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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part V of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny 80ish day here in the Midwest and the greenery is so gorgeous. Green reminds me of the qualities of Faith and Hope that are so vital to a spiritually uplifted Generous view of Life knowing that all things work together for Good. It takes HUGE Faith and Understanding to know that when seemingly crushing things happen in our lives. Life is Energy and Energy is Life. What we focus on grows! This month is very special to me. It's my birthday month. It's the 6 year commemoration of mom's death. It's the 9 year anniversary of my book being published. That's quite a range of feelings in one month. This range of feelings reminds me of the uncertainty of Life and the attention it takes to stay centered in Peace and Ease and Grace as each moment unfolds and to remember that nothing is meant as a punishment but simply as a wake up call to come back to Presence. I remind myself of this Truth over and over again and I write about this Journey often because I know remembering this Truth is the Essence of who we are as Spirit in the physical.

I have received so many blessings lately in a variety of situations. It's always an adventure to need help and to ask for help and to experience how willing people are to be helpful and kind on a moment's notice. In a fear-based world we are not encouraged to ask for help. We are told that's a weakness. I know without a doubt that story is a lie and it's a death sentence to Happiness and Vitality because it cuts us off from the Connectedness that is our very Nature as human beings. It is vitally important that we wake up to our Sacredness and Holiness and to the Truth that asking for help offers a huge blessing to the people we're trusting enough to ask for help!!! Being of service to ourselves and others is what we're here for and we all have endless opportunities to be a blessing and receive a blessing when we stay connected to the Truth of who we are in this precious world. I experience the Truth of this Reality over and over each day.

I had a sweet experience of this Truth very recently in one of my church communities. I kept changing seats trying to figure out where I wanted to sit that day. I ended up sitting by someone I hadn't seen in quite a while and we immediately reached out to each other and smiled and laughed through the whole service and then shared phone numbers and made plans to go out to lunch together. The Energetic connection we both felt was so present and immediate and that's what happens so often when we are open to Life. Our openheartedness immediately blesses us with Gifts of Spirit that are so precious!!! I never take these moments for granted and I'm always amazed and amused at how often they happen and how wonderful they feel and I know it's a blessing to all of us.

We're at the beginning of the growing season in so many ways. The flowers and the colors and the freshness of the air and wind are all so beautiful. I love being outside in the sun and the breeze and seeing the Beauty of the powder puff blue sky and the gorgeous white fluffy clouds. It's so refreshing and vitalizing to be out in Nature and to feel and share and see the Beauty within us and all around us. I also revel in the Power of the Magic and Blessing of breathing deeply and focusing on Appreciation. Taking in the Breath of Life is so refreshing and revitalizing as It focuses us on the present moment and the Presence of the blessing that we are as Spirit in the physical. It is so important to slow down, to be present in the moment, and to be Awake to the Beauty that we are. None of this is appreciated in a fear-based world and that is why it is so important to wake up yet again to the Allness that we are instead of focusing mistakenly on the smallness that we have wrongly been taught in a world based on separation instead of the Beauty of the world based on our Interconnectedness and Oneness!!!!! Living and sharing this lesson of Interconnectedness and Oneness is what my Life has always been about and what It will always be about because I know the Joy and Aliveness that comes from living and sharing that Truth.

As I go forward into the unfolding moments of Magic and Mystery yet to be I don't know what will happen and yet I already see some new connections and opportunities unfolding and I will follow up on them and see how I may be of further service in this world that I love so very much. One question that I love is asking how can I continue to see a larger and larger Vision of the Allness that we all are especially when I repeatedly see so many people who seem to be so oblivious to the Magic and Mystery available to them if they would only give themselves the opportunity to experience the Beauty they are but as I've said so many times before I AM Aware of the massive Courage and Faith it takes to change our Vision when we are so used to seeing ourselves in a negative less than way! I also know that is where Compassion and Gratitude are so Life giving and saving. Compassion for what we all do not yet see and Gratitude for what we all see! Both of these spiritual Gifts are two of the movers and shakers raising us all up to the next level of our Aliveness and releasing us from the sadness and grief and anger of any disconnectedness and unworthiness we may be still wrestling with in our day to day Journey into the Wholeness we always and already are!!!

In closing I will share an amusing moment I experienced yesterday when I was sitting out on my front porch enjoying the sunny mild Beauty of the day. I saw a squirrel and a robin in very close proximity to each other very intently poking at the ground trying to find something to eat and I immediately wondered how they would get along with each other or would they go after each other as if they didn't want their territory to be invaded and it seemed they were so intently focused on their own Journey they didn't see each other and they didn't feel threatened by "the other." I laughed witnessing the unfolding of this moment and the Peacefulness that seemed to be there and I know it's a lesson for all of us. I've heard so very often the statement that there's far more than enough for everyone and everything and I believe and honor this Truth and I know It makes such a HUGE difference when I live from this Truth because I also know that others pick up on our Energy no matter what Reality we are expressing in the moment. I also playfully wonder if these little critters knew that Truth too and they were perfectly at Peace knowing there is far more than enough for both of them and they are happy to share! Peace to us all!!!