all Expressions of in the physical. So many have left no room for that in their hearts and minds because they are closed off from the activating Presence of Self Love that sets in motion the Peace and Love of our Beingness to be expressed in, as and through us!!!!!!

Self Love changes everything. It is our wake up call and it takes great Courage to allow room for this Expression because it challenges our ingrained acceptance of fear and doubt and worthlessness that is our misguided belief in our separation from our Good. So many religions focus on our so-called inherent unworthiness. That is a "power over" attitude to keep us silent and ignorant of the Power of Love and Light that we truly are. There's a HUGE difference when we switch to honoring "Power within" and "Power with" as we work in collaboration and honoring each other rather than trying to control others because we are so misguidedly focused on fear and self-hatred and disconnection. I love the new sciences that are showing so very clearly the Power of Energy. Energy is all there truly is and it matters how we focus and use the Energy that we are. I have mentioned before the first time I read about the experiments being done at the HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, California that clearly showed that five minutes of focused Love elevates our immune system for six hours and five minutes of focused hatred depresses our immune system for six hours. Imagine for a moment the impact that has on all those focused on hatred. It's impacting every atom and cell of their being. The same is true for those of us focused on Love. Every atom and cell of our being is being uplifted and strengthened rather than being depressed. Needless to say there's a huge difference in the impact we make on ourselves and each other. Yet again it is the Power of Choice. What difference do we want to make in our lives??? It couldn't be clearer to me which difference I want to make and I'm still learning the lessons of speaking up in the moment so that my point of view can be seen and heard and understood. It takes Presence!!!!! It takes Courage!!!!

As we move forward into December we are moving toward the celebration of the Winter Solstice the shortest day of the year and moving forward into the dawning of the Light again as each day the Light returns more and more. We need both the dark and the Light for the optimal Expression of our Life. I love the darkness at night so I can see the Beauty and Brilliance of the stars as they shine so brightly from so far away!!! I also appreciate moving through the darkness of events in my Life as I receive the blessings so often hidden in and by the darkness. It doesn't mean purposely do negative things. It means focus on Faith and Courage as we move through the challenges of our forgetting who we truly are as the Love and Light of God Expressing in the world as us!!!! We are here to be a blessing and as we do that we truly do immeasurably bless everyone everywhere including ourselves. We live in a truly Beneficent Universe and the more and more we live from that Understanding we Powerfully change the world for Good!!!! It makes me laugh time and again how many times I have no sooner held some positive thought in heart and mind and a blessing shows up. It truly makes me laugh in Awareness and Appreciation of all the Good there is in the world. We truly are Limitless because we are Spirit in the physical. We are all individually and collectively growing in and into that Awareness with each passing moment. That's why Faith and Courage are so very immeasurably important because these qualities are the doorways to our Good coming forth now and always.

As I move forward into this month and our upcoming year I want to particularly celebrate and give thanks for all the connections I'm making with new friends and friends I already have knowing that the more connections we make the more Happiness, Wholeness and Peace we bring forth in our lives for ourselves and each other. One huge benefit of the connection process is the Power of shared laughter. The saying that "Laughter is the best medicine" is true!!!! Science has undeniably shown the Power of laughter to boost our immune system. Keeping our immune system strong and healthy is one of the major keys to a happy and healthy Life. I love all the times of shared laughter I experience with new and old friends. It's so hilarious to know that we have such a shared experience of Trust that we can laugh and tease each other. It's so much fun and so refreshing. I never underestimate the Power of our shared connections of Love and Peace and Understanding. These experiences mean everything to me.

As you move forward into each day of your new year I wish you the very best of Peace and Happiness and I hope you will express your Courage to walk way out to your green growing edges of new experience so you can truly feel and share the Magnificence and Magnanimity of the Beautiful Presence that you truly are as Spirit in Expression. I wish you a wonderful holy season in whichever way you celebrate it. I give thanks for all the blessings in my Life and in yours as well. Peace to you, fellow traveler!!! Enjoy!!!!!!