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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VI of XII

by Cathy Combs


What a year! It is still so green and beautiful with all the rain Mother Nature continues to shower on us. I know this also means flooding and tornadoes in so many areas around us and I am mindful of the suffering people are experiencing and I am grateful that all is well where I am. I never take for granted the blessings I am experiencing. I am also playfully mindful that I have just experienced a birthday a few days ago and that June 2nd is my 50 year anniversary of graduating from KU.

In a few weeks many of us will also be celebrating the Summer Solstice, one of the High Holy days in the Goddess tradition that means so very much to me as this tradition always celebrates and honors our interconnectedness with all Life and all beings. This tradition like so many others in their own words and ways honors and celebrates how Powerful we are, that every feeling, thought, word and action is Energy and is Creative so we need to be mindful of what Energy we're putting out into our precious Universe.

A few days ago I was also witnessing the Full Moon and celebrating Its Beauty like I always do. The Moon is a very Powerful Energy. I love watching It as It moves through all Its phases and then seems to disappear for three days. I was also listening to a very amazing and heartbreaking story of the early settlers in this country and how they navigated the darkness in their travels before the discovery of electricity. It was really haunting to listen to the story of their suffering and their bravery as they traveled by foot and even barefoot as their shoes wore out.

Astrologically I am entering a very fascinating year signified by the Hanged One which means seeing things from a different perspective. Every moment and day is really an invitation to do that and I am very aware of the Truth that if I refuse to do that I invite unnecessary grief into my Life and I certainly have no interest in doing that! I am passionately devoted to living from Peace and Understanding and helping all others do that as well. That's how the unlimited blessings of the Universe come forward from within us and all around us if we will simply allow the space for the blessings to come into being. As I've said a billion times in my Life that's why we're here: to be a blessing and to be blessed in return! I am also passionately aware that not everyone is in tune with this blessing and this process and they unleash abominable hostility and grief into their lives and the lives of so many others. What a sad legacy to be living.

I also have experienced the paradox of seeing people who are living in unbelievable poverty and yet they are smiling and so vibrant when they encounter visitors who are there to help them. Their Resilience and Generosity is so inspiring and amazing. I never cease to be amazed by the Generosity and Resilience of people who have experienced mind boggling tragedies and have turned the tragedy into blessings as they help others deal with the same kinds of experiences. This Truth reminds me yet again of the Power of Choice. We all have the Power of Choice to change our lives and that's why it is so important to be aware of the "power over” attitude that is so dominant in our culture worldwide and why it is so important to keep speaking up and being active in saying that we will not tolerate the abusiveness of that attitude. We are all the determiners of our own Lives. We must recognize and honor boundaries. My Life is my Life and your Life is your Life. Fear is not our Identity. Fear is a Powerful wake up call telling us we are disconnected from the inner Love and Wisdom that is meant to be the Prime Mover in our Life. It is all too obvious in our world today the unspeakable tragedies we unleash on ourselves and others when we are blind to this Truth that is meant to be such a blessing!!! I'm not meant to live your Life and you are not meant to live my Life!!!

As I go forward into the Mystery of all that 2019 is and will be I AM Powerfully aware of what Faith and Courage it takes to wake up each day and be open and receptive to the Mystery that is always unfolding. One of my favorite positive affirmations that I use is, "All things are working together for my Good and I AM working with them as the Love and Wisdom and Power of Spirit.” This affirmation is a Powerful blessing in my Life and has carried me through many sorrows that absolutely did work together for my Good after I got past the pain and could see the larger Vision and in some cases I was laughing so hard at the unexpected event and the day and time it happened it was hilarious to see the blessing in the moment. I do believe we live in an unfailingly Benevolent Universe and it is up to us to see the blessings present in each moment. I also recognize there is incredible pain in this process and I don't minimize or ignore that at all. I'm not here to cause anyone pain. None of us are and yet many of us do that for a variety of reasons. I don't remember who said this first but I do believe that "when we know better we do better.” I also know that many people seem to have an incredibly long journey ahead of them before they do better and that makes me sad and also all the more determined never to cause anyone pain.

As we all go forward into the unfolding blessings and challenges of each moment I wish you the very best and I'm sure I'll see you somewhere on the road as we all go forward. June is going to be quite a ride for me I have so many irons in the fire. I joke a lot about not knowing how to bilocate yet but this month seems to be my invitation to my new perspective to learn how to bilocate or at least to remember very consciously how to relax and be present in each new moment as it unfolds. Blessings to us all as we go forward in Peace and Faith and Confidence the very best that we can!!!!!