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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part III of XII

by Cathy Combs


I can't help but laugh at the paradox I see and feel as I begin this sharing with you. We are entering closer and closer into Spring and the dawning of the Light and yet it is a totally gray overcast day with no hint of Sun at all. I have had some amazing realizations lately and I am continuing to sit with them as they color my world. Recently I had the very embodied knowing of slowing way, way down meaning being much more present in the moment. I had the very embodied experience of the Power of deep breathing that cuts off our panic response and helps us stay grounded in the moment. Today I had the very embodied knowing that every moment is unknown and new. It's never been here before and the Courage and Awareness it takes to rest in that Unknowingness and Newness and revel in the process instead of being afraid and anxious and edgy. I am extremely intense. Life means a great deal to me. My intensity is a great blessing when I am Awake in the moment. When I'm not Awake in the moment my intensity can be negative judgment and edginess and that is not how I prefer to experience Life. Even as I wrote that the Sun is making a bit of an entrance as if my Spirit is saluting me saying, "Good job." It's so hilarious how time and again Spirit is so instantaneous in supporting our Awakeness. It always makes me laugh and smile and celebrate the Awe and Reverence of Life. Another huge blessing is continuing to experience how much I mean to people. I never take that for granted and yet I am always amazed and touched by these positive responses to my presence in their world. It's a beautiful example of the Power of Love and I am deeply touched by the experience. It's such a sweet experience to laugh and joke with my buddies at the same time that we are experiencing and expressing some very vulnerable feelings. That also is the Power of Faith and Trust and Understanding. All of these Principles are the bedrock of Life and make Life so precious and renewing and rewarding. These Principles are the Balance of the Unknown and help us go forward in Peace rather than fear. I want to embody them more and more as I go forward in 2019.

Another blessing I am experiencing is a more and more embodied experience of the Power of Connection. Connection is a biologically based survival mechanism. We are social beings. We need to feel our Connection with our Self and others. We need to feel our Purpose!!!! A cognitive understanding is not enough. We need to have a deeply felt Connection with our Purpose knowing we are our Purpose!!!!! This deeply felt feeling is what makes friendship so Powerful and Invigorating. When we feel this Connection we would never ever hurt ourselves or anyone else and we would apologize when we are off-center in the moment and hurt someone!!!! This process is the Power of our Spirit Identified Life as we realize in each moment that we are the Divine in Expression. We accept and honor our Holiness and we hold ourselves accountable to this Presence as us!!!! This Awakeness is the Joy of Life in Expression!!!! We have a deeply felt Understanding that we are inherently Worthy. We do not have to do anything to earn Worthiness. We are inherently Worthy. Out of this Worthiness we know who we are. We recognize our interconnectedness with everything and everyone!!! We acknowledge boundaries. We do not overstep our boundaries. We recognize our literal and figurative impact on ourselves and others. This Awareness is the hallmark of a spiritual Awakeness and our emotional, physical and mental health and well being!!! I have shared this idea time and again and it continues to be the driving force in my Life. Even saying that again I remember the motto of the Iroquois Confederacy "Be mindful of our impact on the next seven generations." I remember the first time I read this and how shocking it was to remember that what I had read as a child was what savages the Iroquois were and to experience yet again another lie we were told as children and how our history books failed to mention that what our soldiers did was purposely give smallpox infected blankets to the Native Americans in order to kill them. I was horrified by this revelation. I deeply honor our interconnectedness and the cruelty that I hear of and experience makes me so sad and reminds me evermore to stop and breathe deeply and remember to feel my Connection as Awakeness and Compassion and Understanding!!!! All the pathways of Joy!!! Each time I embody these Connections I know the whole world is blessed. That's another amazing Truth that we are the Quantum field, the interconnectedness of Life!!!!

As I go forward in 2019 I want to spend more time with people I truly love and I want to read a book I have just become aware of, "Ethics For A New Millennium" by the Dalai Lama, and I want to see the movie "Come Sunday", the story of Bishop Carlton Pearson as he recreated his Life when he realized that God is Love and he left behind the draining belief that we are sinners. He shared that he's never been so happy in all his Life as he is now. His story is truly amazing and very uplifting. I look forward to sharing this movie experience with friends. I've also arranged regular meetings with friends so we can share more time together. I look forward to the deepening of the Connections we already have! We always laugh our heads off as we share time together and it's so much fun!!! As you go forward into your ever expanding experience of 2019 I wish you Peace and Grace and Happiness and Abundance of every kind. Bless you now and always!!!!!