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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part I of XII

by Cathy Combs


It is a bright sunshiny Christmas Day 2018 as I look into the future with you imagining what blessings and challenges 2019 holds for us all. No matter what happens I know with all my heart it is our Attitude that matters more than anything. Attitude changes everything. When our hearts are filled with Love and Peace and Confidence that is what comes forth. When our hearts are focused on fear, anger and revenge that is what comes forth and the consequences are by no means pleasant. Lessons can still come out of that and they can be transformative if we will allow the space for them to be transformative. I have known these Truths all my Life and they all continue to be a blessing. It certainly hasn't always been easy and I don't necessarily expect them all to be easy but I do expect the best to always come forth and I know it does. Sometimes it takes viewing in retrospect to see the best that happens and it has always been there and I trust that Truth. One blessing I continue to learn from is the Trust in the vulnerability of asking for help when I need it. We have been taught a very inconvenient lie that we are supposed to be invulnerable and never to ask for help, that only the weak ask for or need help. This insidious lie is the backbone of all the fear and self-hatred and violence enflaming the world now. My entire Life has been focused on helping people to cherish who they are as Spirit Incarnate and to live from the Truth that we are inherently Good because we are all Expressions of the Infinite Love and Light that we are. We will bring Peace to the world as we live from this Truth.

It is never lost on me the Courage it takes to change our Lives and to release the lies we have believed. It takes enormous Courage because so many are still so blind to this Truth. I can assure you that the Courage is well worth our time and effort. Not only is this Courage transformative it is Life saving and Life changing. I have experienced this and seen this time and again. One of the brightest and bravest examples of Courage I have ever witnessed is Malala Yousafzai. This young Pakistani woman is only 21 years old and yet as a 17 year old she was the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace prize. I read and reread the stories of her Life and her accomplishments and give thanks for her Courage in the most amazing circumstances. She is passionately devoted to getting free education for every girl in the world. To say the least her work is transformative and Life saving and Life changing. She is a visionary for equality and respect in the world. Her work is a reminder of the Attitude that brings Peace and Harmony into the world and shows us the harm of Self-hatred and the Good that comes forth as we honor our inherent Worthiness and we release the fear and Self-hatred and disconnect that leads to all the violence and fear ravaging our world these days.

Another example of the heroic work being done in the world is SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, in Montgomery, Alabama, and the work they are doing free of charge to help all the disenfranchised people who have been harmed by racism, sexism and violence and their work to put out of business all the organizations espousing white nationalism and hatred and bigotry of every kind. I have supported this agency for years and will continue to do so forever. Hopefully their work isn't needed forever but it sure is now! Hatred and violence are never the answer to any situation but so many sure don't know that yet. I love knowing people from different places and circumstances. I have friends from different nationalities and different places all over the world. It's inspiring to know them and to learn from them. That's what we're here for!!! Sameness can be so boring! Diversity is the Life blood of Joy and Transformation as far as I'm concerned. We can have different values and different views and still live in Peace if we will have the Courage to listen and honor all those we meet. Community is built on a Balance of sameness and diversity. It takes Courage and Vulnerability to build community. We have to be seen in order to build community!!! We can't live in a void and expect to be happy. That doesn't happen!!! We are social beings. We are biologically and socially interconnected!!!

Another person I greatly admire is Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and his great work in the deep South promoting collaboration among different groups to facilitate Harmony and Peace with his marches on what he calls Moral Monday. There is such deep racism and sexism in our country and the world and all these efforts to bring people together and heal our world are so needed and so powerful!!! People really are changing and getting the message and it's very inspiring. I love reading about all this and I love doing the work I'm doing to bring Harmony and Peace and Understanding wherever I AM!!!!! I hear so often how inspiring I AM to others and it's so sweet and meaningful to hear that I AM making a difference. I know with all my heart that's why we're here and the people who don't know that yet that's why they're suffering because they are so disconnected from the Truth of who they are.

That reminds me of a fascinating deeply rooted Truth that many don't understand either. I have read and experienced people in unimaginable poverty and yet they give you the shirt off their back. They give you every penny they have and every drop of food they have. They are Joy-filled and incomparably Generous. I have also read about so many billionaires who are exceedingly self-centered and fear-based and would no more help you in any way. That's mind boggling to me. I have said numerous times that people with that kind of seeming wealth are so fear-based and disconnected they think that accumulating that level of so-called wealth will shield them. It doesn't!!!! They are miserably unhappy and it's obvious in hideous ways.

One completely opposite example of that is Oprah Winfrey who uses her wealth and talent to build schools in Africa so the girls there can live the lives of their dreams and contribute to the world in wonderful ways. Chuck Collins is another example of exceeding Generosity and how he's using his privilege to transform lives in wonderful ways. He recognizes that he was born into privilege and he's using his advantage and wealth to help others. I know there are countless examples of others doing wonderful work in the world in many ways and my point is that doing this kind of selfless work is our immeasurable connection with Joy and Peace and it is a wonderful way to serve the world and to live our Purpose.

As we move forward into 2019 I acknowledge the dawning of the Light as our days keep getting brighter and longer and knowing our Understanding of our inherent Worthiness is shining brightly too in all that we're saying and doing. Blessings to all of you as we go forward in Harmony, Peace and Understanding!!!!